Giving Back to Society – Goettl Air Conditioning Company making a Difference

Goettl is an air conditioning company on a mission to demonstrate the value of nurturing good ties with the community. It has a presence in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, and it aims to help improve the lives of needy people in these cities.

Goettl demonstrated its dedication towards social responsibility over the holiday season by providing much needed heating for a Las Vegas family. Abana Stephenson and her two teenage daughters had been living without a heating and air conditioning system before then, and the toilet was largely out of order. In fact, the problems were so persistent that the teenage girls were used to the situation.

After hearing about the family’s needy situation, Goettl’s manager Michael Gamst took action by installing as modern and energy-efficient HVAC system as well as a functioning toilet. The company also ensured that the system will be affordable for the family; in fact, the new energy-efficient system will reduce the family’s recent electricity bill of $600 to about $300. The company also presented the family with tons of gifts in partnership with Tripple5teens, a non-profit organization that endeavors to help teenagers.

The company has also been giving back to the environment by using energy-efficient products and technologies. This not only helps reduce the wastage or resources and production of pollutants but also saves the company’s customers a lot of money in energy bills.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl has been operational for almost 100 years now as it was founded back in 1926 by the Goettl brothers. It grew gradually and once had over 100 patents to its name. Today, the company is one of the leaders in the Arizona air conditioning industry, and it is fast expanding its presence in Las Vegas. It prides itself as an enduring family company with a soft spot for society.

Adam Milstein, Leading Figure In Jewish Business Community Speaks To Ideamensch

Adam Milstein is a respected businessman and philanthropist who is working to educate the Jewish American community in Jewish heritage and cultural traditions including learning Hebrew. He’s most known for his work at Hager Pacific Properties, the company he cofounded with David Hager and currently serves as a Managing Partner. Hager Pacific Properties owns many luxury commercial and residential properties in California, Texas and Illinois that they sell and lease out to investors. He’s spoken at many pro-Israel forums and conferences and has made the Jerusalem Post’s 2016 list of Top 50 Most Influential Jews.


Ideamensch decided to interview Adam Milstein to find out what drove him to success and what advice he could offer aspiring entrepreneurs entering his field. Milstein believes one of the first steps to success is being willing to do the work yourself, something he was willing to do to get into real estate brokering. He felt that none of the current jobs available while at grad school matched his skills and experiences, so he and David Hager decided to start their own company and soon began attracting investors to it. He also says you shouldn’t get hung up on just sticking to goals because that can limit you. His recommendation for reading is Dana Perino’s book And The Good News Is ….


Adam Milstein was born in Israel to two Jewish parents who had immigrated there from Latin America in 1948 when the modern nation had just become established. He served in the Israeli military in 1973 fighting in Ariel Sharon’s unit in the Yom Kippur War. After returning from the war he helped his father in the building framing business and also married Gila Elgrably, a girl he had met while in the military. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology several years later and then completed his MBA at USC. He and Gila founded the Milstein Foundation along with Sifriyat Pijama B’America in 2000, and he also became Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He also serves at AIPAC, Hillel International, Birthright Isarel, StandWithUs, and many other organizations.




Senior Notes Increased up to Hundred-and-Fifty Million Dollars

NexBank Capital Incorporation is a financial services company based in Dallas. It recently announced that private placement of its senior notes is successfully completed. The firm reopened the initial offering and then raised eighty million dollars more that brought the issuance to one-hundred-and-fifty million dollars. The interest of notes for five years is more than five percent, and then it will be based on the floating rate. Kroll Bond Rating Agency has assigned the BBB rating of investment grade. NexBank plans to use it for general corporate measures and repay selected indebtedness. The private offering of the notes was placed by Sandler O’Neill & Partners, L.P.

Chief Executive Officer and President of NexBank Capital Incorporation John Hold said that investors are showing confidence in NexBank and the proof is the oversubscribed placement. Additional funds have allowed the firm to fortify its balance sheet, and it will allow the firm to increase earnings and grow further. NexBank’s stability, selective approach, and financial strength has a good track record. The Kroll Bond Rating Agency validated the NexBank’s financial performance and credit quality by providing BBB rating.

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of NexBank Capital Incorporation Matt Siekielski said that it is another accomplishment of the firm which is attracting capital from a wide range of institutional investors. During the last twelve months, the firm has raised debt and equity of more than two-hundred million dollars. The funds will help in the organic growth of core businesses and provide capital in the future.

