Essentials Avi Weisfogel Intends to Apply in his Service

Avi is a specialist having majored in treatment of sleep conditions. He has exceedingly extensive knowledge in the field, and as a result, founded a foundation that would help him implement his vision. He is the owner of the Dental Sleep Masters Seminar Instructor, which is located in the New York City. When he established Old Bridge Dental Care in 1999, he utterly devoted himself to the course. He worked for fifteen years, providing award-winning services throughout the period. In fact, it earned him significant accolades from the communities. He confidently confirms that he desires to maintain humility in his service to humankind. Synthesizing humility with his perfect skillset will definitely get him scaling even higher.

Various Avi’sFoundations That Have Contributed to his Career Growth

In 2010, he pioneered an initiative that aimed at bringing specialists together. Through Health Heart Sleep, he founded a platform on which he offered them advice that would see them understand more about establishing and managing sleep laboratories. Again in 2012 he came into the public domain and initiated Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. With this initiative he took time to teach dentists on the best ways to serve their sleep patients. His efforts went on and yet again came the conception of Dental Sleep Masters, a tool he used to further enlighten the dentists on the specific devices to use in their sleep treatment plans.

Mind-blowing Routines by Dr. Avi

Every given day Avi Weisfogel gets to his office at 6 in the morning and spends a whole hour in prayer. After that he proceeds to have a word with his life coach who guides him on a few things before the business hours commence at around 8. He keeps juggling from making and receiving calls, attending meetings, lecturing, advising members and even updating his blog. He says that for him to ensure productivity, he always has to make workable schedules.


Avi remains a completely unique leader. His heart is downright sold out to doing right. It excites him to spend much of his time interacting with people and offering his industrious self to the right people.