Stay Safe and in Business with OneLogin

Game of Thrones is one of those things that attracts people to their screens whenever the new season is on. This year season seven saw living and the dead finally clashing. John Snow as a central figure in the story was gathering the allies to fight in the war and there are certain parallels with the real world of cybersecurity. People who work in the field will be able to offer the perspective on these both worlds.

 However, drawing them can help people better understand their cyber security as well as that of their workplaces, friends, and family. It is becoming more and more important as the cyber threat grows.One of the ways to ensure a better security is to make sure ex-employees of your business don’t still have accounts left on the system. Otherwise, it will be a case of dead rising since people sometimes tend to come back. OneLogin suggests using the IDaaS solution to get rid of any leftover accounts.

 Cybersecurity should not be taken lightly. The same way characters in the show think that threats are not real, executives don’t put cybersecurity as a priority on their agenda. It is one those issues that need to be put on the priority list because of the regularity with which cyber-attacks happen.

 Last but not least lesson people can learn from Game of Thrones is to make sure the company is equipped to deal with any possible threats. The Night’s Watch was not ready to deal with anything that was going to come from the other side of the wall and companies should not make the same mistake.

 Even if you don’t watch the show, the cybersecurity is now more important than ever. Everybody can learn something from OneLogin and Game of Thrones. Conveying this information is sometimes not the easiest part, but as soon as you understand the necessity of it, the task becomes easier. Most businesses have abandoned the stacks of paper in favor of electronic data exchange, but that comes with a price to pay. However, there is a way to do it and it is easier than ever.