The Successful Career of Anil Chaturvedi—the Renowned Seasoned Banker

Anil Chaturvedi began his career in 1971 when he went for his undergraduate program in Meerut University. He later graduated with second class upper honors in Economics. Anil later joined the University of Delhi in 1973 where he did his master’s degree in Economics. The experience he obtained opened the door to opportunities for him in the corporate world. Anil Chaturvedi worked for several banking institutions where he focused on the finance department.


Professional experience


Anil Chaturvedi worked as the branch manager of Indian State Bank. His greatest input cannot be measured as he made the bank experience tremendous growth during his tenure. He has also worked at the ANZ Grindlays Bank, which is based in New York. Currently, Anil is working in the private banking sector of Switzerland, and the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank. He continued to associate himself with the bank until he went to Merril Lynch where he worked for 17 years. Anil’s primary goal in life now is to utilize the knowledge and experience he has in the right way to steer growth in the banking sector.


Association with AECAL


Recently, Anil Chaturvedi pursed a new venture at the Asian E-commerce Alliance where he is one of the panelists. The organization helps Asian companies to get the capital and support they need to operate efficiently. Anil Chaturvedi acts as the linkage between Indian companies and the West. He is currently adopting efficient and unique marketing strategies to ensure that Switzerland’s banking sector advances. Besides, Anil offers professional financial advice, which is reliable bearing in mind that he has been in the industry for several years.

Journey Of Greg Aziz To The Top

Ontario Canada is the home for both Gregory James Aziz, who was born in 1949, with National Steel Car, being founded in 1912 as Imperial Steel Car. While the globally recognized businessman earned his Economics degree, the company went through highs and lows. Now operating as National Steel Car, the company underwent many stages, changing hands a couple of times.


Flawed systems had sent the one-time giant on knees, a policy focused on low-cost production had led clients to take legal action against the company, and regulator fines were also burdening the company’s finances. After spending sixteen years in his father’s food distribution company Affiliated Foods, Greg Aziz moved to New York where he got into investment banking. Here he expanded his portfolio along with his clients’ before taking over National Steel Car in 1994. See This Page for related information.


This move surprised both family and friends who were skeptical of the viability of the acquisition. The company was running in losses, and its previous owner had all but given up on it. Gregory J. Aziz invested heavily in the company and started up capital projects; these increased the production capacity from a lowly 3,500 railcars annually to a massive 12,500 units.


Instead of concentrating on low-cost products, Greg Aziz shifted the focus to engineering. Here innovative and cost-effective ways were developing to produce some of the safest railcars in the globe. In his mission to turn the declining fortunes of the company, the company hired additional 2,000 workers to service the production line. From a dying company, National Steel Car has risen to be the largest supplier of rolling stock to not only Canada, but it also has a vast market in the US.


Recently the company got an order of 350 log cars from CN Rail, this not only means a return of the trust of clients, but it also means benefits for the local community as the order is expected to translate into 250 new jobs for the locals. There is also a possibility that the company will get another order for more than 100 tones load cars from CN Rail. This is due to the growth of wood and forest products in North America.


As the company ushers in a new era, the efforts of Gregory James Aziz in its rise cannot be refuted. With the understanding that helped him turn Affiliate Foods into an international organization, he has taken National Steel Car from the pages of obscurity to the highs of a global leader.



The Success of Gregory Aziz

The greatest lesson that you ever have to learn as an investor is that sometimes your dreams will take time and it’s your responsibility to protect them. Your goals and ambitions are worth the patience. The National Steel Car CEO and owner, Gregory J Aziz illustrate this better. He followed through his dreams despite it taking long. At the long run, he is living his dream, and it’s equally fulfilling.


The National Steel Car CEO began his career by attending the University of Western Ontario. He graduated with a degree in Economics. After school, he joined his family business which specializes in the sale of wholesale foods. Greg Aziz worked in the company, for more than a decade. His business skills were polished because in the years he was managing the business, it expanded its market to global levels.


With the business going so well, James Aziz would have decided to stay in business. However, he had in mind that he had his personal goals to pursue. He wanted to own the National Steel Car; then owned by Dofasco. He had big dreams for the company. In response to this, Greg Aziz moved to New York in the 1980s in search of the banking opportunities. This was in preparation for his purchase of the National Steel Car.


