Write About the Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport (FGI) is located in the city of Apia, Samoa. The airport was formerly owned and managed by the Samoan government and Polynesian Airlines. A few years ago, the airport was closed due to noise and safety concerns but was re-opened in 2009. The resumed airport operation gained more criticism because of the previous issue on safety and environmental reasons. The airport terminal is exclusively situated in the island’s rainforest. The company added International flights to Pago Pago, American Samoa. Overall, the Island of Samoa is safe to all travelers.

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For an ultimate relaxing experience after a long flight, there are plenty of Bed and breakfast hotels that are less than two miles drive from Fagali’I Airport. Here’s a list from Expedia:

  • Insel Fehmarn Hotel
  • The Samoan Outrigger Hotel
  • Travellers Point Hotel
  • Lynn’s Getaway Accomodation
  • Taumeasina Island Resort

Before reaching the Fagali’I Airport, travelers can enjoy and play golf at Royal Samoa Golf course while waiting for their flight schedule. The airport is accessible to more tourist attractions too. Here are the following:

  • Vaiala beach
  • Palolo Deep Marine Reserve
  • The Robert Louis Stevenson Museum
  • 24-hour Maketi Fou market
  • Piula Cave Pool
  • Papase’ea Sliding Rocks

For a fast and easy access to your destination from the Fagali’I Airport, a hotel or resort shuttle can be arranged, a cab or a rental car is always available.

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Equities First Holdings news- Boosting productive business environment

Equities First Holdings is a credit services firm that was established 15 years ago in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is one of the organizations that have done a recommendable job in terms of delivering services to the people. Since the organization was started, it has had a huge impact on the financial industry. The founder of the firm, CEO Al Christy believes that the success of the firm comes from its ability to stick to simple matters that the majority of people love when it comes to financing needs. Everyone wants a productive business environment where they can work closely with a financial partner to boost the operations of the business. Equities First Holdings is offering shareholding loans which are easier to repay as compared to other loans. The success of this business model has been in its ability to attract the clients who have not been successful looking for financing from commercial banks. The regulations that guide shareholding loans offered by Equities First Holdings are not lenient and can work with almost every business.


Fortress Investment Group Co-Principal Peter Lionel Briger

Mr. Briger has accomplished many things in his career post to his graduation from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts. He went on and got a Master of Business Administration from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. In his career in finance and investments, Peter Briger was previously an accomplice at Goldman Sachs Group. His part at Goldman was managing activities in some business zones. He had responsibilities as a co-head of the firm’s Fixed Income Principal Investment Group and Whole Loan Sales and Trading Business. He also served on committees and management duties. Peter Briger serves on the board of Tipping Point, which is a non-profit organization that works with low-salary families in San Francisco. He is a board member of Caliber Schools that prepare students for success in college and after.

In March 2002, he joined Fortress Investment Group, and in November 2006, he became a member of the board of directors of Fortress. Till date, Mr. Briger is Co-Chief Executive Officer. Fortress Investment Group is a company that deals with investment management and is based in New York. Peter is known for his creation of Fortress Credit Business that he now oversees. He has been serving as Co-Chairman of the Board since August 2009. Peter Briger is also a member of Advisory Board of Spearhead, LLC. The 53 years of age, who is also called Pete, was positioned number 407 by Forbes World’s Billionaires with a total assets of $2.3 Billion.

Being a business pioneer and money related proficient of Fortress Investment Group, Briger adds to numerous charitable and group-driven causes. He is on the Silicon River-bed Maintain Congress for the Expansive Bankroll for the Young. The Fortress Investment Group Co-Principal is also involved as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. It is a nonpartisan institution that works to advocate for a more comprehensive understanding of foreign policy issues. He is additionally a Bitcoin devotee, and in 2013 he employed a group of expert brokers to purchase Bitcoin that he could use to set up a store. He believed the store would make the digital money readily accessible to potential investors. Peter Briger had seen a gold mine opportunity in the Bitcoin technology. Although his push for Bitcoin to penetrate the mainstream did not bear fruits, Peter still recognizes that the future of Wall Street venture into Bitcoin business is splendid.

Aloha Construction Uses Their Success to Do Good

Aloha Construction has just received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award and for good reason. The company has been recognized for all the good that they do for their community not to maintain the high standards that they uphold when it comes to delivering stellar service. They value their customers, as well as their employees and, are making a difference in the lives of many.

Aloha Construction is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois and its additional office is located in Bloomington. They are a company that provides many services including roofing, siding, and gutter installation and repairs. They are working on becoming certified and licensed in professional remodeling and disaster recovery as well and will be located in Lake Zurich as well.

The Torch Award is a way to recognize companies that uphold marketplace ethics and that operate in an ethical manner. Aloha Construction fits that description entirely, and they are excited to be the recipient of such an esteemed award.

Aloha Construction has done a lot of good in the community and is sponsoring the central Illinois Flying Aces hockey team, the Roselle Medinah’s baseball and softball organizations. They also donate a generous $5 for every assist the Illinois State University gets in their games. These donations help kids that have cancer by funding Camp One Step. They’ve also made it possible for a 12-year-old boy with congenital heart failure and his friends to attend a Bulls game.

