Jeunesse Global turns customers’ heads with Luminesce skincare lotion

Founded in 2009 by direct-marketing experts Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, Jeunesse Global has taken the international health and beauty industry by storm. In just nine years, the company has developed a complete lineup of some of the most sought-after and groundbreaking products that the world has ever seen. Today, Jeunesse, which started out being run out of a retired couple’s garage just a few years ago, figures among the largest global distributors of health and beauty products.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis had long been involved in the health, beauty and direct-marketing industries. After having founded and successfully grown many top businesses, the couple had developed a formidable entrepreneurial skill set. This is one of the factors that led to the astounding growth of Jeunesse Global. By the end of its first year of operations, Ray and Lewis were able to grow the company to the point of doing millions of dollars per year in sales.

But the power couple was just getting warmed up. Soon, Lewis was tapping into her industry contact list, sifting for the best names in product engineering and development. The result has been a string of products that have proven to be wildly successful and globally recognized as major contributions to the cornucopia of health-preserving and age-defying tools at consumers’ hands.

One example is the company’s skincare lotion. Known as Luminesce, the product uses the firm’s patented APT-200 molecule to deliver some of the strongest results of any skincare product currently on the market. Luminesce has been scientifically demonstrated to reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and create a vibrant glow to the skin, erasing years off the user’s appearance.

Luminesce is just one of the products contained in the package of health and beauty innovations that Jeunesse refers to as YES, which stands for the Youth Enhancement System. The YES package allows customers to meet all of their health and beauty needs in one comprehensive system. This eliminates the need to go to multiple sources, saving time and money.

These are just a few examples of the many breakthroughs that Jeunesse Global has made in their mission to create Generation Young.

How Edward Honig In NYC May Save Your Life

What Does A Cardiologist Do?

Cardiologists deal with the treatment of diseases in the heart and blood vessels. Any cardiologist will earn their position with the F.A.C.C. if they wish to practice. They will start their education with 7 years of medical school and then three years of training in their specialization. It will be a decade at the minimum before they will even start working.

Cardiologists are not typically somebody you can just see on a whim. If you express specific symptoms to your general practitioner, you will end up with a referral a specialized cardiologist. They will do extensive testing to see if you are plagued by any serious heart disease. They will also help a patient plan out lifestyle changes in order to prevent or reduce heart disease.

Private insurance plans will almost always pay for visits to a cardiologist. Insurance companies especially love preventative disease measures that they may offer. Since all insurance plans are not created equally, consult with your own company to see if you are covered.

Cardiologists do not perform any surgery, but they have the authority to refer you to certain types of surgery. They may make minor punctures or incisions purely for testing purposes. As far as major surgery goes, they will not be directly involved.

There are some cardiologists that work with public institutions. VA and military hospitals will contract with cardiologists so that heart disease may be managed for soldiers and ex-military.

If You Are In New York, Edward Honig Is The Cardiologist To See

Edward Honig has the experience and training that you would expect from a trusted cardiologist. He has been practicing medicine since most of you reading this has been born, so he knows the heart like the back of his hand. He has a long reputation that is well known in New York, which is a highly competitive market for doctors.

He is board certified and a member of the F.A.C.C. for quite awhile. He also keeps his skills sharp and quickly adapts to the latest methods in cardiology. He also practices what he preaches as he has superior heart health himself. Don’t go to any other doctor that does not know how to take care of their own heart.

His bedside manner and interpersonal skills are one of the best in the industry. He will have you feeling like he is your new best friend instead of just another physician giving you the same old advice. He will also be very flexible with your lifestyle in giving you the advice to reduce or prevent heart disease symptoms.


Renown Health Expands Into South Reno

This spring Renown Health opened a new family practice clinic in Reno’s Summit Mall.It’s Renown Health’s 12th primary care clinics in the Reno-Sparks, Fallon, Carson City and Fernley area and enables the company to offer healthcare services in South Reno. At the outset the clinic will feature a laboratory and primary care services. It may offer additional services in the future. The 10,000-square-foot facility is designed to be inviting and comfortable for patients of all ages. The clinic has a 11 person staff currently and may add another primary care physician and a nurse practitioner soon.

