Jacob Gottlieb; Supporting Teachers through MFA

Although Visium Asset Management has continued to announce its intention and action to wind down following one of the most alarming financial scandals, there are a lot of good things that can be said about this foundation and the brain behind its management. As one of the prominent financial services providers in the world, Visium Asset Management helped a substantial amount of clients in wealthcreation, management and allocation. Therefore, Jacob Gottlieb has an impressive legacy to leave behind despite everything.

Who is Jacob Gottlieb?

Gottlieb is a prominent seasonal entrepreneur who served as the chief financial officer of the famous Visium Asset Management. As an alternative asset manager and investment advisor, the company has under the guidance of Gottlieb helped many clients in generating millions of returns.

Early Life

While growing up, Gottlieb saw his father the economist putting most of his time into the duties of resources allocation. As he can recall in one of his multiple interviews, he developed some passion for finance after that. Being a hard working child, he went ahead and participated in a stock-picking event that saw him rank position one. Of course, for a young man, that seemed like a game. However, that is how toddlers grasp basic details in business and economics. From that moment onwards, Gottlieb learned that it was important to focus on pursuing his passion. That is how he first tried out investing.

Focusing on Career

Coming from a family that has supportive parents, Gottlieb always received his parent’s support and input in building his career. Therefore, he joined the Brown Investment Club and became a major contributor to its development.

Education and Professional Qualification

For education, Gottlieb attended New York University followed by Brown University where he majored in economics. Moreover, he advanced his education by joining AIMR for a CFA followed by a P.R.M. designation from the prestigious Professional Risk Manager’s International.

The Foundation of Visium Asset Management

Gottlieb established Visium Asset Management in 2005. He was joined by a strong team of qualified investment professionals hailing from Balyasny Asset Management. However, before delving into this project, he had a long career in various companies including Merlin. In that company, he served as the portfolio manager and dedicated most of his time to overseeing the management of client’s assets in different aspects including running their accounts to make sure that they do not fall prey to high-risk investments. So far, Mr. Gottlieb has been able to extend his services beyond business because he is passionate about charity. For instance, he has been instrumental in supporting MfA, a foundation established in 2004 and basically committed to helping teachers in giving their best to students. With time, his support has reflected on the foundation’s fellowships made for accomplished public schools in mathematics as well as science.

A career well served: Dr. Saad Saad, New Jersey Surgeo

The career life and social life of Dr. Saad Saad, has been one interesting journey and the surgeon certainly is proud to have gone to medical school. Dr. Saad has had the best that his career can offer, most notably being the exclusive pediatric surgeon of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. He served the Royal Family for close to five years before he came back to America, and he says the experience at Saudi Arabia was once in a lifetime experience. The surgeon, who is based in New Jersey, overcame all odds, on his journey to become a surgeon.


He was born in Palestine in a family of eight, which was economically humble but well educated. In his early days he was not sure whether to pursue engineering or medicine, but after further deliberations, he opted to go to medical school. Dr. Saad joined Cairo University in Egypt where he would later graduate with a medical degree, coming second in his class. He took an internship in England before moving to the United States where he did his residency in Pediatric Surgery. Consequently, he got his American Board Certification in Pediatric Surgery.


All through his career, Dr. Saad has been guided by principles and values which were taught to him by his mentor, Dr. H Biemann Othersen. According to the New Jersey surgeon, his mentor taught him to treat all children with equal love and care without being influenced by their color, race, sex, status or any other discriminatory cue. Additionally, his humble upbringing made him resonate with many situations he would encounter in his career. These are value he carried along even when in Saudi Arabia, where he was practically a Doctor for the rich. At King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, he had the opportunity to help the poor patients who could not afford complicated surgery. Besides being the Hospital for the Royals, they opened doors for disadvantaged in the society who were suffering from complicated pediatric surgical conditions.


Dr. Saad did not stop at treating the Royal and the poor of Saudi Arabia but also extended his service to Surgical Students in Saudi. He recognized the hustle that Saudi students were going through to have their residency. This pushed him to come up with a Surgical Residency Program in Saudi and also pioneered a working relationship with the Royal College of Surgeons In England. This enabled the students to get their UK certification without having to leave Saudi.


More about Dr. Saad Saad


He is affiliated with a number of hospitals in New Jersey, such as Monmouth Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Long Branch Campus. Dr. Saad has two medical inventions under his patents, both of which aim at reducing pain during surgery, and allow doctors to perform surgeries faster with less pain involved.

The surgeon is a committed family man and has been married for forty years with four children. Two of them are surgeons, one is a lawyer and the other two are ICU nurses. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/


Mark Mofid Is Regularly At Work Improving Plastic Surgery For People Everywhere

There has always been controversial talk about plastic surgery within the United States. Today, there are more people getting plastic surgery in the country and the entire world even than ever before. One of the men that is making this possible is Dr. Mark Mofid, who has actively been working to create a brighter future for the plastic surgery industry.

Mark Mofid has personally developed safer methods for performing surgeries on his patients as well as creating his very own quality implants. Much of the bad air surrounding plastic surgery comes from the use of outdated methods and generic implants that do agree with the body. Mark regularly advocates for the safest methods and standards not only at his own practice but to other surgeons around the country.

One of the biggest reasons Mark Mofid developed his own implant for surgeries is because better quality materials will work better with the body and retain better rather than the body rejecting it and needing reconstructive surgery. One of the reasons bad procedures were prevalent in the past was because doctors were not using safe methods for their procedures which led to complications in the future. Mark Mofid personally abides by the safest methods every time and he even refuses to do odd surgeries. This is not because he can’t do them, but because they are unnecessary and are more likely to lead to complications due to them being so unnatural for the body.

One of the biggest successes of Mark’s career has been his education, which gave him the skills and business foundation that he needed to improve the industry to the level that he has today. Mark Mofid studied at Harvard University as well as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Currently, Mark Mofid operates all over California, mainly out of his own practice performing plastic surgery, but he does staff surgeon work at hospitals around the state as well. This has let him improve his techniques and build a trustworthy reputation over the years.