The services of NexBank can be divided into mainly three categories: commercial banking, mortgage banking, and institutional services. The commercial banking includes commercial lending, commercial real estate lending, financial institutions, credit services, agency services, and treasury management. Mortgage banking includes warehouse lending, wholesale & correspondent lending, and becoming a client. Institutional services include financial institutions, treasury management, investment banking, real estate advisory, and public funds.

NexBank’s seasoned professionals are devoted to providing clients with the guidance required during the entire funding process. The firm partners with investors, owners, and real estate developers throughout all stages of the real estate project.

Jeffry Schneider, an Expert in Finance and the Pioneer of Ascendant Capital, LLC

Ascendant Capital, LLC is a renowned private investment and advisory services provider firm based in Colorado. The company was established in 2011 by Jeffry Schneider with the aim of providing innovative solutions and prospects to its clients. The company began with only two employees, but under the management of powerful leaders like Jeffry Schneider, it has grown into one of the most respected private investment firms in the greater Texas region. The company currently employs more than 30 employees who facilitate in the execution of its services to their large number of clients. Ascendant provides its services through the partnership program with private banks, brokers, family offices and registered investment advisors.


Ascendant Capital has diversified its operations into three distinct business sections; loan sale and advisory business division through Ascendant Capital, LLC, mortgage lending through Ascendant Mortgage Corporation, and investing section through Ascendant Capital. All these business units are led by a team of highly experienced professional. These professionals comprise of experts with profound knowledge of mortgage banking, capital markets, secondary marketing, fixed income sales and investment management backgrounds.


About Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider was born in Manhattan in 1959.He studied at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst where he graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Science, Finance. After finishing his university education, Jeffry began working with financial institutions where he gained exposure to the financial markets. After several years of experience, Schneider served in various top positions in prominent financial institutions such as Alex Brown, Merrill Lynch, Axiom Capital Management team and Paradigm Global Advisors.


After serving in private institutions for more than 20 years and gaining adequate managerial skills, Jaffrey decided to start his own private company, Ascendant Capital, LLC. Currently, Schneider serves as the principal executive, and he is responsible for a professional team whose work is to seek new investment opportunities and increase the company’s portfolio.


Besides his professional life, Jaffrey is actively involved in philanthropic activities. He shares his wealth with organizations that seek to improve the lives of the needy people in the society such as Galelle Foundation, Cherokee Home for Children and God Love We Deliver among many others. Also, Jaffrey likes living a healthy life and therefore participates in athletics activities such as marathons to keep physically fit.


A Long-Term Solution for Williamson County Traffic Issue

Austin is a large city of American state Texas. The city has many opportunities, but there are a few problems too. The biggest issue of the city’s Williamson County is ever increasing traffic. A summit was held on December 2016 at Sheraton Georgetown Hotel in the city where this issue was also discussed.

The agenda of the summit was to address the transportation problem using technology around the world and specifically in Austin. The participating experts recommended a solution which is long-term and very effective.

The speakers included transit experts like Mike Heiligenstein, Jared Ficklin, Leandre Johns, and Joseph Kopser. Mike Heiligenstein is the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s Executive Director. Ficklin, a transportation designer, said that for a location like Central Texas, Aerial Gondola system is very effective.

According to Forbes, Mike Heiligestein said that the entire transportation infrastructure could be changed because of new things like driverless cars and ridesharing apps. The Austin city needs lots of attention for managing the problem like ever growing traffic and issues related to it. Smart roads are necessary for the increase in transportation capacity.

The reason for this change is the continuously growing population of the city. Unless smarter roads are constructed, this problem cannot be solved. As compared to other suburbs, Williamson County is growing rapidly. It means the population of Williamson County will further grow and all the measures taken by the government are not enough.

During last two decades, more roads were constructed, and the capacity of old roads was increased. Now the only way to move forward is to use advanced technology. At this point, Ficklin suggested that old building codes and flexible land use must stay. Learn more about more Mike Heiligenstein:

In 2002, the Government of Texas founded the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. It was given the charter to design a regional transportation network on the modern basis with the main focus on Central Texas. Mike Heiligenstein is the Executive Directory of this institution since it was founded. He is credited with planning and initiating numerous projects for addressing the transportation issue of Central Texas.

An electronic cashless toll collection system named “183A” was his first project. “Manor Expressway,” that started operating was his second project. After some time, a project named “MoPac Express Lanes” is expected to open soon.

