Ryan Seacrest, Television And Radio Host With A Big Humanitarian Heart

Ryan Seacrest is a well-known host of the important competition of music (American Idol). The music competition series comes back to TV on ABC in the spring of 2018 for the first season. Ryan is a creative award-winning business person and holds overwhelming positions in producing and hosting in local radio and nationally syndicated, and additionally in cable television and broadcast. Ryan’s interests in entrepreneurship have prompted his association in an assorted range of entertainment and media organizations. Seacrest philanthropic efforts center on initiatives that are oriented to the youths and which have a remarkable effect across the country. He is a host on the radio (On Air with Ryan Seacrest), his number one Los Angeles syndicated drive-time morning show for 102.7 KIIS-FM iHeartMedia’s, and also a Top forty radio show which is nationally syndicated. Ryan is executive producer and co-host on the ABC/Disney morning syndicated live talk show with Ryan and Kelly. Also, he is an executive producer and host of the program of the eve of every year (Clark Dick’s New Year’s rocking eve with Seacrest Ryan), and even the best award franchise show (Live from The Red Carpet). Also read this article from mensjournal.com to know about Ryan’s weight loss struggle.

Ryan helms, Seacrest Ryan Production, it is a production entertainment organization that has won an Emmy. Seacrest Ryan Production releases series hit like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, also Live from The Red Carpet, i.e., E! Live (Award Shows), CMT’s I Love Pickler Kellie, Best Cover Ever of YouTube and Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset. The organization is involved in the production of Shades of Blue, a drama series of NBC featuring Jennifer Lopez. The organization also is tasked with producing a reality series which won an Emmy Award, the series is known as Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. Seacrest has lifestyle Burgeoning venture that incorporates a collection of menswear, Ryan Distinction, exclusively sold at skincare line for men and Macy’s. Ryan has got long-standing relationships endorsement with brands of blue-chip involving Ford and Coca-Cola. Ryan Seacrest philanthropic endeavors involve working as Ryan Seacrest Foundation chairman. The charity has a total of ten media centers of broadcasting. Ryan has studios at pediatric health facilities across the country cities. Ryan serves as the chairman of Grammy Foundation.

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Wes Edens: From Start Up Co-Founder To Billionaire

The Fortress Investment Group was founded in 1998 by a group of five men, all of whom had the years of experience in a financial career in common. One of its founders, Wesley R. Edens serves as Chairman of the Board. He has in large part been one of the major factors that has brought the company to its current level of success.Wes Edens was born in 1961, and his financial career began at the investment firm of Lehman Brothers in 1987. He remained with them until 1993, and held the positions of a partner and a managing director. His next position brought him to the private equity division of BlackRock Financial in 1993, where he also served as a partner and managing director.

Wes continued his employ at BlackRock Financial until 1997, just preceeding the creation of Fortress Investment Group the following year.As Chairman of the company, Wes Edens leads one of the largest alternative asset investment firms. The international headquarters of Fortress are located in New York City. After many years of running the firm as a privately held company, the principals took the firm public in 2007. The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol of FIG. Not long after its initial public offering (IPO), 8% of the firm’s shares had been sold, amounting to $600 million.

The success of the IPO went on to make billionaires of the principals of the company, including Wes Edens. Much of his income comes from dividends from the shares of Fortress Investment Group that he owns. His take home pay in 2016 was reportedly $54.4 million, as it was reported by Biz Journal. It was also noted that Wes Edens had an annual base compensation of $200,000 that same year, indicating that the large sum of dividends Wes received was added to the figure released.Wes Edens graduated from Oregon State University in 1984. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in both Finance and Business Administration.


Grassroots organization End Citizens United has filed a complaint to the Federal Election Commission against Rick Scott. They claim that at this point Mr. Scott has illegally raised $78 million through a “super PAC” to support his campaign. They claim he is using this as a loophole to avoid federal limits on direct contributions to candidates’ campaigns. A super Pac is permitted to raise and spend as much money as they deem necessary. though it is not allowed to work with with any campaign directly. End Citizens United is focusing on the anti- coordination law in regards to the New Republican Pac. The Pac has pledged to get Mr. Scott elected to the U.S. senate. However Mr. Scott was the chairman of this group prior to announcing his run for senate.

Rick Scott has adamantly denied these claims, however End Citizens United produced evidence documenting Rick Scott working with the organization at least as recently as January. The End Citizens United Communications Director Adam Bozzi stated that Mr. Scott is simply funneling money into the super PAC in an attempt to bypass election law. Mr. Bozzi claims Mr. Scott is more interested in his political ambitions than he is the rule of law. End Citizens United was formed on March 1,2015 following the 2010 Supreme Court decision regarding End Citizens United. Their mission Statement is to get big money out of the political spectrum.

