Jeunesse Global ZEN Prime

Jeunesse Global offers a wide variety of products made specifically to help you feel and look young. This company was started in 2009 and has since grown to be a global industry serving over 130 countries. They offer cosmetics, skin care products, and natural health products all designed to keep you young.

One product designed to help you be fit and live a healthy lifestyle is ZEN BODI. ZEN Project 8 is an eight week course made up of three phases carefully planned to help you lose weight and keep it off. Each phase contains three easy steps.

Phase 1 is the Detox phase and is week one of the course. Step 1 is cutting out the foods that tend to cause bloating such as gluten, refined sugar, soda, and others. Step 2 is eating clean foods that are rich in protein to cleanse your body along with supplements such as ZEN Fuze and ZEN Prime. Step 3 is flushing excess toxins by drinking additional water throughout your day.

Phase 2 is the Ignite phase and is weeks 2-4 of the course. Step 1 introduces ZEN Shape capsules taken 30 minutes before ZEN Fuze Shakes to help you burn more fat. Step 2 is starting a calorie-burning exercise routine. These exercises include strength training, high intensity cardio, and fat burning cardio. Step 3 is restoring your body with ZEN Fuze Protein Shakes. Sample meal plans are provided.

Phase 3 is the Thrive phase and is weeks 5-8 of the course. Step 1 is reprogramming your mind to eat clean. Supplements such as ZEN Fuze + ZEN Shape and ZEN Fit will help you achieve this mindset. Step 2 is diversifying your eating habits by adding an Off Plan Meal once a week. ZEN recipes are provided to help you diversify while still eating healthy. Step 3 is energizing your new healthy lifestyle.

ZEN Project 8 offers additional support along the way to help you achieve and maintain your health goals. The course includes weekly coaching videos, delicious recipes, educational and encouraging blogs, and an interactive community of like-minded people.

Mark Mofid Is Regularly At Work Improving Plastic Surgery For People Everywhere

There has always been controversial talk about plastic surgery within the United States. Today, there are more people getting plastic surgery in the country and the entire world even than ever before. One of the men that is making this possible is Dr. Mark Mofid, who has actively been working to create a brighter future for the plastic surgery industry.

Mark Mofid has personally developed safer methods for performing surgeries on his patients as well as creating his very own quality implants. Much of the bad air surrounding plastic surgery comes from the use of outdated methods and generic implants that do agree with the body. Mark regularly advocates for the safest methods and standards not only at his own practice but to other surgeons around the country.

One of the biggest reasons Mark Mofid developed his own implant for surgeries is because better quality materials will work better with the body and retain better rather than the body rejecting it and needing reconstructive surgery. One of the reasons bad procedures were prevalent in the past was because doctors were not using safe methods for their procedures which led to complications in the future. Mark Mofid personally abides by the safest methods every time and he even refuses to do odd surgeries. This is not because he can’t do them, but because they are unnecessary and are more likely to lead to complications due to them being so unnatural for the body.

One of the biggest successes of Mark’s career has been his education, which gave him the skills and business foundation that he needed to improve the industry to the level that he has today. Mark Mofid studied at Harvard University as well as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Currently, Mark Mofid operates all over California, mainly out of his own practice performing plastic surgery, but he does staff surgeon work at hospitals around the state as well. This has let him improve his techniques and build a trustworthy reputation over the years.