Lime Crime: Proof Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Lime Crime is a revolution in makeup for women. It is well-priced. It looks and feels amazing. The best part is that is completely vegan. What does this mean? The company makes it their personal mission when creating their products to ensure no harm comes to animals.There are zero toxic ingredients and absolutely none that derived from an animal. No testing is ever done on the furry creatures of the world and when you buy Lime Crime that is a guarantee. It is certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Leaping Bunny program which both have extremely high standards for the lifestyle of which animals are subjected to.

There is a policy that the company and its employees have each committed to since the grand opening in the year 2008. That policy is that no animals will be tested on or harmed in any way in the creation of their products. They have discontinued products that were doing well profit-wise where the contents were iffy just to stay true to their brand and their name and their reputation as a vegan company. Theor company offers also new and innovative products every day. Right now they have products such as unicorn shades and a new Venus XL Palette designed for the face that will give a bold color in one swipe as their website states.

Lime Crime also offers free shipping on items over fifty dollars. Their website also offers free chat services if you have questions or concerns about anything you see. Their semi-permanent vegan hair color comes in a variety of hair colors such as Sushi, Shock, Caramel, and Oyster. Their lip products come in colors such as fluke, choke, lit, and dope. They are very unique in creating names for their products and the pictures they advertise show the world they are not your typical makeup company. Their colors are bold and bright and playful and they pop at you whereas a typical makeup company may not as most only offer your standard black and gray eyeliners and red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. Lime Crime goes above and beyond in every aspect of their company from their vegan and animal cruelty free policy to the standard of a better brand of makeup for your everyday Superwoman.