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What Alex Pall Says about Music

The Chainsmokers is a band that is a collaboration between two articulate young stars who have managed to storm and shake the music industry with heartfelt tracks, such as, Roses, Don’t Let Me Down, Closer, just to mention but a few. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have worked together like blood brothers to make the band fly to greater heights each day.


Alex Pall indicates that it’s good for one to follow his or her passion. He postulates that as an artist, you don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great. Alex pall began just as a mere village DJ, but right he is currently a real artist. Alex Pall urges everyone to chase after their dreams. He concludes by saying that it is always good to follow someone who is doing better in music. That is if the music is where your heart lies. (Watch: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Alex conveys that no sole man forms any band. A band comprises of more than one person who are talented in making music. People work together, and it is easy to measure the probability of the team going far. According to him, artists with the same interests make up the group. Alex Pall notes that commonly known objectives drive the team, and everyone is accountable for the success or failure of the band to reach the determined goal. Get Additional Information Here.


Not every artist would like to compose, write, and sing songs of their own or preferably showing the real image of their lives in the songs they sing. For Alex Pall, a real artist seats down and guides the songwriter in addressing the real issue in the song. Alex Pall takes into consideration the flow of ideas, in that songs should be independent of the each other, which means one song may lead to the other. Sort of a movie.


Alex Pall says that marketing music requires a lot of seriousness. Confidence is crucial thus, choosing the best work mate will help in creating more fans. Pall commends that a good work mate in music has it all, that is, enchanting voice, outstanding styles, dressing and loves what he or she is doing.



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