The efforts of Dr. Avi Weisfogel Towards the Treatment of Sleep Apnea and other Dental Issues

Did you know that more than half of the people who suffer from sleep apnea do not even know that they have the problem? One of the main challenges that Doctors who deal with the condition face is the lack of proper diagnosis. One doctor has decided to create awareness about the condition and the many others that affect the oral and dental health of individuals and he has achieved a lot of success so far. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist who practices on New Jersey and he has center for the research and treatment of patients with the sleep disorder.

Dr. Avi is one person who believes in the concept of education being a continuous process. He takes part in many sessions of continuing education and in the process, he states that he learns newer and better ways of carrying out procedures. He believes that the best gift he can offer his clients is the ability to do things in easier and more efficient ways.

The dentist is also a strong believer in philanthropy. For the past ten years that he has been carrying out his research, he has also been a part of an organization that is known as operation smile. This is a group of people that treat children with oral and dental deformities, both inborn and artificial. The main patients that receive these procedures are people suffering from conditions such as cleft lips and cleft palates. This is an initiative that is carried out mainly in the third world. It is transformative because the people who receive the treatment cannot afford the surgery and therapy involved.

In order to support this cause that Dr. Avi is very passionate about, he has been raising money through a Go Fund Me campaign. He believes that it is possible to accumulate enough money to create awareness about this charity and meet the financial costs that are needed for the treatment of children with the condition. So far, the group has operated on 200,000 children and they hope that they can do even better in the future.

Maggie Gill Implements Her Pathways To Excellence Action Plan

Maggie Gill is Memorial Health’s CEO and president. Gill is also Memorial Health board of directors’ ex office member. She joined Memorial University Medical Center in 2004. At the time, Maggie Gill worked as the vice president of finance and managed care. The following year, Gill became the chief operating officer. Six years later, she was appointed to serve as the president and the chief executive officer of the company.
At Memorial Health, she offers leadership to all the firm’s physician leaders, senior vice presidents, and vice presidents. Gill is also directly in charge of Memorial Health University’s physicians, internal audit as well as the Heart and Vascular Institute, and government relations. Additionally, she is responsible for perioperative services, corporate communications, orthopedic and neuroscience programs, financial assistance, and trauma services.
Previously, Maggie Gill worked for Tenet South Florida Health System. Here, she served for five years as the chief financial officer. Gill was awarded the Tenet outstanding CFO award. She received this award three times. While still working for the company, she rendered her services at Palmetto General Hospital, which is located in Hialeah, Florida. In addition, Gill worked for Shore Medical Center in Miami and the Coral Gables Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida.
Gill is an alumnus of the Florida State University. She is also a graduate of Saint Leo University where she earned her MBA. Gill enrolled at Wharton School where she completed a course in strategic thinking and management.
Most recently, Maggie Gill told her board that the changes in the healthcare system had resulted in the continuous loss of money in the healthcare system. She also reported to the Memorial Health board about her concerns over the decreasing revenues at the firm. This board is responsible for running Memorial University Medical Center and its affiliate entities. She pointed out that the program she began in July, known as Pathways to Excellence, had identified an overall savings of $ 12.6 million. These savings include $ 7.6 million from a health care enhancement company, Premier Inc., which is located in Charlotte.
Gill’s initiative, Pathways to Excellence, is the company’s $20 million annual action plan. Premier Inc. supports the plan. It will facilitate the local provider to achieve results in the next 6 months. Gill pointed out that the plan would be ready for the upcoming strategic opportunities. Additionally, Maggie Gill and other board members warned of increasing revenue challenges even though the number of patients was increasing.

Maggie Gill’s Success Story as a Senior Executive at Memorial Health

Maggie Gill is the current chief executive officer and president of Memorial Health. Gill serves as an ex office member of the health institution’s governing council. The Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) hired Maggie Gill as the finance and managed care vice president in 2004. At MUMC, she assists vice presidents with leadership advice. Her other responsibilities include internal audit, government relations, and physician relations. Gill has membership in the State Medicaid Subcommittee for Medicaid Expansion and the American Hospital Association Governing Council.

Gill’s Academic and Work Background

Gill attended Florida State University for her bachelor’s degree. She also attended Florida-based Saint Leo University for her MBA. She completed a strategic thinking and management course at Wharton School. Gill served as an executive for established health institutions before working with MUMC. She worked as Tenet South Florida’s CFO and received three awards from the health institution for her financial initiatives. She was also employed by Coral Gables Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and Palmetto General Hospital.

As MUMC’s interim chief financial officer, Gill developed a financial initiative in 2006 that enabled the health institution to save $30 million. Her work inspired Memorial Health’s executive board, and they decided to appoint her as CEO in 2011. After being named CEO, Maggie Gill transformed the institution’s collection and billing operations. She also developed a 2011 strategic plan besides making changes in the leadership team. Memorial Health’s executive board chairman, J. Curtis Lewis praised Gill’s efforts. He said that the health institution would greatly benefit from her expertise.

Memorial Health Partners with Novant Health

Under Gill’s leadership, Memorial Health signed a partnership contract with Novant Health. The partnership allows the two health institutions to work together with a common mission. Gill said that health organizations across the US are partnering to implement the Affordable Care Act effectively. She also mentioned that the health care system in the US is expensive and, thus, Memorial Health is being proactive to address the issue by partnering with Novant Health.

Gill pointed out that charity care funding is no longer available in hospitals because the federal government expects every person to have a health insurance. She said that Memorial Health seeks to help those who aren’t covered by channeling Novant Health as a non-profit health institution. This partnership will allow the board of directors of both organizations to collaborate in decision-making. Gill also said that the move would enhance Memorial Health’s mission to serve the community by taking into account their future needs.