They intend on doing this by backing candidates for office who are equally as motivated in campaign finance reform. Their goal is to overturn Citizens United to prevent campaign donations from being undisclosed and unlimited. The Organization is based in Washington, D.C. Rick Scott continues to deny any wrongdoing despite mounting evidence to the contrary. For instance a new poll about Rick Scott was paid for by the New Republican. Furthermore his campaign address was the same location as New Republican when the complaint was initially made in February. Unless the FEC takes action on the complaint, Rick Scott will be on the Florida ballot this coming November. Learn More.

The Successful Career of Anil Chaturvedi—the Renowned Seasoned Banker

Anil Chaturvedi began his career in 1971 when he went for his undergraduate program in Meerut University. He later graduated with second class upper honors in Economics. Anil later joined the University of Delhi in 1973 where he did his master’s degree in Economics. The experience he obtained opened the door to opportunities for him in the corporate world. Anil Chaturvedi worked for several banking institutions where he focused on the finance department.


Professional experience


Anil Chaturvedi worked as the branch manager of Indian State Bank. His greatest input cannot be measured as he made the bank experience tremendous growth during his tenure. He has also worked at the ANZ Grindlays Bank, which is based in New York. Currently, Anil is working in the private banking sector of Switzerland, and the Managing Director of Hinduja Bank. He continued to associate himself with the bank until he went to Merril Lynch where he worked for 17 years. Anil’s primary goal in life now is to utilize the knowledge and experience he has in the right way to steer growth in the banking sector.


Association with AECAL


Recently, Anil Chaturvedi pursed a new venture at the Asian E-commerce Alliance where he is one of the panelists. The organization helps Asian companies to get the capital and support they need to operate efficiently. Anil Chaturvedi acts as the linkage between Indian companies and the West. He is currently adopting efficient and unique marketing strategies to ensure that Switzerland’s banking sector advances. Besides, Anil offers professional financial advice, which is reliable bearing in mind that he has been in the industry for several years.



Alex Pall: An Interview with Interview Magazine

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, as The Chainsmokers, took the music world by storm in 2014. Their first big hit came in the form of “#Selfie.” This song was followed by a variety of other loose singles that went on to top the charts. Songs such as “Paris” and “Closer” were made by Pall and Taggart.

The musical duo conducted an interview with Interview Magazine recently and discussed a large range of topics. Topics included the future of the group, changes they will make going forward, and singer Halsey. They also told the interviewer about how they met – their origin story. The interview was conducted almost directly after the release of “Closer,” one of their smash hits.

Alex Pall began the interview saying: “I was a DJ growing up.” He explained that it had always been a hobby, but it wasn’t until later his his life, while in an art gallery, that he discovered that music was consuming his life. He wanted to give music a real shot, but recently departed on by his musical partner, he needed a new partner. His manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart.

At this time, Taggart was attending the University of Maine and DJing on the side. In fact, both he and Pall were both DJing prior to meeting each other. Taggart was also interning and Interscope, and it was through this job that Taggart met the connection that introduced him to Alex Pall.

“Closer” was a game changer for The Chainsmokers. It led to Andrew Taggart becoming the front man and lead singer of the group. This made it possible for not only their records to positively grow but their live show as well. Alongside Halsey, Andrew Taggart performs a heartfelt duet on “Closer.”

Alex Pall mentioned Halsey quite frequently in the interview.

“She’s incredible,” Pall said. Pall praised both Halsey and Andrew Taggart for their singing on “Closer.”

Another topic of the interview was Instagram and how it enables The Chainsmokers to see their audience react. As far as demographics go, Pall said he mostly sees people between the ages of 16 and 25 listening to his music.


David Mcdonald Takes Charge At OSI Group

David McDonald continues to push for growth at OSI Group. He is currently the company’s Chief Operations Officer and has supervised the handling of several different mergers. Each decision moved the company in a positive direction.

Baho Foods was an acquisition made by OSI Group in order to help the company established itself in the European region. Baho Foods is a well known organization in its own right and has made key mergers as well. Members of the Baho Foods team are counting on the resources that comes with being affiliated with a large organization like OSI Group.

Tyson Foods was also acquired by OSI Group in order to help the company maintain its footing with in a very competitive industry. Tyson Foods is a local Chicago area food manufacturer that was threatening to close for business. The closing of Tyson Foods would have cost several people their employment status. McDonald and his team were able to come in and secure the situation by purchasing Tyson Foods for 7.4 million dollars.

Flagship Food Group joined the OSI Group team shortly after Baho Foods. Flagship Food Group has a unique specialty including mayonnaise and other sauces. David McDonald will use the resources available make Flagship Food Group a valuable asset to a Fortune 500 company such as OSI.

