The Rise of George Soros in American Politics

George Soros stands before us as one of the most prolific philanthropists and investors that the world has ever seen. His story of rising up from Nazi-occupied Hungary to these great heights is as fascinating as it is deep. Yet, for all of this amazing detail he has still become one of the leading ‘boogeymen’ of the right wing. So is he the night terror that the conservative right believes in? Or the angel of progressive values and social justice that he has been working toward all of his life? Well, his story shows the answer to that with ease — and the right won’t like it.

George Soros has become a left wing darling over the past several decades for his unyielding focus and support of social progress and democracy around the globe. Soros started the Soros Hedge Fund in the early ’70s in order to become the prolific investor that he is today. Now pushing 86 years old, Soros has spent much of his life and his fortune focusing on creating democratic ideals in every nook and cranny of the planet. For all of his good work, he still has become the target of an organized smear campaign by right wing politicians. Joe Uscinski, a pol-science professor at the University of Miami says, “What makes the Soros thing interesting is that most of the conspiracy theories about rich people tend to be made by people on the left about people on the right.” Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

His career is fascinating and walking through it step by step would take countless books and more hours than most people would really want to spend. We can give you the highlights, however. George Soros is worth a cool $25 billion and his rise as a political force has been a thing to marvel in America. Soros broke onto the political scene in the early 2004 election campaign when he worked hard in order to try and stop President George W. Bush from re-election. Of course, his backing of Al Gore should have been a success but issues with the election ended up turning the tide toward the conservative movement. Since then Soros has been nestled neatly into the left wing of the political spectrum: arguing for health care and education while trying to keep America out of wars. Of course, these stances aren’t popular with conservatives and his gigantic wealth has made it easy to demonize the noble work of an honorable man. Know more on about George Soros.

Perhaps most interesting in the American political climate is George Soros’ comparison to the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers are billionaires who use their money to astroturf political campaigns for the right wing, including such groups as the Tea Party. While the Koch’s spend millions to fight progress and democracy, Soros counteracts them at every turn. Perhaps George Soros is a boogeyman, but only because he is fighting for what is right.


Should Texas Bankers Ride the Trump Effect?

Since the election, the United States has been riding the “Trump Effect.” Each new president will usually be given 100 days honeymoon. Should Texas bankers ride the “Trump Effect” to healthy profits in 2017?


“New Day in America”


Thomas Jefferson thought that America might have a revolution every 20 years or so. The citizens need leaders who will help them be the most productive. No matter how one voted, some think that American President Donald Trump will be good for American productivity.


New political leadership can increase capital investment. The Federal Reserve is in charge of the American banking system. The Dallas Fed is one of the 12 local branches. With a new president, the Fed should increase capital to the nation.


“Hot Texas Economy”


Texas has been one of the most productive regions in the nation. Texas has lowered taxes and encouraged the top Fortune 500 businesses to move to the state. This has created a great tone where politicians and businesses, work “hand-in-hand.”


Did you know that the Fortune 500 “companies represent two-thirds of the U.S. GDP with $12 trillion in revenues?” Thus, when Texas attracts another Fortune 500 firm, it can have a great impact. Under Trump, many believe that these businesses will benefit the most. This is already being seen in higher stock prices.


One of the well-positioned banks, which can benefit from the “Trump Effect” is NexBank. It has loan products for individuals, businesses and consumers. Firms with US Treasury Bonds can use NexBank for management of their wealth.


Who knows what will happen? Texas banks, like NexBank, should get the most out of the “Trump Effect.” They can attract more capital and continue the hot Texas market through all of 2017.