Greg Finch: Australian Orthopedic Tycoon

Do you know about a man named Greg Finch? He is an orthopedic surgeon from Queensland, Australia. The common orthopedic procedures that surgeons like Mr. Finch can face are total joint replacement and spine surgery also known as spinal fusion. For total joint replacement, most patients are previously diagnosed with severe arthritis and seek pain relief as well as superior range of motion. While in the procedure, surgeons see the damaged parts of the joint, and carefully replace it with plastic and metal surfaces which are shaped to bring back knee movement and normal functionality. For spine surgery, patients experience increasing back pain that impairs regular activities during the day. While in the procedure, the surgeon will join spinal bones known as vertebrae. This is for restricting motion between the bones of the nerves becoming more controlled.

Now back to Greg Finch, who is one of the greatest medical surgeons in his field of work. He has medical degrees from both the University of Auckland and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. He is involved with many organizations such as the Northern American Spine Society and the New Zealand Orthopedic Association. Throughout his career, he has many successful surgeries with his amazing patients across different medical institutions across Australia.

It took hard work and dedication for Greg to be prestigiously known as he is right now. His path as an amazing orthopedic surgeon began at the Royal Orthopedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. The next path was at the Royal Perth Hospital where he was building a name for himself and being able to hold on to a much wider audience with his successful surgeries. Patients felt so comfortable with him because they knew they were in good hands. Greg Finch will not stop until there are innovations to make it simple to have surgery with minimal steps and tools.