David McDonald has taken time to ensure that the quality of OSI products and teamwork spread throughout the entire organization. He restructured leadership in various areas including China in order to establish a system of accountability. OSI Group releases sustainability report. David McDonald has also been able to ensure that the kind of people who belong at OSI Group are the kind that the company is hiring.

David McDonald attended Iowa State University in his home state of Iowa. He received a bachelor’s degree then moved right into the meat manufacturing business after school. He joined OSI Group immediately and has remained with the company ever since. David eventually ascended to the top spot in the organization due to his dedication and shared vision with OSI leadership.

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Christopher Burch Entrepreneurial Skills.

Christopher Burch is the founder and CEO of Burch creative Capital where he dedicated his time to venture into business and being an active investor across a wide range of industries that would help him. The company’s investments expressed how Burch’s entrepreneurial skills and values help him vision new market opportunities by applying imaginations, creativity support and all positive and long-lasting impacts on all the consumer’s life.

He started his career when he was an undergraduate at Ithica College where together with his brother they began Eagles Eye apparel which grew to $165 million before they sold it. During his career in his early 40s when he was focusing on business, Christopher Burch participated in the rise of more than 50 companies that brought a greater significance to the companies. He took his time to understand the consumer’s behaviour with keen interest and this helped build a long track of record of connecting business, visit (Ideamensch.com).

His creative thinking made him come up with the Creative Capital’s brand portfolio which included the current introduction of ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, Nihiwatu, and TRADEMARK to a list of established brands that were at some point accepted by Christopher including the well-known Faena Hotel, Jawbone and Voss Water.

Chris Burch has invested a lot in international real estates, fashion and technology which included the luxurious homes in Nantucket, New York and he has also worked with architect Philippe Stark and hotelier Alan Faena. Recently he has bought and took the initiative of renovating Nihiwatu which is the most expensive and luxurious resort on the Indonesia island of Sumba, get more information on wingsjournal.com.

At the moment the company is supporting the development of many lifestyles and consumers products that are primarily ranging from retail and the home furnishings to the hospitality and technology industries which includes the raw foods, Little Duck Organics and soludos that have helped a lot in the business sector. Burch was on the Board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation, and he a known past President of The Pierre Hotel Co-operative Board. Chris Burch has majorly contributed to the fundraising to enable research, and philanthropic initiates are done at Mt Sinai Hospital in New York.

Many foundations helped in the improvement of his business that moulded the well-being of other citizens the organization included the China Association of social work, the Child Welfare League and the Henry street settlements. With his Creative Capital, he has boosted a lot to his organisation and has enabled him to expand his business through his wise decisions he made, read more information on http://www.burchcreativecapital.com/press/.

Meet the OSI President: David McDonald

The OSI Industries has been growing tremendously. It is now popular, and they are dominating the market. The OSI Industries are committed to serving their customers, and they consider them family. They aim to see that their clients are satisfied with their services and their expectations are exceeded. David McDonald says that the innovation of the OSI Industries is partly based on the feedback that they get from their clients. He says that when they request for an improvement of their products in their menu, they see that they make the adjustment or add on their portfolio.

Patience is an important virtue when growing a career. Many people spend their entire life complaining about not getting a promotion. David McDonald acted differently, and he still got the results that everyone earns for, he became the president of the OSI Industries from being a Project Manager. McDonald has been working with the firm for more than three decades. He says that it has been fun because he does something he loves. He has always been passionate about Agriculture and Biology. This is why he studied Animal Science in school.

David McDonald says that perfection is something they advocate for in the OSI Industries. He adds that they, however, encourage risk-taking among all their employees. They give a small room for mistakes because it is through the risks and failures that great lessons are learned.

With technology, everything is changing. The food industry is also affected. Many people are rigid to adapt and embrace the new way of doing things. David McDonald says that for the OSI Industries, they are ready to evolve with the industry. In fact, change is an opportunity of getting more customers. He explains saying when something new is introduced in the market, and they take it, they stand a better chance compared to those who are rigid to change.

Running a company like OSI Industries can be very challenging because all the clients from the different states have different tastes and preferences. To see that all their customers get what they want, they see that they have representatives in all the OSI locations. They provide them with the resources that they require to serve their clients. The company is enjoying great success in China. David McDonald says that this has only been possible because they have been long enough in the nation, to gain the trust of the clients and understand what they love and to know more

Jacob Gottlieb; Supporting Teachers through MFA

Although Visium Asset Management has continued to announce its intention and action to wind down following one of the most alarming financial scandals, there are a lot of good things that can be said about this foundation and the brain behind its management. As one of the prominent financial services providers in the world, Visium Asset Management helped a substantial amount of clients in wealthcreation, management and allocation. Therefore, Jacob Gottlieb has an impressive legacy to leave behind despite everything.