Reno based companies handled the entire project. MBA Architects + Interior Design’s Eric Fong handled the design and architecture of the clinic. The project’s general contractor was Carson City based Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. The structural engineering was handled by Forbes Engineering. MSA Engineering Consultants did the plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineering. More than a dozen local contractors played a role in completing the facility. Steady population in South Reno brought about the need for the new clinic.Renown Health is Northern Nevada’s largest not-for-profit locally owned healthcare network. With over 6,500 employees, it is among the largest employers in the region.

Founded in the Washoe Valley when a smallpox outbreak hit the area in 1862, the company was called Washoe Health System until 2006 when it became Renown Health. Initially the facility was just a clinic, but when Nevada became a state in 1864 it became the state’s first hospital. In 1875, the facility bought 40 acres and expanded the hospital to include 40 beds.The Washoe Medical Center added a pediatrics unit in 1949, a heart care unit in 1963 and a cancer care center in the 1970s. The hospital performed the region’s first pacemaker implantation and in 1977 the region’s first open-heart surgery was performed there. Washoe Medical Center established a residency program with the University of Nevada School of Medicine that began in 1979.

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Careers Abound

Career and salary opportunities only continue to abound for US Health Advisors candidates. They have everything from account management to US Health center laborer positions and are always highly regarded by most Americans seeking top-notch marketplace insurance at affordable rates, so what is there to lose by checking them out? Plus, top positions average $70,000 annually, and that doesn’t even include bonuses and commission incentives. That’s the best part. Also, you may apply from the comfort of your own home by simply visiting to find out more and get advice before applying. Did you also know that the company has its own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Crunch Base pages?

Additionally, US Health Advisors offers free quotes on all its insurance plans and supplements, and it’s all available with the click of a button. Quotes are provided in three minutes or less. Whether it’s family insurance, individual supplements, or even company quotes, US Health Advisors has it all and is more than ready to meet your needs in the timeliest and most courteous manner altogether.

Insurance agent contractors and licensed agents may earn an average of $78,000 a year without incentives or commissions. That alone is reason to join, and if you’re not experienced in sales or insurance, simply apply to an entry-level position and let the benefits draw you in further. This company is one that provides USHEALTH Gropu protects its own employees, not to mention that it offers the world at one’s fingertips and so much more: Employees who work hard can make uncapped incomes and learn from the best in the business as they do what they love and likewise teach others the trade.

US Health Advisors is no amateur when it comes to insurance or sales: This company has been at the front lines in both for more than five decades and only continues to improve its craft and employee numbers monthly. Great things are in store for US Health Advisors. In fact, the company already ranks as one of America’s best insurance providers. US Health Advisors is based in Dallas and serves surrounding areas.

The Rise of George Soros in American Politics

George Soros stands before us as one of the most prolific philanthropists and investors that the world has ever seen. His story of rising up from Nazi-occupied Hungary to these great heights is as fascinating as it is deep. Yet, for all of this amazing detail he has still become one of the leading ‘boogeymen’ of the right wing. So is he the night terror that the conservative right believes in? Or the angel of progressive values and social justice that he has been working toward all of his life? Well, his story shows the answer to that with ease — and the right won’t like it.