Mike Heiligenstein is associated with several institutions. He is the President of International Association for Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike. Texas-based A&M Transportation Institute very often seeks advice from Heiligenstein.

Jeffry Schneider; An Expert In Alternative Investment

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and the current CEO of Ascendant Capital LLC, a boutique based in Austin. The firm works with a network of investment advisors, family offices and private banks to raise funds for emerging and existing sponsors in alternative asset funding. Ascendant Capital employs an innovative approach focusing on sales, marketing, education and financial restructuring. The company offers its services to public and private clients across the world.


Given the current market trends, Jeffry Schneider views alternative investment as a smart way of minimizing volatility and diversifying investment. His vast expertise in the alternative capital market has led to Ascendant Capital being the leading alternative investment boutique firm in Texas. Schneider’s strong interpersonal skill of developing and maintaining strong ties with his clients has also propelled the growth of his venture.


Jeffry Schneider has been pivotal to the growth and expansion of Ascendant Capital; under his leadership, the firm has expanded its employees’ base from just two to over thirty employees. In the last five years, Schneider and his team have raised over a billion dollars on behalf of several managers using this capital to purchase real estate, tech companies, auto dealerships and much more. Even with such an impressive track record, Schneider and his team aren’t planning on ceasing but are focused on the future. The company is aiming to attain a goal of raising $50 million on a monthly basis this year.


Jeffry attributes Ascendant Capital’s growth to the company’s culture. The firm has a supportive environment which is brought about by open dialogue and a sense of trust among its team members. The company’s idea of transparency which is championed by its founder Jeffry Schneider is extended to all its stakeholders. Ascendant Capital understands its responsibilities to its investors and has made their interests its top priority.


Before joining Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider served in senior management positions for both Axiom Capital Management and Paradigm Global Advisors. He has also worked in renown financial firms like Alex Brown, Smith Barney, and Merrill Lynch. In his time at these companies, Schneider mastered the art of investment and acquired an in-depth knowledge of the alternative market. Schneider holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.


Josh Verne And The Changing Landscape For Work

The world is changing. For one thing, there are different requirements for landing the job. Also, in this changing work landscape, more bosses are learning how to lead as opposed to dictate. Josh Verne knows that in order to be an effective business owner, one has to gain the respect of his employees. This is where a lot of people in higher positions tend to fall into traps. They wind up trying to demand respect from their employees in different ways. As a result, the employees actually lose respect for him and end up even wanting to walk away from him.


Employees have respect for people who practice what they preach. They look up to the ones that do as much showing as telling. They are also respectful to people that are taking the time to work with the employees. One of the worst things that a business owner or manager could do to a new employee is just tell him to figure it out as opposed to going through it with her. This is one of the lessons that Josh Verne has learned. Another aspect of leadership that employees respect is humility. If a person has enough humility to address the other person as an equal, then he will manage to have a smoother work relationship with his employees.


Josh Verne is realizing what works in this changing landscape because he is aware that more people are looking for ways to gain income so that they don’t have to worry about losing their jobs. For one thing, it is very painful and scary to live in constant fear of losing a job. This is one of the reasons that people are more than ever looking for ways to support themselves outside of their normal jobs. Among these ways is becoming an entrepreneur. Josh Verne is someone who could advise people on what they can do so that they will make sure that they are successful in their pursuits. When it comes to running a business, it is important for everything to be thought about and figured out before getting started.

How White Shark Media Has Impacted Digital Marketing and Positioning

The online marketing Industry has changed over the years in numerous ways and with the introduction of companies that help businesses to position their brands, competition has further escalated. One of the companies that have earned a reputation working with small and upcoming businesses while offering digital marketing services is White Shark Media, which was launched in 2011. White Shark Media has retained a top position as a leading digital marketing agency and its strategies have been supporting businesses by delivering online marketing solutions that are tailored for struggling businesses as well as established companies looking to expand their market reach.


The company has been listed among fastest growing digital marketing agencies within North America and the growth it enjoys came from the reputation it has earned and engineering cost-effective marketing campaigns while offering world-class customer service.


AdWords performance tracking

Many businesses that rely on digital marketing lack vital information that can help them in the decision making process and this is one of the things White Shark Media has been offering. The company offers a live evaluation through a digital media advisor, who points out the performance of the marketing campaign as well as the things the company needs to change to claim a better position in the market. With this service, businesses are able to identify things they should do differently and can pick strategies that match their goals.


