Betsy DeVos is Elected Secretary for Education Following Her Experience

Behind the smile that has been empowering scholars in America is a hard working woman who embraced education reforms from the school visits she had. Betsy DeVos is prominent for her relentless efforts in championing modern education systems in America. Her journey began more than ten years ago. At a young age in Calvin College, she chaired many groups that were geared towards reforms. For over thirty years, Betsy led various campaign reforms, party organizations as well as political committees. She was also the chairperson of Michigan Republican Party. Betsy’s reforming character runs in her family. This is proven by her husband Dick DeVos who has also been a great supporter of her reforms.



In politics, Betsy DeVos settles for innovative solutions that aim at solving social issues. She currently serves as the head cheerleader of Windquest Group. This is a private company that operates on the basis of investing in technological companies, clean energy as well as manufacturing. Betsy established the firm with the help of Dick DeVos, her husband. Perhaps, the most important bit of her career is her interest in pursuing various projects in different foundations. As the chairperson of Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, she has established strong, useful networks for assisting needy students. Betsy has been the fulcrum of many organizations including Mars Hill Bible, a church group, Kids Hope USA, DeVos Arts and American Federation for Children. In an interview with philanthropy, Betsy talked about her work and career in education reforms. She cited her passion for developing modern learning platforms.


Asked for her opinion on education reforms and progress from fifty years ago, Betsy cited that she is optimistic. This is because currently, there are 250,000 students in public schools that are funded by the government. There are also 17 private programs in Columbia. According to these statistics, the education system is taking a positive turn. Towards this end, many programs have been generated to induce modern learning environments for scholars. These programs have grown to over 40,000 over the past years. In areas like Louisiana, Virginia and New Hampshire, the education reform programs have been helpful in promoting comfortable and healthy learning environments.


As a republican, Betsy DeVos is the chair of a pro-school-choice movement. She is committed to shining the light to different members of the movement. Betsy’s election as the education secretary is a reflection of her commitment to transforming the world through education. She has worked to create modern programs, platforms as well as networks with the aim of making the world a better place. Betsy is a firm believer as well as a powerful influence in education. Through her extensive experience, Betsy has established strong networks for a better world. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table

White Shark Media: A Digital Marketing Agency

White Shark Media provides online solutions for both small and the medium-sized establishments. The Company is one of the fastest growing companies in the North America.

White Shark Media was established on one idea; to provide clients with a world-class experience. They have achieved great success by designing cost-effective marketing programs. The Company is a Google AdWord Manager, and they have met the Google eligibility and requirements.

The Values

The Company’s core values have inspired and influenced their success. The company provides a service and not just SEM. The team also acts as stakeholders for their clients and companies. Innovation is also a part of the Company’s core value. They embrace and promote innovation of new technologies. The Company is accountable and reliable, and they have also embraced honesty, and they strive to tell their clients the truth about their services and do not give unrealistic expectations.


PPC Evaluation

The Company offers two different options for the PPC Performance. A client can choose a Free PPC performance and evaluation or the Specialized PPC Management Solutions. For the Free PPC package, the client receives a risk-management by a qualified team member. All the evaluations are done using the Software Bria. The software provides step by step instructions on what you can do.

White Shark Media evaluates the Google AdWords Campaign in six steps: Overall Campaign Performance, Keyword and Match Type selection, Ad Testing Strategy, Ad Extensions, Tracking efforts, and Optimization Techniques Utilized.

eCommerce Management

White Shark Media uses the Google Analytics Ecommerce Tracking. This helps them to evaluate the sale from each transaction that each eCommerce campaign. With the information, the team can evaluate and optimize their campaigns to achieve a higher Return on Investment.

Using the White Shark Media eCcommerce Management provides great benefits that include: Extensive keyword research focused on generating sales, a Hand-written Ad Copy, market research, strategic optimization, and monthly reports.

The Referral Rewards

White Shark Media offers a ‘refer your friend’ program. When you refer the company’s services to other people, you can receive $250 once the person uses the services.

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ClassDojo is a great tool for success



ClassDojo is a great tool that has come out to help streamline the communication between parents and the teacher about their student. It allows easy access by a simple click of the button for the teacher to share and update students progress with the parents. In turn, the parents have the same option to message or question the teacher as well.

The app is easily available online and can even be downloaded for any smartphone or tablet (Apple or Android). If you don’t have access to a smartphone it can be viewed on any browser with access to the internet as well.

