Graham Edwards Knows More Than Just Telereal

There are big changes in store for the structure of the Centre for Policy Studies, and they are designed to improve the quality of life for many citizens. These are major policy programs that focus on important institutions of the human condition, as it pertains to modern-day living. It all falls under the New Generation mantle, which seeks to keep platforms innovative and effective with progressive brainstorming teams.

The ultimate purpose behind this breakthrough is to have established channels and networks in place for the public in the years to come. The basic needs addressed through these programs are tax and cost of living, business and enterprise, housing and planning, and welfare. The desired outcome from these programs is to empower the people about the choices and responsibilities that are available to them.

Of course, the programs, references and resources at play in this system are not under the command and control of just anyone. As a matter of fact, the whole deal is under the supervision of Alex Morton. His highly qualified and independently spectacular team consists of Tom Clougherty, Rachel Wolf, along with the one and only, Chairman for Housing Policy and CPS Research Fellow, Graham Edwards Telereal.

On top if being a key player and element for the Centre for Policy Studies, Edwards is also a balanced and impressive businessman. His training and education comes from King’s College London as well as the University of Cambridge. It is precisely this education which has afforded him the opportunity to serve in the business world with such companies as Telereal, Talisman Global Asset Management and Merrill Lynch.

Edwards’ resume speaks for itself. It holds some fairly major deals in it, with the names Telereal and Trillium at the top. Really, what makes him perfect for his position with the Centre is his method and levels of focus when it comes to real estate and diplomacy. These method focus on relationships, management and transaction, as three separate yet intertwined dimensions of taking care of business. Edwards knows all about showing leadership while at the same time expanding his own professionalism through experience.

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David McDonald: President And COO Of The OSI Group

David McDonald is the OSI Group’s president and COO. McDonald has been with the company for over three decades. He was formally an OSI Industries project manager as was promoted several times before getting his current position. McDonald is a member of the board of directors of the OSI Group. In addition to his work with OSI, David McDonald is also the North American Meat Institute’s chairman. Plus, since December 2008, he has been a Margrig Global Foods S.A. independent director. The company acquired the European and Brazilian operations of the OSI Group. McDonald also serves as OSI International Foods (Australia) Limited’s director.

A 1987 graduate of Iowa State University with a bachelors degree in Animal Science, David McDonald has remained close to the university. He’s active in Iowa State University’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. Through the program several ISU students were able to visit OSI facilities in China in 2011. One of them was later hired by the company. McDonald also provides financial donations and scholarship money to the ISU fraternity to which he belongs. His two eldest children are students at Iowa State University. In 2004, the school’s alumni association gave McDonald Young Alumni award.

The more than 30 years David McDonald has spent in the meat industry has served him well at the OSI Group. The company values his international business experience and vast knowledge and deep understanding of industry operations. That has contributed to his success in a number of roles for the OSI Group. It has led to him being promoted to positions of increasing responsibility within the company. Today the OSI Group is among the world’s largest processed meat providers. David McDonald has played a role in the Chicago area meat processor’s expansion into markets in China, Europe and South America.

Born in northeast Iowa and raised on a farm, David McDonald has worked closely with animals his entire life. That background has helped him immensely in his professional life. David McDonald, his wife and their half dozen children live in Warrenville, Illinois. He is very active in his community and supports many local programs

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