Attention all Unicorns – Lime Crime is Here!

What in the world is Lime Crime? Well, it’s almost Halloween and if you are out and about looking for “spooky and fun” hair colors, this is your go-to brand! One of the great things about this brand is that it’s Vegan and Cruelty-Free. In this day and age, that’s a very important fact.

The cool thing about this fun brand is they offer a line of great hair colors including the following four new ones (just in time for Halloween)!

Here they are – Chestnut (deep maroon), Squid (purple), Charcoal (dusty gray), and Sea Witch (a green – think mermaid tail). These are fun, colorful and spooky colors for this Halloween. According to posts we read, these colors are meant for brunettes and darker hair colors. Try them out and see what you think!

The founder of the company, Doe Deere, started this young company back in 2008 when she wanted to be able to express herself in a way that expressed her values. Almost 10 years later, Doe’s company is strong and growing with many “Unicorn” followers (Doe is the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen).

One of Doe’s personal values is to be cruelty-free, which is what Lime Crime is, in everything they do. They are certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. These personal values show in every product they carry, which includes hair colors, lipsticks, highlighters, eyeshadows, nail colors, and all the fun accessories that go along with those products!

Try all the products and see what your thoughts are and keep a clean conscience while you are using them. But for now, give some of these fun new fall colors a try and see if you like the results. You’ve got nothing to lose and you can be one of the many Unicorn followers that express themselves unapologetically!

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