The previous process normally left the communication process a little less readily available. It was more time consuming for the teacher to regularly update the progress for a student at their computer for each student on a regular basis using email and making the process far less frequent. This has lead the teacher to contact the parents or guardians far less frequently and often only when there were behavioral issues or during the normal parent/teacher conferences.

The advantage of this system is that it puts the parents and teachers in a quick direct contact. The teacher can easily, with the click of a button, update the parents on the student, snap a picture of the student(s) working on projects, advise of any good or bad behaviors, reminders and much more. This also allows the teacher to use the ClassDojo app to not only send pictures but also send a video of the students to share what the activities are for the day. This helps the parents feel more involved with the student when inquiring about their day.

The ClassDojo has revolutionized the communication process allowing the teacher to focus more on teaching and keep the parents up-to-date on the progress of their child. If you would like more information please check out the app online.

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Oncotarget Publishes Cancer-Fighting Studies

Oncotarget is a medical journal that publishes the latest and greatest in medical science. The journal was started and is edited by Mikhail Blagosklonny. The goal of the journal is to provide relevant studies about oncology, which has to do with treatment and prevention of cancer. Follow Oncotarget on Twitter.

Oncotarget aims to provide awareness of certain treatments that are emerging from the latest studies in oncology. The studies will detail responses of the patient and their cancer during certain stages of treatment. The cancer community can freely access the journal and potentially use the data for further research, awareness or as a basis for new medical trials.

Oncotarget is accepted by many large medical indexes as a reliable source for published journals. Index Medicus, PubMed, BIOSIS and Scopus all include references to studies published by them. International universities, like the University of Gothenburg, also use references from the journal.

Oncology is a competitive field of medicine tackling one of the most stubborn diseases known to man, cancer. The roots of this field of medicine have roots going all the way back to Ancient Greece. The name of this field of medicine was even derived from the Greek word that means tumor. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.

The first priority of any oncologist is to prevent risk factors associated with cancer. This means that patients should stop smoking, drinking, using drugs, or eating diets that are known to exaggerate the growth of cancer. There are different types of oncologists that come together to create cancer management plans. A radiation oncologist, pathologists, organ-specific experts and surgical oncologists are parts of a typical oncology team.

The Creativity And Planning Of The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall Make It An Amazing Experience

Roberto Santiago is an exceptional businessman in Brazil. He has a reputation as an entrepreneur who has thrived and succeeded in Brazil’s mall industry. Roberto Santiago is the owner of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. He was born in Brazil in July of 1958. He received his education at the Pio X-Marist College and eventually continued his studies at the University Canter of Joao Pessoa. This is where he earned his Business Administration degree. Read more articles on

Roberto Santiago considers the foundation of his career the cartonnage company he started. His Manaira shopping mall provides numerous services to Joao Pessoa’s citizens as well as attracting people from all over Brazil. The Manaira Shopping Mall has a well established reputation for providing outstanding services and products. Roberto Santiago originally began his career in a Café located in beautiful Santa Rosa. His career continued to grow when he launched a company with an involvement in the manufacturing of assorted decorative and utilitarian products. Roberto Santiago has maintained an extremely successful career in business ever since.

Roberto Santiago has been the recipient of numerous trophies in both motocross and kart championships. This is due to his love and passion for sports. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has been classified as the biggest mall anywhere in the locality. The mall has a commitment to strengthen and enhance its relationship with every customer who sets foot inside the mall. The main goal of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is to be able to provide customers and clients with a combination of comfort, fun and leisure.

The Manaira Shopping Mall includes a cinema with the best in modern technology and state of the art performance. The cinema was built with a stadium concept and includes 3D rooms designed to greatly enhance the experience of any thrill seeker. A gourmet space has been included for individuals looking for a few tranquil moments. The Manaira Shopping Mall additionally boasts one of the biggest Brazilian concert halls with the capacity to hold 10,000 individuals who are standing or 4,000 people who are seated. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

Roberto Santiago has become one the most highly successful entrepreneurs based in Brazil and has earned his reputation for excellent. He has made a commitment to make Brazil a better experience for shopping by making certain anything a customer could possibly want or desire is available at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. His success is a combination of a fierce passion, a lot of hard work and a never ending commitment. He shares his advice with new entrepreneurs all across the globe and tells them to go out into the world and begin by actualizing their business ideas. Roberto Santiago is an actual representation of a success story.

