EOS-Making Lip Care Fun Again

For far too long, the generic lip balms in a tube have dominated the shelves at the supermarkets and drug stores. But ever since the birth of EOS lip balm seven years ago, there have been some new and exciting options to choose from.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, is not just your average lip care product. From its unique orb to its tantalizing flavors, EOS is an entirely new way to pamper and nourish your lips. Since its early days, EOS has gotten the attention of beauty bloggers and celebrities and has been featured in fashion and beauty magazines. EOS is now a $250 million dollar company and has given Chapstick and Blistex some really tough competition.

EOS has helped to substantially drive growth in the oral care market and sells over 1 million units a week. Sanjiv Mehra, cofounder and managing partner of EOS, and Jonathon Teller, wanted to make EOS a product that was specifically suited to the needs of women-specifically Millennial women between the ages of 25 to 35. They wanted EOS to be a product that was pleasurable to use and not just another mundane thing to have to use on a daily basis.

EOS is a treat for all five senses, from its delicious flavors to the satisfying snap sound that it makes when you close the cute little orb. EOS lip balm products are available on eBay and Amazon online. The EOS orb will put a smile on your face and make you look forward to using it.

Mehra and Teller worked hard to make EOS a household name and now women everywhere can enjoy using lip balm. Mehra and Teller believe that their backgrounds and expertise helped them to get to where they are today and are working on new and innovative products and collections to add to their already successful EOS brands.

View the EOS Collection: https://skincare-au.com/collections/eos