How O2Pur Presents An Interesting Investing Opportunity

While the E-Cigarette industry started out with a whole bunch of startups getting in on the action, in recent years some of the biggest multinational firms in the industry have snapped a number of companies up. These corporations buying E-Cigarette companies are mostly three firms which are Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Reynold-American. For investors, the problem with buying the stock of these companies is that they are already mammoth sized companies that don’t present that much upside to their stock values.

For those who want to take a stake in a smaller company which could deliver really stellar returns there are still some investing opportunities to be had in the E-Cigarette industry. One of these is O2Pur which is a small company with a huge growth potential as a smaller player. They could make some noise in the industry and develop into a big national company in their own right as they have great management or they could be the target of an acquisition by one of the big players which almost always results in the value of the target companies stock shooting up in value.

O2Pur has a number of advantages over the big players in the E-Cigarette industry. For starters, they are a premium brand which doesn’t settle for just being ordinary. They offer exciting flavors for vape users who want to have a great time whether out with friends or enjoying a vape pen in the comfort of their own home. They offer six flavors that come in three different sizes depending on customer needs.

Because O2Pur is a small company that also means they are way more nimble than the big players, which is also attractive to investors. They can swiftly respond to changing tastes of consumers which is very difficult for big multinational firms to do because of all the bureaucracy and red tape. For example, they offer really innovative vape Mods that the bigger companies haven’t caught onto yet. Many vape users enjoy using Mods because they offer a different experience than that which is attained by using a vaping pen.