Amicus Therapeutics at the Forefront of Rare Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company that focuses on rare and orphan diseases. This is centered around disorders collectively called lysosomal storage disorders. They have concentrated on development of ERT’s (enzyme replacement therapies). The company does not manufacture on its own.

Amicus has a development for many treatments of human genetic diseases. They are based out of New Jersey. Their largest product is migalastat, which is for Fabry disease and only given to those who have been given a genetic diagnosis. They also have SD-101, this could potentially be the first-to-market therapy for Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare genetic connective tissue disorder.

Amicus is working on developing enzyme replacement therapy products for Fabry disease, Pompe disease, and other Lysosomal Storage Disorders. They were founded in 2002 with the hope that they could help those with rare and devastating diseases that had no hope. The needs of their patients are the center of their scientific research, commercial organization, and clinical programs. This is not only for their patients, but also for those caregivers who travel with the patients every step of the way.

They are a company that loves to help others in their offices and out. They also do plenty of volunteer work as well. They have worked with Habitat for Humanity to help develop affordable housing. These houses are created to help people to be able to afford a living and raise their families.

Amicus is at the forefront of all of those rare diseases and advocating for those lives who cannot advocate for themselves. They work hard so that the fight for life is continuous and there is hope for those who are fighting that fight. There is hope for those fighting the diseases and the hope comes from the company and is given to the patients and their caregivers alike.

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Desiree Perez Guides Roc Nation in Transitory Times

The Summer of Jay Z is upon us and that could spell big things for the hip hop mogul. Jay Z is hitting up on the tail end of his Live Nation 360 Deal that was signed for 10 years at $150 million in total. The contract put Live Nation and Jay Z in a position to satisfy a number of contractual demands, increasing the profits of both partners. Now a ‘buy-sell’ option has appeared and that means that Jay Z and Live Nation both have the opportunity to turn away from the deal or renegotiate a new one. The big question here? Will Jay Z come back to Live Nation?  Check this on

Jay Z and his business partner Desiree Perez seem to be already putting their feelers out on potential new deals. Hit on for an interesting article. Desiree Perez has worked with Jay Z for over twenty years and now it seems like they are moving in lockstep in order to pursue a potentially more lucrative deal. Perez and Jay Z were spotted out in Santa Monica, CA taking a sit down dinner with Sir Lucian Grainge. Grainge is the Chairman and CEO at Universal Music Group and this dinner takes on renewed importance thanks to the status of Jay Z’s contract. An insider at UMG immediately downplayed the meeting saying, “There has not been a discussion about the fact that Roc Nation’s deal with Live Nation is coming up.”  Check for a glimpse of the music streaming world.

Additional article to read here

Jay Z’s prior contract with Live Nation featured a deal that focused on Jay’s recorded music as well as his live performances. Sources close to Live Nation have shown that the company is not looking to get back into the studio recording business but that they would still be interested in Jay’s live work. Jay Z and Desiree Perez appear to have quite the large order to fill ahead and it remains to be seen who they’ll go with. More related news on

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End Citizens United has Started a Fire

The poor state of the union

Income inequality is at an all-time high in the United States, the most powerful and wealthiest country in human history. We have elderly citizens that are faced the choice of medication or nutrition due to price gouging run rampant by pharmaceutical companies; to add insult to injury the Trump Administration cut funding to the block grants that fund Meals On Wheels.We are the only modern nation that does not have a single-payer healthcare system. The average American citizen can work a full-time job and in many cases two jobs and still struggle to survive. How does that happen? Far too many of our politicians are owned by the corporations and far too many of us are separated by party lines and ideological beliefs. But we can unite under overlapping values. Our government should work for us and represent the will of the people.

The Fire Grows and Rises

In 2010 the supreme court betrayed the American people by siding with the fascistic corporations that rule our country via legal bribery. Thankfully the wisdom of the founding fathers of this country gave the people a big stick to fight back with…the constitutional amendment. An amendment to reverse the Supreme Court’s treason against the American people would represent victory. The political action committee End Citizens United has laid the kindling and has lit a bonfire on the shore of freedom. It is now our job to help feed this community fire until it can be seen from Capitol Hill and the Oval Office. Most of us have a growing disdain for the mainstream media. For USAToday and MSNBC to cover End Citizens United on their websites means the flames are rising.

What does the fire consist of?

  • Thousands of first-time donors contributing.
  • Over 325,000 people have signed the petition to pass legislature against super PAC’s.
  • Over $4 million raised in the first quarter of 2017, projected to make over $35 million ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.
  • Incumbent and incompetent politicians from both parties are being primaried all over the country.