In 1994, Gregory Aziz finally achieved half his mission. He managed to buy the company from Dofasco. The company was not in a good position at the time of the purchase. However, Greg Aziz has spent a lifetime waiting for this day, and he couldn’t give up on his dream, just when he was getting started.


He organized his employees and encouraged team building sessions. The company could not be successful without cooperation. They had to be ready to work together, to see the company achieved its goals. He also worked in maximizing the profits of the company by minimizing the cost. He had the experience of running an empire from his previous job and having majored with economics in the University; he had the required skills to save a business.


The strategies of Greg worked because, in 1999, the output of the company doubled. The present employees could not handle the workload, and he, therefore, doubled the number of employees. The National Steel Car has gone through a lot of changes in the past years to fit the customer needs. Gregory Aziz promises to continue improving the products and services of the National Steel Car.   Refer to This Article for more information.

Ryan Seacrest Bio Recap

On December 31, 2004, Ryan Seacrest took over as host of  Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and became the permanent host and executive producer. Who is Ryan Seacrest? Ryan Seacrest had a strong resume that cited his many television and radio hosting jobs, making him the perfect choice to succeed Dick Clark. Clark had suffered from a stroke in 2003 and could not continue hosting New Year’s Rockin’ Eve that debuted in 1972.

During to the year, Seacrest has many projects to keep him busy. Ryan Seacrest hosts the number one radio show in Los Angeles. Seacrest is the host of  On the Air with Ryan Seacrest. In 2017, Seacrest began co-hosting  Live with Kelly and Ryan. The series began as Regis and Kathie Lee. Ironically, Regis Philbin filled in for Dick Clark as host of his new Year’s eve television show when Clark had his stroke.

According to Seacrest, he has been hosting and executive producing  E Live from the Red Carpet . Seacrest is the head of Ryan Seacrest Productions. Seacrest’s production company produces such shows that include, CMT’s  I Love Kelly Pickler,  Keeping up with the Kardashians, and others. Seacrest’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution  recently won an Emmy. This spring, Ryan Seacrest is the host of  American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest is involved with commercial products. Seacrest’s menswear line can be found at Macy’s. The creative and talented executive producer also has a skincare line that he helped develop with the assistance of Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist. Seacrest has a wonderful relationship with the CEOs of Coca-Cola and Ford. Ryan Seacrest is one of the trustees for the Los Angeles Conty Museum of Art. Finally, Seascrest has a position of honory chair for the Grammys.

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The Top Protein Manufacturing Company in the World – OSI Group

David McDonald works with the OSI Group LLC as the President and CEO of the company. Prior to this position, Mr. McDonald served in various capacities in the company growing in ranks to head the organization. He previously served as the project manager at the OSI Industries and holds the position as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. What’s more, Mr. McDonald also serves as one of the directors on the OSI Group besides being a director at the OSI International foods in Australia.

About the OSI Group

Over the years the OSI Group has grown to be a globally recognized food provider due to its excellent protein products that it distributes to its partners and customers. The company’s growth is in line with its vision where OSI aims to be the premier global food provider to the top branded international food companies. The company’s management is pegged on the different market managers who are accustomed to the different areas that the OSI Group has its presence. The managers at the given localities are, therefore, able to make decisions based on their customers and markets.

As an international food supplying company, OSI leads in the production of proteins such as sandwiches, sausage links, beef patties, and pizza among many others. The company has established over 50 plants where they conduct business in 17 countries. OSI Group which has its headquarters located in Aurora Illinois has one of its significant subsidiaries in China where they are the chief suppliers of the value-added protein food products to a majority of the biggest food brands globally. The respected brands include The Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Yum, Papa John’s among others. Again, apart from having its operations in China, one of the other notable expansion strategies that the company recently adopted was the acquisition of in the Baho Foods, a Dutch food manufacturer.

About David McDonald

David McDonald grew up in the Northeast Iowa where he received his education before enrolling at the Iowa State University where he studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. He again won an award due to his hard work at the university which was the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. David McDonald join the OSI Group where he has served for more than 30 years. He is also a philanthropic individual and is involved in scholarship funding at his institution at the Alpha Gamma Rho. Equally important, David McDonald is a family man and has a wife called Malinda and six children where they live at Warrenville, III.

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Adam Milstein on the Radical Left’s anti-Semitic Views

Adam Milstein was born and grew up in Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Force in 1971 and served during the Yom Kippur War. After his mandatory service in the army, Milstein earned his Bachelor’s of Science in business and economics degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. In 1974, Adam Milstein married his wife Gila Elgrably and in 1981 the Milstein’s along with their two children moved to the United States. After arriving in the United States, Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California and earned his Master of Business Administration degree. Since receiving his degree, Milstein has seen great success in the commercial real estate industry.

In addition to his work in real estate, Adam Milstein takes great pride in his philanthropic work. He is one of the co-founders of the Israeli-American Council; whose goal is to engage and unite the Israeli-American communities by strengthening and building them up. Milstein is a board member to a number of organizations, including StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, and American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Council. The Milstein’s also created the Milstein Foundation with the goal to, first, strengthen the State of Israel’s relationship with the United States and, second, to help the younger Jewish generations learn and appreciate their identity.

Among others, Adam Milstein writes for the Jewish News Syndicate. He recently wrote an article discussing an unspoken of alliance between radical Muslim’s and the radical left. Radical Muslim’s go against everything the radical left supposedly stands for; they stone women, execute people who are gay, and are staunchly against both minority and human rights.

Milstein further discusses how the radical left has a warped view of the world when the place all the blame, for the Middle Eastern problems, on the Jewish people. He believes this alliance, was fueled by Linda Sarsour when opening admired Sharia law, praised Saudi Arabia’s horrific and oppressive treatment of women, and opened one of her speeches thanking one of the co-conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Additionally, the alliance was seen at Tufts University when a group of students called Israel a “white supremacist” state and at a Chicago LGBT rally when three people were expelled for having the Star of David displayed on their pride flags. Milstein ends his article discussing how the rise of the anti-Semitic left threatens the future of the Jewish people around the world.

How Robert Deignan Has Contributed to the Digital Communication Services

There is a need to make good use of the consumer software applications today. However, many people aren’t aware of how they would go about it. In every aspect of life, it is good to know that digital services are taking charge of every sphere including in the business world. Advanced Tech Support (ATS) made an announcement that the industry is about to make a notable milestone. ATS is a call center that has been certified by AppEsteem Corporation. The main aim is to ensure the consumers are happy with the software applications they use. AppEsteem Corporation certifies all app-related services that were founded by the Microsoft cybersecurity veterans.

It is good to appreciate that ATS has been focal in providing technical support services to thousands and thousands of customers. ATS serves customers who use telephone services especially those in the remote places. Telephone services may be inefficient in remote areas unless you have some screen sharing technologies you can access. Robert Deignan says that their organization is highly focused on the consumer compliance, and he says this is the backbone or firm support of the firm. Robert is the Chief Executive Officer and also Co-founder of Inbound Call Experts, which is today known as ATS Digital Services. Robert says that the review process the firm had in January made them discover that the AppEsteem’s requirements had already been met.

From this point, Robert decided that the company had to get certified and have a committed team. He also affirmed that the firm resolved to send signals to the regulators, security companies, and software vendors. He says the company is committed to providing quality services to all its customers, and it ensures that the firm’s practices and operations are consumer-friendly. The requirements of the inbound call center are based on input from the consumer groups, call centers, software industry, security companies, law enforcement, and government regulators. According to Robert, these requirements are meant to build a software downloading industry that is healthy and more sustainable. ATS was founded in 2011 and its main offices are located in Boca Raton, Florida. Robert graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership in 1992 from Purdue University.

Outstanding David McDonald

We are remembered for the good or bad deeds we did while alive. David McDonald is determined to leaving a proper legacy of his life by his good deeds and focused life. David grew up from a very humble family on the farms of Iowa. His parents could not offer a stable financial support, but they never despaired on their son, but rather they always encouraged him to do better always.

David McDonald was able to join Iowa State University to pursue a bachelor`s degree in animal science. After school, he joined Chicago-based OSI industries. He enjoys his work in OSI group and would rather see the group prosper than seeking greener pastures. Good works are rewarded accordingly; David has exhausted several leadership ranks in OSI as a result of his hard work. He is currently the chief operations officer and the president. He won several awards inclusive of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI group is the leading supplier of value added proteins such as beef patties, pizza, sausage links, and sandwiches. The efforts of McDonald have diversified the company to many countries worldwide. The company has also launched a mega processing plant in Henan province. He has launched other many projects such as feed mill, frozen food processing which have continued projecting more profits for the company.

