A Look At Todd Lubar’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Todd ventured into the lucrative real estate business in 1995. He loved every facet of the industry. Motivated by his desire to help others, Todd made finance and real estate his life long career. Todd started his profession by working for a renowned mortgage company, Crestar, as a loan originator. Here, he gained extensive knowledge about the conservative mortgage banking model. The executive developed lasting relationships with financial planners, CPA’s, insurance agents and real estate agents who form a great part of his referral business.

According to Hackronym, in 1999, he acquired an equity position with the renowned Legacy Financial Group. Here, he enhanced his lending capabilities to broker loans to investors. In 2002, he incorporated Legendary Properties, a real estate company. This corporation played a significant role in developing, purchasing, rehabilitating and selling residential properties. The company made huge profits from over 200 transactions that ranged from single family houses to multi-family projects. This way, he developed cordial relations with experienced professionals who are well versed with building trades. In addition, Todd established sound relationships with leading financial institutions. See Google.

In 2003, Todd incorporated Charter Funding, a subsidiary of a renowned mortgage corporation, First Magnus Financial Corporation. Owing to his ability to access cash, Todd was able to enhance his business.

By virtue of being in the industry for a long period, Todd realized that there was a niche of underserved clients. To this end, he founded legendary Financial LLC. The affiliate of Legendary Properties is a commercial lender to companies and individuals. Lubar used liquidity from the Legendary Properties and his own funds to enable borrowers to access loans. Most of these individuals could not secure such finances from traditional sources owing to increased requirements for one to be recognized as creditworthy. Given that he was heavily involved in the success of over 7000 transactions, he was able to hone his skills on analyzing overall risks on any loan scenario. This way, it was easy for Todd to make rational decisions based on the prevailing market conditions.

When the mortgage industry was affected by the 2007/2008 crisis, he ventured into other lines of business, including commercial demolition and automotive scrap metal business. Todd lives in Bethesda, Maryland. During his free time, Lubar loves to spent time with his kids.

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