What is the manifesto of End Citizens United?

  • Elect politicians that will represent the people.
  • Pass a constitutional amendment to reverse the Supreme Courts verdict of Citizens United versus FEC.
  • Bring back prosperity to all Americans, not just the one percent.

What can you do to help support End Citizens United?

  • Spread the word by any means necessary, via word of mouth or the power of the internet social media, email, blogging etc.
  • Donate whatever you can, it’s the average American versus the limitless funds of dark money.
  • Put your differences aside and be an American.

Renown Health Expands Into South Reno

This spring Renown Health opened a new family practice clinic in Reno’s Summit Mall.It’s Renown Health’s 12th primary care clinics in the Reno-Sparks, Fallon, Carson City and Fernley area and enables the company to offer healthcare services in South Reno. At the outset the clinic will feature a laboratory and primary care services. It may offer additional services in the future. The 10,000-square-foot facility is designed to be inviting and comfortable for patients of all ages. The clinic has a 11 person staff currently and may add another primary care physician and a nurse practitioner soon.

Reno based companies handled the entire project. MBA Architects + Interior Design’s Eric Fong handled the design and architecture of the clinic. The project’s general contractor was Carson City based Shaheen Beauchamp Builders LLC. The structural engineering was handled by Forbes Engineering. MSA Engineering Consultants did the plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineering. More than a dozen local contractors played a role in completing the facility. Steady population in South Reno brought about the need for the new clinic.Renown Health is Northern Nevada’s largest not-for-profit locally owned healthcare network. With over 6,500 employees, it is among the largest employers in the region.

Founded in the Washoe Valley when a smallpox outbreak hit the area in 1862, the company was called Washoe Health System until 2006 when it became Renown Health. Initially the facility was just a clinic, but when Nevada became a state in 1864 it became the state’s first hospital. In 1875, the facility bought 40 acres and expanded the hospital to include 40 beds.The Washoe Medical Center added a pediatrics unit in 1949, a heart care unit in 1963 and a cancer care center in the 1970s. The hospital performed the region’s first pacemaker implantation and in 1977 the region’s first open-heart surgery was performed there. Washoe Medical Center established a residency program with the University of Nevada School of Medicine that began in 1979.

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How White Shark Media Leverages on Customer Reviews to Grow

Businesses are increasingly using customer reviews to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses. White Shark Media is among firms that have successfully used this strategy to strengthen its weak points and fortify its strengths. Like any other firm, the online reputation management company has had to contend with both negative and positive reviews from its clients throughout its existence.

White Shark Media understands that for any online reputation management firm to realize its business objectives, client reviews ought to be analyzed regularly. This is because the reviews help employees to gauge customer satisfaction and general perception towards the firm. This is also one of the easiest ways of collecting feedback and acting on it accordingly.

Addressing Clients’ Complaints

To ensure that its clients are satisfied with the products and services that it provides, White Shark Media has established resilient structures for addressing any complaints that may be raised. By addressing these concerns, the firm has been able to achieve near-perfection besides streamlining its product and service line to meet the needs of specific groups of clients. Some of the concerns raised by clients include:

Losing Touch with Google AdWords Campaigns

This has been a common concern, more so among new clients. After scrutinizing its systems closely, White Shark Media realized that its initial reporting structures couldn’t conveniently allow clients to review their monthly reports. To correct this, the firm put in place programs to educate clients about the intricacies of their AdWords campaigns. With such knowledge, it is easier for a client to monitor how each keyword or ad is performing. This makes them feel part and parcel of their AdWord campaigns.

Communication Lapses

This is another major challenge that White Shark Media had to contend with for a while. Being a consultancy agency, there is need to ensure that seamless communication with its clients is upheld at all times. During its tentative stages, communication lapses were characterized by the failure by clients to get in touch with contact persons within the firm. To address this, White Shark Media started organizing monthly status calls that are conducted via the Go Meeting platform. These meetings enable the firm to pinpoint communication lapses besides reviewing clients’ monthly reports. Since this is an e-conferencing platform, significant time and money is saved.

A number of clients used to raise complaints pertaining to better performance of their old campaigns than the optimized ones. To stem this concern, the firm established an ambitious program that entails partnering each client with an experienced supervisor. The role of these supervisors is to regularly provide feedback to White Shark Media’s SEM strategists. This way, it is easier to monitor the rollout of all new campaigns. Close monitoring similarly helps the firm to track the performance of the new campaigns.