Who is Jacob Gottlieb?

Gottlieb is a prominent seasonal entrepreneur who served as the chief financial officer of the famous Visium Asset Management. As an alternative asset manager and investment advisor, the company has under the guidance of Gottlieb helped many clients in generating millions of returns.

Early Life

While growing up, Gottlieb saw his father the economist putting most of his time into the duties of resources allocation. As he can recall in one of his multiple interviews, he developed some passion for finance after that. Being a hard working child, he went ahead and participated in a stock-picking event that saw him rank position one. Of course, for a young man, that seemed like a game. However, that is how toddlers grasp basic details in business and economics. From that moment onwards, Gottlieb learned that it was important to focus on pursuing his passion. That is how he first tried out investing.

Focusing on Career

Coming from a family that has supportive parents, Gottlieb always received his parent’s support and input in building his career. Therefore, he joined the Brown Investment Club and became a major contributor to its development.

Education and Professional Qualification

For education, Gottlieb attended New York University followed by Brown University where he majored in economics. Moreover, he advanced his education by joining AIMR for a CFA followed by a P.R.M. designation from the prestigious Professional Risk Manager’s International.

The Foundation of Visium Asset Management

Gottlieb established Visium Asset Management in 2005. He was joined by a strong team of qualified investment professionals hailing from Balyasny Asset Management. However, before delving into this project, he had a long career in various companies including Merlin. In that company, he served as the portfolio manager and dedicated most of his time to overseeing the management of client’s assets in different aspects including running their accounts to make sure that they do not fall prey to high-risk investments. So far, Mr. Gottlieb has been able to extend his services beyond business because he is passionate about charity. For instance, he has been instrumental in supporting MfA, a foundation established in 2004 and basically committed to helping teachers in giving their best to students. With time, his support has reflected on the foundation’s fellowships made for accomplished public schools in mathematics as well as science.

Jeff Herman: Trial vs. Retrial of Bill Cosby

Harvey Weinstein. Bill Cosby. Matt Lauer. Mario Batali. Charlie Rose. Russell Simmons. Kevin Spacey. These are just a few of the high-powered men who have recently been accused of sexual harassment. It was, perhaps, Bill Cosby, the supposed family man, who was most shocking. Mr. Cosby has been accused of sexually harassing and/or drugging 60 different women in the last fifty years. However, because of statute of limitation laws, only one accuser, Andrea Constand, has been able to file a criminal case against Mr. Cosby.

Bill Cosby has stood on trial two times, the first being in 2017, for the allegations Ms. Constand has made against him. Ms. Constand argues that, upon arriving to Mr. Cosby’s home, he gave her what she believed were herbal drugs; however, she eventually lost consciousness. When she regained consciousness, she claims Mr. Cosby was sexually assaulting her. On the other side of the issue, is Mr. Cosby, who claims that he gave Ms. Constand over the counter Benadryl and that the sex was consensual.

The first trial, in June 2017, for the sexual abuse allegations against Bill Cosby resulted in a hung jury, where the jury was unable to agree on a decision about the case. This resulted in a retrial which took place nearly a year later in April 2018. The difference in both the climate and culture between the initial trial and retrial were markedly different. For one, in that year between the two trials, the #MeToo movement, an anti-sexual assault campaign, evolved to become a national phenomenon. Second, in the first trial Ms. Constand was the only witness; however, in the retrial five additional women came forward and testified of their experience with Mr. Cosby drugging and assaulting them.

Andrea Constand didn’t contact police for one year following the incident; that on top of the fact that these criminal charges were being pursued over ten years after the incident occurred, made many people skeptical about the claims Ms. Constand was making against Mr. Cosby. However, the skepticisms were quickly put the rest when the first witness, Dr. Ziv, a sexual assault expert, took the stand. While on the stand, Dr. Ziv stated a number of facts about sexual abuse, including, that less than 7 percent of sexual assault allegations are false; 85 percent of victims know who the perpetrator is; he also stated that less than 30 percent of victims report the abuse to authorities. The result of the retrial was that Bill Cosby is guilty of the claims made against him.

The fact that Bill Cosby was found guilting and that so many people have come forward with stories of sexual abuse proves that cultural changes are being made within the United States. It proves that sexual abuse by people holding authority will no longer be tolerated. It proves that people who are victims of sexual abuse will no longer feel shamed because they didn’t do anything wrong.

Jeff Herman is a nationally recognized attorney and owner or Herman Law. He’s been representing victims for over 20 years and has won multiple landmark cases.

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Source: http://weeklyopinion.com/2018/05/jeff-herman-esq-writes-about-comedy-tragedy-downfall-bill-cosby-americas-dad/