George Soros has become a left wing darling over the past several decades for his unyielding focus and support of social progress and democracy around the globe. Soros started the Soros Hedge Fund in the early ’70s in order to become the prolific investor that he is today. Now pushing 86 years old, Soros has spent much of his life and his fortune focusing on creating democratic ideals in every nook and cranny of the planet. For all of his good work, he still has become the target of an organized smear campaign by right wing politicians. Joe Uscinski, a pol-science professor at the University of Miami says, “What makes the Soros thing interesting is that most of the conspiracy theories about rich people tend to be made by people on the left about people on the right.” Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

His career is fascinating and walking through it step by step would take countless books and more hours than most people would really want to spend. We can give you the highlights, however. George Soros is worth a cool $25 billion and his rise as a political force has been a thing to marvel in America. Soros broke onto the political scene in the early 2004 election campaign when he worked hard in order to try and stop President George W. Bush from re-election. Of course, his backing of Al Gore should have been a success but issues with the election ended up turning the tide toward the conservative movement. Since then Soros has been nestled neatly into the left wing of the political spectrum: arguing for health care and education while trying to keep America out of wars. Of course, these stances aren’t popular with conservatives and his gigantic wealth has made it easy to demonize the noble work of an honorable man. Know more on about George Soros.

Perhaps most interesting in the American political climate is George Soros’ comparison to the Koch Brothers. The Koch Brothers are billionaires who use their money to astroturf political campaigns for the right wing, including such groups as the Tea Party. While the Koch’s spend millions to fight progress and democracy, Soros counteracts them at every turn. Perhaps George Soros is a boogeyman, but only because he is fighting for what is right.


Capitol Anesthesiology Association based Austin Texas

Anesthesia is an act of suppressing pain when a person is undergoing a surgery by use of anesthetics. It suppresses a persons vital body activities making the body to be inactive therefore it is safe and effective to perform a surgery. Surgeries may be done to different parts of the body, therefore different types of anesthetics are used. According to the Capitol anesthesiology Association in Texas,there are three major types of Anesthesia; there is General anesthesia,Regional anesthesia and the local monitored anesthesia.

The general anesthesiology makes the whole body still when they are performing a surgery to vital places of the body like the heart. Regional anesthesiology is used to control the sensation of the pain when they are carrying out the surgery or after the surgery. Lastly is the Local monitored care, this type of anesthesia is used when they are carrying out surgery to areas that are minor with soft tissues, this is also called the twilight sleep.

At the capitol Anesthesiology, they offer some of the community services and medical care. these includes the Austin smiles that carry out plastic surgeries, the Dells`s children’s which offer services to the children with medical issues. The Eels and wheels is a service that certifies the divers and the scuba`s, it also offers help to the handicapped people. lastly is the family elder care that offers help to the elderly and the people with disabilities.

In conclusion the Capitol association plays a major tole to the people in Austin at large as they extend there services to the people despite doing anesthesiology only. In general anesthesiology has helped a lot in surgeries as it has has helped a lot in performing of safe and effective surgeries.

The efforts of Dr. Avi Weisfogel Towards the Treatment of Sleep Apnea and other Dental Issues

Did you know that more than half of the people who suffer from sleep apnea do not even know that they have the problem? One of the main challenges that Doctors who deal with the condition face is the lack of proper diagnosis. One doctor has decided to create awareness about the condition and the many others that affect the oral and dental health of individuals and he has achieved a lot of success so far. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who practices on New Jersey and he has center for the research and treatment of patients with the sleep disorder.

Dr. Avi is one person who believes in the concept of education being a continuous process. He takes part in many sessions of continuing education and in the process, he states that he learns newer and better ways of carrying out procedures. He believes that the best gift he can offer his clients is the ability to do things in easier and more efficient ways.

The dentist is also a strong believer in philanthropy. For the past ten years that he has been carrying out his research, he has also been a part of an organization that is known as operation smile. This is a group of people that treat children with oral and dental deformities, both inborn and artificial. The main patients that receive these procedures are people suffering from conditions such as cleft lips and cleft palates. This is an initiative that is carried out mainly in the third world. It is transformative because the people who receive the treatment cannot afford the surgery and therapy involved.

In order to support this cause that Dr. Avi is very passionate about, he has been raising money through a Go Fund Me campaign. He believes that it is possible to accumulate enough money to create awareness about this charity and meet the financial costs that are needed for the treatment of children with the condition. So far, the group has operated on 200,000 children and they hope that they can do even better in the future.

