Betsy DeVos is Elected Secretary for Education Following Her Experience

Behind the smile that has been empowering scholars in America is a hard working woman who embraced education reforms from the school visits she had. Betsy DeVos is prominent for her relentless efforts in championing modern education systems in America. Her journey began more than ten years ago. At a young age in Calvin College, she chaired many groups that were geared towards reforms. For over thirty years, Betsy led various campaign reforms, party organizations as well as political committees. She was also the chairperson of Michigan Republican Party. Betsy’s reforming character runs in her family. This is proven by her husband Dick DeVos who has also been a great supporter of her reforms.



In politics, Betsy DeVos settles for innovative solutions that aim at solving social issues. She currently serves as the head cheerleader of Windquest Group. This is a private company that operates on the basis of investing in technological companies, clean energy as well as manufacturing. Betsy established the firm with the help of Dick DeVos, her husband. Perhaps, the most important bit of her career is her interest in pursuing various projects in different foundations. As the chairperson of Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, she has established strong, useful networks for assisting needy students. Betsy has been the fulcrum of many organizations including Mars Hill Bible, a church group, Kids Hope USA, DeVos Arts and American Federation for Children. In an interview with philanthropy, Betsy talked about her work and career in education reforms. She cited her passion for developing modern learning platforms.


Asked for her opinion on education reforms and progress from fifty years ago, Betsy cited that she is optimistic. This is because currently, there are 250,000 students in public schools that are funded by the government. There are also 17 private programs in Columbia. According to these statistics, the education system is taking a positive turn. Towards this end, many programs have been generated to induce modern learning environments for scholars. These programs have grown to over 40,000 over the past years. In areas like Louisiana, Virginia and New Hampshire, the education reform programs have been helpful in promoting comfortable and healthy learning environments.


As a republican, Betsy DeVos is the chair of a pro-school-choice movement. She is committed to shining the light to different members of the movement. Betsy’s election as the education secretary is a reflection of her commitment to transforming the world through education. She has worked to create modern programs, platforms as well as networks with the aim of making the world a better place. Betsy is a firm believer as well as a powerful influence in education. Through her extensive experience, Betsy has established strong networks for a better world. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

Andrew Rolfe- Ubuntu Education Fund Getting Rid Of Donors Who Come With Restrictions

Jacob Lief, the chief executive officer and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund realized that, even after spending huge amounts of money in the non-profit foundation, they were not changing the lives of people. While addressing an annual meeting in Davos, he stated that the money was flowing but there nothing big to show. It was the same statement echoed by Andrew Rolfe, the chairman of the board of directors some time back. The institution assists needy children in Port Elizabeth’s townships in Cape Province, South Africa. Lief highlighted the urgency to change the strategy under which the NGO operated. He added that donors who supported the institution but came with restrictions would not be allowed. Such donors insisted on how the money should be spent rather than finding the most appropriate ways of supporting the children.

According to Lief, they were now targeting family foundations and high net-worth individuals who comprehend that highly restricted funds don’t offer significant help. He insisted the organization’s budget was now smaller and they even expect“ to achieve more. The organization through what is referred as “Ubuntu model,” operates closely with communities and families to establish individual strategies for every child with health, stability, and education. Those are the basic needs to keep the needy children from poverty. However, Andrew Rolfe insisted that getting donors who are ready to offer financial help without strings attached was not easy. As explained by Lief, by determining how the funds are used, donors come with various kinds of opinions. For instance, others want their donation to be used on specific programs while some demand to have input on the overall strategy and the management operations of the organization.

Serving on the non-profit board of the organization permits donors to have their say on the organization’s operations but also comes with demerits. According to Andrew Rolfe, that can be beneficial, especially if the donor has vital professional experience. The demerit is that it can create some pressure too. It’s a double-edged sword as you spend more time cultivating wealthy donors to do more than check writing. Andrew Rolfe reminded that even if donors don’t join the board or get personally involved in shaping the organization’s strategy, the terms of their donations can bring restrictions in the way cash is utilized.