Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offers New Treatment Platform to Patients

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has announced a collaboration with NantHealth and Allscripts to integrate clinical support in cancer treatment. The medical platform with give doctors the best choices for treatment to bring to patients, with the aid of a decision support system and evidence of treatment effectiveness. This program uses the input of hundreds of doctors that are actively working to treat cancer in patients and looks at all types of cancer data- from care to results to treatment performance.

Most importantly, this new platform ensures that no option available to a patient is left out of the decision making process. Up to date data, new treatments, and clinical methods are all gathered and presented to doctors in the moment. This method will free up time that doctors desperately need to treat patients, and reduce the number of overlooked options that are out there.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a system of hospitals in the United States that focuses on treating all aspects of illness faced by cancer patients. By treating the whole mind and body of the patient, oncologists believe that cancer patients have the best chance for survival and healing. The single health center rapidly grew from a single center to an entire network, across the country, established within hospitals where patients could receive access to all types of treatments and services.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is best known for providing access to all types of treatment, treatment that many oncologists will not consider or cannot offer. Conventional, as well as experimental treatments are all used in order to provide the best options for each patient according to their specific needs.