Maggie Gill Implements Her Pathways To Excellence Action Plan

Maggie Gill is Memorial Health’s CEO and president. Gill is also Memorial Health board of directors’ ex office member. She joined Memorial University Medical Center in 2004. At the time, Maggie Gill worked as the vice president of finance and managed care. The following year, Gill became the chief operating officer. Six years later, she was appointed to serve as the president and the chief executive officer of the company.
At Memorial Health, she offers leadership to all the firm’s physician leaders, senior vice presidents, and vice presidents. Gill is also directly in charge of Memorial Health University’s physicians, internal audit as well as the Heart and Vascular Institute, and government relations. Additionally, she is responsible for perioperative services, corporate communications, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, financial assistance, and trauma services.
Previously, Maggie Gill worked for Tenet South Florida Health System. Here, she served for five years as the chief financial officer. Gill was awarded the Tenet outstanding CFO award. She received this award three times. While still working for the company, she rendered her services at Palmetto General Hospital, which is located in Hialeah, Florida. In addition, Gill worked for Shore Medical Center in Miami and the Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida.
Gill is an alumnus of the Florida State University. She is also a graduate of Saint Leo University where she earned her MBA.
Most recently, Maggie Gill told her board that the changes in the healthcare system had resulted in the continuous loss of money in the healthcare system. She also reported to the Memorial Health board about her concerns over the decreasing revenues at the firm. This board is responsible for running Memorial University Medical Center and its affiliate entities. She pointed out that the program she began in July, known as Pathways to Excellence, had identified an overall savings of $ 12.6 million. These savings include $ 7.6 million from a health care enhancement company, Premier Inc., which is located in Charlotte.
Premier Inc. supports the plan. It will facilitate the local provider to achieve results in the next 6 months. Gill pointed out that the plan would be ready for the upcoming strategic opportunities. Additionally, Maggie Gill and other board members warned of increasing revenue challenges even though the number of patients was increasing.

Maggie Gill’s Success Story as a Senior Executive at Memorial Health

Maggie Gill is the current chief executive officer and president of Memorial Health. Gill serves as an ex office member of the health institution’s governing council. The Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) hired Maggie Gill as the finance and managed care vice president in 2004. At MUMC, she assists vice presidents with leadership advice. Her other responsibilities include internal audit, government relations, and physician relations. Gill has membership in the State Medicaid Subcommittee for Medicaid Expansion and the American Hospital Association Governing Council.

Gill’s Academic and Work Background

Gill attended Florida State University for her bachelor’s degree. She also attended Florida-based Saint Leo University for her MBA. She completed a strategic thinking and management course at Wharton School. Gill served as an executive for established health institutions before working with MUMC. She worked as Tenet South Florida’s CFO and received three awards from the health institution for her financial initiatives. She was also employed by Coral Gables Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital.

Her work inspired Memorial Health’s executive board, and they decided to appoint her as CEO in 2011. After being named CEO, Maggie Gill transformed the institution’s collection and billing operations. She also developed a 2011 strategic plan besides making changes in the leadership team. Memorial Health’s executive board chairman, J. Curtis Lewis praised Gill’s efforts. He said that the health institution would greatly benefit from her expertise.

Memorial Health Partners with Novant Health

Under Gill’s leadership, Memorial Health signed a partnership contract with Novant Health. The partnership allows the two health institutions to work together with a common mission. Gill said that health organizations across the US are partnering to implement the Affordable Care Act effectively. She also mentioned that the health care system in the US is expensive and, thus, Memorial Health is being proactive to address the issue by partnering with Novant Health.

Gill pointed out that charity care funding is no longer available in hospitals because the federal government expects every person to have a health insurance. She said that Memorial Health seeks to help those who aren’t covered by channeling Novant Health as a non-profit health institution. This partnership will allow the board of directors of both organizations to collaborate in decision-making. Gill also said that the move would enhance Memorial Health’s mission to serve the community by taking into account their future needs.