Academy of Art University vs The Competition

Schools, colleges and university are very competitive in nature just like any other sector of business. In a sense, everyone has a knack for wanting to be the best, but a lot of hard work, perseverance and dedication is needed to obtain greatness in most cases. The Academy of Art University fits the bill perfectly as it personifies this notion brilliantly. One of the best ways that this school shows its stuff is by participating in the prestigious New York Fashion Week. This annual-spectacle is one of the most fascinating events in history and the Academy of Art University has been participating since 2005.

Each clothing line will get up to 15 minutes of showcase time. Deadlines must be met and painstaking labor is all part of the game. This academy has launched the careers for many of its students and this year was no different. With industry-insiders and famous celebrities in the crowd, the Academy of Art University put on a thrilling show with its fashion lines. These fashion lines just so happened to cover menswear and womenswear. Among the two lines, there was one solid collaboration. It doesn’t get much better than this. The next generation of creativity is being inspired by todays students and professionals. Silhouettes, craftsmanship techniques and a plethora of ideas come crashing together for the public’s enjoyment.

This academy is located on prime real estate in the heart of San Francisco. It’s like being in an oasis that’s actually inside of a concrete jungle. Since 1929, this school has produced a number of talented individuals. As of today, there are new MA and MFA programs on-deck. Some of the past alumni have been nominated in Oscar-related films and that speaks volumes. Other nominated films include The Jungle Book, Hacksaw Ridge and Doctor Strange.

Susan McGalla Journey to Success

Susan McGalla is a successful woman who works hard and accomplished many things as an entrepreneur. She studied at Mount Union College whereby she attained a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. Furthermore she is the part of the board of member at Mount Union College. she also serves as the executive professional in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and she was previously the president of America Eagle Outfitters Inc. another company which she worked for is Wet Seal Inc as the CEO of the company. Now she is one of the board members of HF Inc whereby they provide brilliant real estate services. Besides that she is a director at Allegheny as well as an associate at the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute.


Susan McGalla made a huge achievement between the year 1986 to 1994 whereby she managed the marketing sector at Joseph Horne Organization, then later on she joined America Eagle Outfitters due to her impressive record of work. She also managed to secure various management roles in the company such as she was in control of buying women’s wears for the divisional stock. She ensured that the American Eagle Outfitters develop fast hence he was promoted to be the president and also the chief marketing officer of the company. The most break through that she made at the company is the introduction of the 77kids brands and sanctuary whereby the company improved and provide more services.


Susan McGalla’s left American Eagle Outfitters Inc because she wanted to persuade to be a private advisor for commercial investment and trade companies. As the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers she ensures that the organization provides better services, she also introduces new creativity and strategies into the company. She also helps people through charity and she as well she is a participant of council at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute