3 Beloved Characters in Anime


The world of Anime has brought us stories that have lifted our hearts, and ones that have crushed them. There’s certain characters that touches us on a deeper level. Some of those people are the strong characters that have shown the best attributes. Here’s a list of some of the best characters that no one can forget. They are unique, strong, and some of the best fictional characters ever created as this yuri anime list shows.


Mikasa Ackerman: This amazing woman is from the show Attack on Titan. She displays courage, bravery, talent and great character. After all she’s been through, she came out on top when she joined the Scouts. She is a strong, brilliant character that many love.  Plus Attack on Titan is definitely one of the best horror anime around.


Motoko Kusang: This anime robot cyborg is from the great show called Ghost in the Shell, which was also responsible for two different series and movies. Motoko is physically strong, she has an incredible intellect, and she’s an excellent hacker. She is a stoic, emotional, strong woman. She fights for the citizen she protects, even though she has an artificial body. It would be hard not to adore this woman for her courage.


Edward Elric: This ambitious character was in Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and the several Anime movies that followed. He was young boy, with skills beyond his years. While being the first youngest State Alchemists, he displayed incredible talent and knowledge of alchemy. He showed endless love for his brother Al, his childhood sweetheart Winry, and friends he met along the way.


All three of characters showcase what it’s like to be a genuine, true human being. They make you question what it really takes to be human. Endless teachings and love is shown from these characters. It’s easy to see why they’re so loved and well known.