Ecommerce AdWords management

Managing AdWords effectively is another role many businesses are not quite versed with. It sometimes takes the effort of experts to seamlessly manage AdWords campaigns and to choose the right approach for ROI management. White Shark Media offers a better way to manage AdWords for eCommerce businesses and they offer a same-day response through phone and email. With a team of experts in the waiting, White Shark Media diligently serves its clients and ensures they are provided with the tools they need to push their businesses to the next level.


Increase SEM performance

Another way White Shark Media has been impacting digital marketing is helping businesses to increase their SEM performance. This is made possible through a live evaluation with the help of a digital advisor and the ideas shared are tailored to serve the marketing and development needs of the business. All these services are handled by professionals who have been in the digital marketing industry for many years and there is assurance about the performance the business is likely to record through White Shark Media.

Does Comparative Law Serve The Demands Of Modern Constitutional Development Processes?


Law and governance are two things that cannot be separated. It is through law that a government can exercise its mandates effectively to serve the electorate. Communities that choose to live without laws are prone to conflicts and in the event of problems they always find it difficult to reach an agreement that can bring about lasting peace. Therefore, drafting laws for a government is something that cannot be overlooked when planning on how to have a functional system that is aligned towards growth and development.


Many experts confirm that coming up with laws is a complex process that calls for the input of professionals from various specialties. In recent years, governments from across the world turned to the use of comparative law for constitutional development, which has proved to be a perfect and far more reliable method of bringing solutions to the many problems that have been dragging progress among communities. What comparative law does is it allows experts of law to compare and learn about the laws that are used in other communities, which enjoy prosperity and stability. While going about this process, they are able to pick useful information that allows them to come up with better laws.


In the 18th century, scholars from Europe toured different regions and their objective was to learn about the systems of governance applied by various communities. While in this process, they also got ideas that allowed them to draft new laws for their places of origin and that is how comparative law started to develop. Today, it is used by many nations across the world and even the most successful economies like China invest a lot to the development of the specialty.  More on


About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry, having served as a law expert for over 20 years, has earned a reputation as a reliable researcher and professor of law whose influence in the world of law led to the development of unique and useful laws. He championed the development of systems of governance for several nations that were facing violent conflict and his research has led to the revelation of better and modern ways of dealing with the challenges governments encounter.

Take a look at his page

Most importantly, Sujit Choudhry has authored books and journals addressing the issues governments face and how communities can be made to live peacefully despite having differences. He also assists organizations like the United Nations in missions that are aimed at instilling peace among communities.

Read more info on




Dubai Billionaire Hussein Sajwani Ready to Do More Deals with Trumps

The celebrated Damac Properties developer in real estate was set up by Hussain Sajwani in 2002, following an open door after the Dubai government allowed nonnatives to have property in the emirate. Buying land in a then-undeveloped part of town, he planned on how to sell his underlying 38-story private building within less than six months before starting the development. Since then, Sajwani enabled the image of Dubai to shine while portraying it as a major business destination.

Damac organization has worked together with global extravagance brands that are Versace & Fendi for planning of apartments while Donald Trump built modern golf courses. Some of the marketing methods that Sajwani utilized include a free BMW or Lamborghini for clients who bought apartments. Hussain Sajwani started his business adventure in food industry, whereby he pulled in customers like the Construction Giant Bechtel & US Military and presently, he still operates the business firms dealing with food services.

During the New Year’s Eve bash in Florida, Donald Trump addressed the guests in support and got out his sidekick and business associate Hussain Sajwani. As indicated by CNN, Trump termed Sajwani and his entire family as beautiful friends who attended the Dubai occasion to celebrate with Trump that evening. And more so, Trump noted that Hussain Sajwani and his colleagues enjoyed everything.

Obviously both Hussain Sajwani and Trump share affection for ostentatious real estates, while Sajwani utilizes his good marketing skills to sell his extravagance homes & flats. On the other hand, Bugatti-marked estates were getting ready to occupy 1,260 acres highlighting another Trump world green golf course. That is besides the space next to the glass-walled resting room where car owners can park and get a good view of the Bugatti sports car.

Sajwani similarly hit co-checking exchanges with Versace & Fendi among different properties that the Damac Company is currently establishing. Sajwani was back in the United States after the election was over where he met with Ivanka, and moving to Washington to be closer to the White House. Hussain Sajwani is the Executive Chairman & Chief Executive Officer at Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles. He is likewise the Co & Chairman at Al Jazeira Services Co & DAMAC Holding LLC.