Advancements in Minimally Invasive Surgery Allow Dr. Greg Finch to Reduce Patient Recovery

There has been growth within minimally invasive orthopedic surgery over the past decade. The change has benefited both the patient and the orthopedic surgeon. With advanced technology, trained orthopedic surgeons can now use specialized equipment to safely perform some of the most common surgeries that would typically require longer recovery time.

Common surgeries such as hip and knee replacements can be done using skin incisions of 3-4 inches. Although the length of the incision is not why it’s considered minimally invasive, the smaller incision does play a significant role. The greater importance of a minimum invasive joint replacement is the limited amount of disturbance and disruption of a patient’s tendons, muscles and ligaments which reside under the skin. The intrusion of those areas with as minimum effect as possible makes the surgery succeed as minimally invasive and decreases a patients pain level substantially afterwards, as well as a reduction in recovery.

An orthopedic surgeon will combine this technique with the advancements of pain control, physical therapy sessions, along with the use of cutting-edge surgical instruments which creates a more desired outcome for the patient. A patient can recover from knee, or hip replacement surgery, within weeks as opposed to several months with standard surgery.

Dr. Greg Finch has a specialty within minimally invasive surgery. He is also considered as a leading expert in his field with experience in spinal fusion, disc herniation, and reconstruction surgery. Dr. Greg Finch received his surgeon credentials from Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS), a prominent program that is considered one of the most-vigorous in Australia.

Dr. Greg Finch has been involved with organizations that continue to advance orthopedic health such as the Association of Orthopaedic of Australia. In the past decade, Dr. Greg Finch has traveled to Germany and the United Kingdom to broaden his knowledge as well as offer his input within orthopedic surgery.