Giving Back to Society – Goettl Air Conditioning Company making a Difference

Goettl is an air conditioning company on a mission to demonstrate the value of nurturing good ties with the community. It has a presence in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, and it aims to help improve the lives of needy people in these cities.

Goettl demonstrated its dedication towards social responsibility over the holiday season by providing much needed heating for a Las Vegas family. Abana Stephenson and her two teenage daughters had been living without a heating and air conditioning system before then, and the toilet was largely out of order. In fact, the problems were so persistent that the teenage girls were used to the situation.

After hearing about the family’s needy situation, Goettl’s manager Michael Gamst took action by installing as modern and energy-efficient HVAC system as well as a functioning toilet. The company also ensured that the system will be affordable for the family; in fact, the new energy-efficient system will reduce the family’s recent electricity bill of $600 to about $300. The company also presented the family with tons of gifts in partnership with Tripple5teens, a non-profit organization that endeavors to help teenagers.

The company has also been giving back to the environment by using energy-efficient products and technologies. This not only helps reduce the wastage or resources and production of pollutants but also saves the company’s customers a lot of money in energy bills.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl has been operational for almost 100 years now as it was founded back in 1926 by the Goettl brothers. It grew gradually and once had over 100 patents to its name. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the Arizona air conditioning industry, and it is fast expanding its presence in Las Vegas. It prides itself as an enduring family company with a soft spot for society.