Kill Bill Production Elevates Lawrence Bender to Mainstream Success Status

Uma Thurman awakes after four years of being in a coma, the result of a botched assassination attempt by her estranged liasance Bill and is driven by one purpose, “Kill Bill.”

Thurman, whose anonymous character is referred to only as “The Bride” was carrying Bill’s child and adorned in a bridal gown on the day of her intended wedding to Bill, when she was struck down.

Bill played by David Carradine, the former star of the 1970‘s television drama Kung Fu, is one despicable hombre.

Leader of a ring of multi cultural female assassins, Carradine’s team is both elite and dreaded.

After Thurman’s exit from the hospital she begins to track down Bill, who has assembled his assassins into a lethal network of anti-Thurman foes, with the complementary mindset, Kill The Bride.

As Thurman eliminates her former co assassins, their intriguing specialties and backgrounds build and elevate the characters into almost mythological and nearly immortal personas.

In a plot twist that sheds light on the story’s setting, it is eventually revealed that Thurman was perhaps the most deadly member of Bill’s female crew, adding to and explaining the animosity she experiences from the other female executioners.

Personally selected to be trained by the legendary Hattori Hanzo, the master swordsmith played by martial arts director and actor Sonny Chiba, The Bride endures the most unimaginably harsh and cruel training that solidify her into quite possibly the toughest woman in the history of Chinese sword fighting.

A journey filled with witty dialog, well choreographed fights and a suspenseful assortment of mouse exterminates cat surprises, Thurman finally arrives at her destination, face to face with Bill.

Bill has a major surprise of his own for The Bride, however. It seems that the child which Thurman thought she had lost is both alive and in Bill’s care.

The installment referred to as Kill Bill Vol. 1 ends on a cliff hanger.

Producer Lawrence Bender has again worked with equally talented independent film director Quentin Tarantino to create a production that is both unique, well cast with Hollywood Legends and leaves the audience wanting more.

In fact, Kill Bill Vol. 1 was slated to be coreleased with Kill Bill Vol. 2, but it was felt that the more than 4 hours required to view the films would be too time prohibitive for a mainstream audience.

Kill Bill Vol 1 runs for an 111 minutes of pure entertainment. Adding another independent film success to Lawrence Bender’s credits, its $30 million budget returned nearly $181 million at the box office.

Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender graduated from the University of Maine, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

A native of the east coast, he was born and raised in Bronx, New York.

Bender’s wide variety of talents have earned him several awards in the film industry, including three Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

A Recap of an interview with Alex Pall

This will feature recapped information on an interview Mathias Rozenweig did with Alex Pall from a musical duo called the “Chainsmokers”. This group is made up of Alex Pall the vocalist and he Chainsmokers are famous for songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” and the song “Roses”. One of their most recent was with popular star Halsey in the song “Closer”. In this song, you can hear Andrew Taggert as the disk jockey and Alex Pall sing. Pall is a Disk jockey also. The two stars of the group Taggert and Pall are functioning to display themselves a little more each day. This group knits closeness into a type of music that often can show to be too unproductive.

Alex Pall from the group grew up with a hobby of being a DJ. He would make a job out of being a DJ and do it around New York City. It was there where he realized that’s what he wanted to do. He met Taggert after wanting to pursue dance music and the manager introduced Pall to him. When they met they started working together. The poll then quit his job and Taggert moved away from Maine.

Both the members had a talk when they were starting to know each other. For example, about what they had interests into as they both were growing up as well as what they liked in music. What they were really trying to do was create an identity from the chat. Then, everyday form nine in the morning to seven in the night they met with each other to both develop their identity as music artists and create music. Another unique thing they have is that they write the songs they or others they do duets with that they sing. Also, when they create an album they want all the songs containing the same ideas. In closing, when the two perform on stage they want to keep going further as their audience grows. They don’t want to keep having the same performance. Rather they want the show to show excitement and be new every time.