The company has acquired Baho Food which according to David is a great move for the company. The Baho Food investment compliments the OSI`s already existing products. Consequently increasing their demand which in turn grows the ability of the group to keep up with global trends.
David McDonald says that the group has a great vision and a mission for growth.The goal of the company is to be the premier global food provider. David is a courageous man who takes challenges as opportunities. He encourages people to be creative and patient when building businesses. He says that it is good to include the employees in decision making. Resistance to change can be dangerous, David McDonald agrees with the notion and notes that creating unique solutions will do a company good.

David McDonald Info:

Paul Mampilly Still Working Hard For What He Wants.

Paul Mampilly has followed the same routine of getting up between five and six in the morning and looking at the news for the investment markets for nearly fifteen years. He begins by looking for news about the companies he specifically tracks and focuses on the stocks that part of the tree trading services he has with Banyan Hill Publishing including True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. Mampilly uses a portfolio tracker to keep an eye on stocks he watches through the day for price changes.

Mampilly’s career began in 1991 as Bankers Trust’s assistant portfolio manager. He then went onto manage accounts worth multimillion dollar accounts for ING and Deutsche Bank. Mampilly was recruited to manage Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund in 2006 and increased the assets of the company to twenty-five billion dollars. During the financial crisis of 2009 and 2009 Paul Mampilly managed to turn a fifty million dollar investment into an eighty-eight million dollar investment in one year.

Paul Mampilly got tired of making money for the richest portion of the population and left Wall Street to spend time with his family. He still invests and has changed his focus to those who do not have millions at their disposal.

Paul Mampilly’s Startup

Mampilly felt that Wall Street was only helping a small portion of the population and there were numerous people who need assistance when it comes to investing. He ended up in the business of publishing newsletters and began using his skills to inform average people about the world of investments. Profits Unlimited allows him to see the initial idea come to live with every article he writes.

Paul Mampilly believes his productivity is from following the same daily routine. He believes that the habit of tracking his stocks constantly keeps him as up to date as possible to make it easier to identify patterns in the movement of the prices.  To see more, visit here.

What Paul Mampilly Learned From His Worse Jobs

When Mampilly first arrived in the United States he worked at a New Jersey gas station pumping gas during the winter. While attending SUNY Albany he was a cafeteria worker. He worked mornings so he was up by five am, his job was to put trays in the dishwasher. Each job was brutal for him but he learned that you did what you had to in order to end up where you want to be, and he learned how valuable hard work is.

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Paul Mampilly on Governments Cracking Down on Cryptocurrencies.

The inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, said he came up with the idea because the financial crisis of 2008 made him want to invent an alternative to government money. The idea is strange to most people. They aren’t used to thinking of money as something separate from an issuing government. But when gold and silver were considered money, people often exchanged gold and silver coins based simply on the weight of the precious metal in the coin, not on whose king had a picture on the coin. But because physical currency is now mostly paper, it is not intrinsically valuable. It’s used as a medium of exchange because the government says everybody must accept it as money. It’s valuable by government fiat, so it’s often called fiat money. It’s not backed up by anything except the power of the government.

Of course, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not backed up by anything intrinsically valuable either, except the demand for them. In a recent blog post, Wall Street insider Paul Mampilly looks at how governments are cracking down on or manage cryptocurrencies even though Nakamoto’s original intention was to invent a form of currency that would exist outside the power of governments to control it.

Paul Mampilly compares cryptocurrencies to online gambling. Paul Mampilly lost money years ago because he invested in companies that allowed Americans to gamble over the Internet even though it was illegal. The servers of these companies were based in countries that did not make the gambling illegal. Eventually, the United States government struck back at this threat to their law against online gambling. It added rules to the SAFE Port Act governing transportation. It became illegal for American banks and credit card companies to process payments for Internet casinos. Residents of the United States could no longer send funds to these sites or receive back their winnings. By wiping out the cash flow, the government squeezed these stocks so they’ve never recovered. To see more,visit here.

Paul Mampilly believes the government is beginning to do the same thing to cryptocurrencies, only it’s not just the United States. Every government in the world feels threatened by people using an independent form of currency. India is stopping cash from going to people who hold cryptocurrencies. China has banned domestic coin sites from operating, and recently made it illegal to for the Chinese to have accounts in foreign coin accounts. They’re also phasing out Bitcoin mining operations.

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