Aloha Construction was founded by David Farbaky and is a family-owned company that cares about its employees, customers, and the well-being of the community. They back up their work by a 10-year craftsmanship warranty on all roofing jobs that they complete and all of their contractors are licensed and insured. Their contractors also have to complete extensive training in order to come on board as their trusted employees.

Aloha Construction is starting an interior remodeling and restoration division that will offer an array of services that includes mold removal, fire damage restoration0, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and various interior remodeling services in addition to their regular roofing and siding services.


The Four Things You Should Not Say to Your Boss or Anyone Else At Market America

Mark Twain once Said:

“The difference between using the right word and almost the right word is very different. It is the difference between a lightening-bug and lightening.”

There are just some things you do not say out loud at work. Do you know that your boss at Market America follows your every move? Words matter.

A great example of this is what happened to this one girl, over two years ago. She stated on social media that she got a new job. However, she went on to complain about the job she had not even started yet. She went on to say some pretty horrible things that I cannot repeat. The boss found out and promptly fired her. That is why you need to be careful about what you say and whom you say them too while working at Market America.

1) Injustices are going to happen while working with Market America. Someone else might get a promotion while you are denied. Whining about that is not going to help. Market America needs you to be a leader. You need to step up. You need to keep doing what you are doing. You will get there as long as you put in the work.

2) You do not tell someone that “it is not your job.” You need to think about how you might feel if someone did that to you. You would not like it very much, would you? Treat others with respect. Do something for someone else. No matter how inconvenient it is for you.

3) You do not tell someone you “think” the product might be a great fit. You need to show confidence. You cannot expect others to buy what you are selling when you do not believe it yourself.

4) Say “thank you” to the customer after they buy something from you. You do not tell them “no problem.” Saying the former shows a sign of professionalism and authority. Saying the later says the opposite.


Adam Milstein on the Radical Left’s anti-Semitic Views

Adam Milstein was born and grew up in Israel. He joined the Israeli Defense Force in 1971 and served during the Yom Kippur War. After his mandatory service in the army, Milstein earned his Bachelor’s of Science in business and economics degree from the Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. In 1974, Adam Milstein married his wife Gila Elgrably and in 1981 the Milstein’s along with their two children moved to the United States. After arriving in the United States, Milstein continued his education at the University of Southern California and earned his Master of Business Administration degree. Since receiving his degree, Milstein has seen great success in the commercial real estate industry.

In addition to his work in real estate, Adam Milstein takes great pride in his philanthropic work. He is one of the co-founders of the Israeli-American Council; whose goal is to engage and unite the Israeli-American communities by strengthening and building them up. Milstein is a board member to a number of organizations, including StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Hasbara Fellowships, Jewish Funders Network, Birthright Israel, Stand By Me, and American Israel Public Affairs Committee National Council. The Milstein’s also created the Milstein Foundation with the goal to, first, strengthen the State of Israel’s relationship with the United States and, second, to help the younger Jewish generations learn and appreciate their identity.

Among others, Adam Milstein writes for the Jewish News Syndicate. He recently wrote an article discussing an unspoken of alliance between radical Muslim’s and the radical left. Radical Muslim’s go against everything the radical left supposedly stands for; they stone women, execute people who are gay, and are staunchly against both minority and human rights.

Milstein further discusses how the radical left has a warped view of the world when the place all the blame, for the Middle Eastern problems, on the Jewish people. He believes this alliance, was fueled by Linda Sarsour when opening admired Sharia law, praised Saudi Arabia’s horrific and oppressive treatment of women, and opened one of her speeches thanking one of the co-conspirators in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Additionally, the alliance was seen at Tufts University when a group of students called Israel a “white supremacist” state and at a Chicago LGBT rally when three people were expelled for having the Star of David displayed on their pride flags. Milstein ends his article discussing how the rise of the anti-Semitic left threatens the future of the Jewish people around the world.


GreenSky Rewarded For Thinking Out of the Box

David Zalik, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GreenSky, is not like other CEOs of a major company.

Zalik, a billionaire, does not talk to the media much. He does not accept invitations to conferences. He has not spent last ten years raising outside capital. His employees don’t get free food or play games.

The latest move by his company is definitely something that other Silicon Valley companies would do. The Wall Street Journal believes that Zalik’s company will do an IPO but it will do it confidentiality. This move is unconventional but it will raise his company $1 billion with a $5 billion valuation.

If Zalik does go public, he would not be doing the same as companies like Credit Karma, Stripe and Uber as they don’t plan to go public. Private companies don’t go public because when they do, they are heavily pressured by investors and quarterly earnings. They can keep the cash to keep the company operating and growing.

Zalik’s company could change its mind and it will not do an IPO. It will not fill out the paperwork with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This move would mean that it can prepare without the public spotlight on it.

