How White Shark Media Leverages on Customer Reviews to Grow

Businesses are increasingly using customer reviews to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. White Shark Media is among firms that have successfully used this strategy to strengthen its weak points and fortify its strengths. Like any other firm, the online reputation management company has had to contend with both negative and positive reviews from its clients throughout its existence.

White Shark Media understands that for any online reputation management firm to realize its business objectives, client reviews ought to be analyzed regularly. This is because the reviews help employees to gauge customer satisfaction and general perception towards the firm. This is also one of the easiest ways of collecting feedback and acting on it accordingly.

Addressing Clients’ Complaints

To ensure that its clients are satisfied with the products and services that it provides, White Shark Media has established resilient structures for addressing any complaints that may be raised. By addressing these concerns, the firm has been able to achieve near-perfection besides streamlining its product and service line to meet the needs of specific groups of clients. Some of the concerns raised by clients include:

Losing Touch with Google AdWords Campaigns

This has been a common concern, more so among new clients. After scrutinizing its systems closely, White Shark Media realized that its initial reporting structures couldn’t conveniently allow clients to review their monthly reports. To correct this, the firm put in place programs to educate clients about the intricacies of their AdWords campaigns. With such knowledge, it is easier for a client to monitor how each keyword or ad is performing. This makes them feel part and parcel of their AdWord campaigns.

Communication Lapses

This is another major challenge that White Shark Media had to contend with for a while. Being a consultancy agency, there is need to ensure that seamless communication with its clients is upheld at all times. During its tentative stages, communication lapses were characterized by the failure by clients to get in touch with contact persons within the firm. To address this, White Shark Media started organizing monthly status calls that are conducted via the Go Meeting platform. These meetings enable the firm to pinpoint communication lapses besides reviewing clients’ monthly reports. Since this is an e-conferencing platform, significant time and money is saved.

A number of clients used to raise complaints pertaining to better performance of their old campaigns than the optimized ones. To stem this concern, the firm established an ambitious program that entails partnering each client with an experienced supervisor. The role of these supervisors is to regularly provide feedback to White Shark Media’s SEM strategists. This way, it is easier to monitor the rollout of all new campaigns. Close monitoring similarly helps the firm to track the performance of the new campaigns.