Anthony Toma Doesn’t Quit

On April 3, 2017, interviewed the CEO and founder of Nine9 The UnAgency, Anthony Toma. The man has had multiple businesses and has worked in retail, service and entertainment, until finding his passion in the entertainment business.

Nine9 Talent Agency is a company which represents actors and models in the entertainment business. The idea for the business came out of a franchise opportunity that was offered in the Orlando, Florida area. He had expanded his franchise business to 26 throughout the country. Though the franchise failed, the lessons learned allowed him to develop his own company in 2003, which he called Coral Reef Productions and later renamed Nine9.

There were two habits that Anthony Toma feels has made him more productive, listening and forward thinking. By listening, truly listening a person can come up with ideas for the future. Moreover, forward thinking means not paying too much attention to the ideas of today but investing your thoughts and energy to ideas that will be time tested. Nine9 News Here.

And than there is the concept of failure. Yes, failure! As an entrepreneur, one can see failure hit you in the face again and again. Why? Because as Toma states, you are thinking outside of the box, out of your comfort zone and you are showing a willingness to try things that make others skittish. According to Toma, it is okay to fail, as long as you learned something positive from the failure. Moreover, that failure should show you the way forward. If you ignore the lesson and decide to quit, than you are a failure.

Nine9 provides 99% of actors and models who are not represented by an agency a helping hand. The company will help to provide actors and models opportunities, tools and support to move their career forward. Nine9 works nonstop to give their clients opportunities in television, film, commercials, music video and other gigs. for more .