Zalik, a 44-year-old, founded GreenSkyin 2006 and has, without fanfare, developed one of the biggest financial technology companies in America. Most companies like GreenSky would complain about banks and suggest to the public that they are a better way to do finance. Zalik has no problem with banks and actually has been working with banks for many years. n

One of the keys to GreenSky’s success that its bank partners are the ones who are taking the financial risk. Some of its bank partners are SunTrust, Regions and Fifth Third and they are the ones that GreenSky loans as part of their balance sheets. Zalik’s company will not be in trouble if any of these loans defaults. GreenSky does benefit from their relationship with their bank partners and they pay 1 percent of the balance from GreenSky loans.

Zalik thinks out of the box and so far, has been rewarded for doing so.


Stream Energy

One of the kindest things you can do in your life is to give help to a stranger. Extending a hand to your fellow man to lift him or her out of a difficult circumstance is shows a level of compassion that restores our faith in humanity. The smile that you get from someone after they have received a helping hand will warm your heart in ways that you cannot even imagine. These are part of the thoughts that inspired Stream Energy to begin their project: Stream Cares.

You and I will think of large corporations as money-grubbing entities that think of nothing but their bottom lines. They can care less about the people that spend their hard-earned money with them by buying their products and services. Large corporations only seem to value the almighty dollar and not the people who work their entire lives to help build these giant organizations. When tough times fall upon regular people where are the big corporate monstrosities then?

Listen, you and I both know that when thinking of utility companies, we think of them draining our paychecks with the high costs of heating and cooling to keep our families warm in the winter and cool in the hot summers. We don’t think of them as caring individuals with families of their own. We don’t see them as compassionate human beings with cares and concerns about the families in their communities just like ours. Well my friend, let me share with you about the utility company Stream Energy, and their philanthropic generosity. Stream Energy will give you a new outlook on big corporate companies.

Stream Energy is a Dallas, TX-based utility company that created Stream Cares, a philanthropic component of the corporation which assists communities with natural disaster recovery efforts. The Patch, a news agency also in Dallas reports on Stream Energy’s generous support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey in the summer of 2017. The Patch reports that Stream Cares is directly from the DNA of Stream Energy corporation. For the company that just began its utility business in 2005, it’s more than just about giving money; it is also about giving heart and a helping hand to neighbors in need.


Mark Mofid Is Regularly At Work Improving Plastic Surgery For People Everywhere

There has always been controversial talk about plastic surgery within the United States. Today, there are more people getting plastic surgery in the country and the entire world even than ever before. One of the men that is making this possible is Dr. Mark Mofid, who has actively been working to create a brighter future for the plastic surgery industry.

Mark Mofid has personally developed safer methods for performing surgeries on his patients as well as creating his very own quality implants. Much of the bad air surrounding plastic surgery comes from the use of outdated methods and generic implants that do agree with the body. Mark regularly advocates for the safest methods and standards not only at his own practice but to other surgeons around the country.

One of the biggest reasons Mark Mofid developed his own implant for surgeries is because better quality materials will work better with the body and retain better rather than the body rejecting it and needing reconstructive surgery. One of the reasons bad procedures were prevalent in the past was because doctors were not using safe methods for their procedures which led to complications in the future. Mark Mofid personally abides by the safest methods every time and he even refuses to do odd surgeries. This is not because he can’t do them, but because they are unnecessary and are more likely to lead to complications due to them being so unnatural for the body.

One of the biggest successes of Mark’s career has been his education, which gave him the skills and business foundation that he needed to improve the industry to the level that he has today. Mark Mofid studied at Harvard University as well as the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Currently, Mark Mofid operates all over California, mainly out of his own practice performing plastic surgery, but he does staff surgeon work at hospitals around the state as well. This has let him improve his techniques and build a trustworthy reputation over the years.


Aloha Construction Cares for More Than Just Themselves

Aloha Construction, a roofing and siding company, has been awarded the 2017 BBB Torch Award. Aloha Construction focuses on providing the best roofing work in Illinois and Wisconsin. Their goal is to give Wisconsin and Illinois the best roof protection from anything mother nature throws at them.

The BBB, Better Business Bureau, had awarded Aloha Construction with the BBB Torch Award for showing they care about their customers, employees, and every little bit and aspect that goes into operating a high-quality business. On the Better Business Bureau’s website, Aloha Construction is rated as an “A+” company and has a composite score of 4.63 stars out of 5.

These ratings alone show that they’re more than just a credible company, they’re a quality company. One thing that makes them stand out as a company is that they’re a family-owned business which helps create a strong connection to their clients as anyone in the business, even the highest ranks, will have a sense of understanding and bond with almost all clients. This is shown through the aid and service they provide, helping families with damaged homes that can’t get coverage from their insurance company. This is a clear enough reason showing why they won the award for ethics.

Aloha Construction claims that roofing and siding work is just the tip of their work. It’s clear that they not only care about strong and morally right ethics but the people involved in their business and the community that helps their business build stronger. They have a clear and distinct focus, placing them above the rest in many ways. Having a mission in mind like such can create a much stronger business and community as shown by them through all the work they offer and the award they were honored with.

Aloha Construction knows their mission and achieves it every day. Showing just exactly why they were awarded the BBB Torch Award. Showing ethics and values within their business set them apart from the rest.