GreenSky Rewarded For Thinking Out of the Box

David Zalik, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GreenSky, is not like other CEOs of a major company.

Zalik, a billionaire, does not talk to the media much. He does not accept invitations to conferences. He has not spent last ten years raising outside capital. His employees don’t get free food or play games.

The latest move by his company is definitely something that other Silicon Valley companies would do. The Wall Street Journal believes that Zalik’s company will do an IPO but it will do it confidentiality. This move is unconventional but it will raise his company $1 billion with a $5 billion valuation.

If Zalik does go public, he would not be doing the same as companies like Credit Karma, Stripe and Uber as they don’t plan to go public. Private companies don’t go public because when they do, they are heavily pressured by investors and quarterly earnings. They can keep the cash to keep the company operating and growing.

Zalik’s company could change its mind and it will not do an IPO. It will not fill out the paperwork with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This move would mean that it can prepare without the public spotlight on it.

Zalik, a 44-year-old, founded GreenSkyin 2006 and has, without fanfare, developed one of the biggest financial technology companies in America. Most companies like GreenSky would complain about banks and suggest to the public that they are a better way to do finance. Zalik has no problem with banks and actually has been working with banks for many years. n

One of the keys to GreenSky’s success that its bank partners are the ones who are taking the financial risk. Some of its bank partners are SunTrust, Regions and Fifth Third and they are the ones that GreenSky loans as part of their balance sheets. Zalik’s company will not be in trouble if any of these loans defaults. GreenSky does benefit from their relationship with their bank partners and they pay 1 percent of the balance from GreenSky loans.

Zalik thinks out of the box and so far, has been rewarded for doing so.

ClassDojo is a great tool for success



ClassDojo is a great tool that has come out to help streamline the communication between parents and the teacher about their student. It allows easy access by a simple click of the button for the teacher to share and update students progress with the parents. In turn, the parents have the same option to message or question the teacher as well.

The app is easily available online and can even be downloaded for any smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android). If you don’t have access to a smartphone it can be viewed on any browser with access to the internet as well.

The previous process normally left the communication process a little less readily available. It was more time consuming for the teacher to regularly update the progress for a student at their computer for each student on a regular basis using email and making the process far less frequent. This has lead the teacher to contact the parents or guardians far less frequently and often only when there were behavioral issues or during the normal parent/teacher conferences.

The advantage of this system is that it puts the parents and teachers in a quick direct contact. The teacher can easily, with the click of a button, update the parents on the student, snap a picture of the student(s) working on projects, advise of any good or bad behaviors, reminders and much more. This also allows the teacher to use the ClassDojo app to not only send pictures but also send a video of the students to share what the activities are for the day. This helps the parents feel more involved with the student when inquiring about their day.

The ClassDojo has revolutionized the communication process allowing the teacher to focus more on teaching and keep the parents up-to-date on the progress of their child. If you would like more information please check out the app online.

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