GreenSky Rewarded For Thinking Out of the Box

David Zalik, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GreenSky, is not like other CEOs of a major company.

Zalik, a billionaire, does not talk to the media much. He does not accept invitations to conferences. He has not spent last ten years raising outside capital. His employees don’t get free food or play games.

The latest move by his company is definitely something that other Silicon Valley companies would do. The Wall Street Journal believes that Zalik’s company will do an IPO but it will do it confidentiality. This move is unconventional but it will raise his company $1 billion with a $5 billion valuation.

If Zalik does go public, he would not be doing the same as companies like Credit Karma, Stripe and Uber as they don’t plan to go public. Private companies don’t go public because when they do, they are heavily pressured by investors and quarterly earnings. They can keep the cash to keep the company operating and growing.

Zalik’s company could change its mind and it will not do an IPO. It will not fill out the paperwork with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This move would mean that it can prepare without the public spotlight on it.

Zalik, a 44-year-old, founded GreenSkyin 2006 and has, without fanfare, developed one of the biggest financial technology companies in America. Most companies like GreenSky would complain about banks and suggest to the public that they are a better way to do finance. Zalik has no problem with banks and actually has been working with banks for many years. n

One of the keys to GreenSky’s success that its bank partners are the ones who are taking the financial risk. Some of its bank partners are SunTrust, Regions and Fifth Third and they are the ones that GreenSky loans as part of their balance sheets. Zalik’s company will not be in trouble if any of these loans defaults. GreenSky does benefit from their relationship with their bank partners and they pay 1 percent of the balance from GreenSky loans.

Zalik thinks out of the box and so far, has been rewarded for doing so.

Talos Energy Embarks On Historic Oil Drilling In Mexico

In a move to display their willingness to allow foreign entities access to their country’s energy markets, Mexico has permitted an offshore oil well placement by a private company for the first time in eight decades.

The venture is a collaborative effort between Premier Oil, a company based in London, Talos Energy of Houston, and Mexico’s own Sierra Oil and Gas. In a statement prepared by Premier, it was noted that the last exploration offshore not commanded by a company run by the state was the effort made by Petroleos Mexicanos in 1938.

Premier also explained in the statement that the well, known as Zama-1 is located off the shores of the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin and will hold up to 500 million barrels of oil. The three companies were the winners of a bid that took place after the decision was made by Mexico to make the country’s oil industry available to private investors.

Analyst Charlie Sharp says that the drilling in Mexico is one of the most interesting drilling prospects to take place in years due to the potential impact the move can have on the Mexican oil and gas markets.

Talos Energy is responsible for all operations pertaining to the Zama-1 well.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas company headquartered in Houston that focuses its efforts on acquisitions and exploration of oil and gas in the Gulf Coast Region. Talos was founded in 2012 and is led by a team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. The foundation established by the skilled and experienced team has positioned the company to rapidly grow in activity and reputation while remaining committed to performing operations that are both safe and compliant with environmental protection protocol.


How White Shark Media Has Impacted Digital Marketing and Positioning

The online marketing Industry has changed over the years in numerous ways and with the introduction of companies that help businesses to position their brands, competition has further escalated. One of the companies that have earned a reputation working with small and upcoming businesses while offering digital marketing services is White Shark Media, which was launched in 2011. White Shark Media has retained a top position as a leading digital marketing agency and its strategies have been supporting businesses by delivering online marketing solutions that are tailored for struggling businesses as well as established companies looking to expand their market reach.


The company has been listed among fastest growing digital marketing agencies within North America and the growth it enjoys came from the reputation it has earned and engineering cost-effective marketing campaigns while offering world-class customer service.


AdWords performance tracking

Many businesses that rely on digital marketing lack vital information that can help them in the decision making process and this is one of the things White Shark Media has been offering. The company offers a live evaluation through a digital media advisor, who points out the performance of the marketing campaign as well as the things the company needs to change to claim a better position in the market. With this service, businesses are able to identify things they should do differently and can pick strategies that match their goals.


Ecommerce AdWords management

Managing AdWords effectively is another role many businesses are not quite versed with. It sometimes takes the effort of experts to seamlessly manage AdWords campaigns and to choose the right approach for ROI management. White Shark Media offers a better way to manage AdWords for eCommerce businesses and they offer a same-day response through phone and email. With a team of experts in the waiting, White Shark Media diligently serves its clients and ensures they are provided with the tools they need to push their businesses to the next level.


Increase SEM performance

Another way White Shark Media has been impacting digital marketing is helping businesses to increase their SEM performance. This is made possible through a live evaluation with the help of a digital advisor and the ideas shared are tailored to serve the marketing and development needs of the business. All these services are handled by professionals who have been in the digital marketing industry for many years and there is assurance about the performance the business is likely to record through White Shark Media.