Cassio Audi: From a Musician to an Entrepreneur

Latin American music was heavily influenced by the pop music of the United States and Europe. They have been creating their music following patterns and styles that originated from the pop culture of the United States and Europe. Cassio Audi is one of the most iconic Latin American musician who rose to fame during the 1980s. He came from Brazil, and his career rose after he became a drummer for Viper, a well-known band. He is one of the most prominent members of the band, and fame followed him wherever he goes. As a child, Cassio Audi’s parents knew that he would become a great musician one day, as he already excelled in playing the drums. He joined local competitions when he was younger, especially in schools, and his big break came in 1980. He auditioned to become the group’s drummer, and he was selected at a very young age because of his talent. The band members never hesitated to choose him even if he was only a teenager because for them, what matters most is his talent. He earned the group’s respect, and he started performing with the band during their recording. He would also come to their gigs and tours, and people started noticing him as he performed. He wrote a song for Viper, and the band became more popular. Cassio Audi’s fanbase in Brazil, and in some Latin American countries, became stronger. He has a unique drumming style that managed to get the attention of Brazilian metal fans, and Cassio Audi became a legend.

Cassio Audi would have to leave the group later on in 1989, after being with them for almost a decade. He left a legacy with Viper, with Soldiers of Sunrise being their most famous album to date. Cassio Audi is presently working with the financial industry, and he is happy with his new career.