Mina Ebrahimi-Community Through Catering

Success in business does not happen overnight and Mina Ebrahimi has proven that with hard work come the rewards so well deserved. At the tender age of 11, Mina began working with her parents at their bakery learning the necessary customer service skills and diligent work ethic that has served her so well to date.

As the Founder and CEO of Saint Germain Catering, Mina has brought together her knowledge, experience, and savvy business skills turning the business into an established, award-winning company. Her years of dedication to her craft have earned her numerous awards including the 2014 Enterprising Woman of the Year Award, an award given by Enterprising Women magazine. This award is “provided annually in recognition of women entrepreneurs/business owners who experience rapid growth in the business world and provide support or mentorship for other women entrepreneurs, and have become community leaders.”

Not only has her dedication to her catering clientele in Virginia and beyond proven to be exemplary, Mina’s dedication to others within the community is demonstrated with her desire to give back to those in need fulfilling her passion of philanthropic giving. Through local non-profits such as Operation Homefront DC, assisting military families and wounded veterans in need and The 25th Project, an organization dedicated to helping the community of homeless in the woods of Northern Virginia her desire to instill positive change continues.

Food and catering aren’t the only things that Mina holds dear. She continues to fund the Jack Miller-Ebrahimi Program for Interventional Endoscopic and Radiologic Diagnostics and Therapeutics at the University of Pennsylvania. This veterinary program provides assistance with minimally invasive soft tissue surgeries and other therapies for pets through progressive treatments.

Her tireless endeavors championing the cause for other women’s success are evident in her forming the Mina Ebrahimi Foundation. The foundations’ empowerment of women of all ages to build their future in the world of business through her leadership and continued support is something Mina takes seriously. She has proven that with hard work and dedication, skills learned at an early age will serve you through life.


A career well served: Dr. Saad Saad, New Jersey Surgeo

The career life and social life of Dr. Saad Saad, has been one interesting journey and the surgeon certainly is proud to have gone to medical school. Dr. Saad has had the best that his career can offer, most notably being the exclusive pediatric surgeon of the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. He served the Royal Family for close to five years before he came back to America, and he says the experience at Saudi Arabia was once in a lifetime experience. The surgeon, who is based in New Jersey, overcame all odds, on his journey to become a surgeon.


He was born in Palestine in a family of eight, which was economically humble but well educated. In his early days he was not sure whether to pursue engineering or medicine, but after further deliberations, he opted to go to medical school. Dr. Saad joined Cairo University in Egypt where he would later graduate with a medical degree, coming second in his class. He took an internship in England before moving to the United States where he did his residency in Pediatric Surgery. Consequently, he got his American Board Certification in Pediatric Surgery.


All through his career, Dr. Saad has been guided by principles and values which were taught to him by his mentor, Dr. H Biemann Othersen. According to the New Jersey surgeon, his mentor taught him to treat all children with equal love and care without being influenced by their color, race, sex, status or any other discriminatory cue. Additionally, his humble upbringing made him resonate with many situations he would encounter in his career. These are value he carried along even when in Saudi Arabia, where he was practically a Doctor for the rich. At King Faisal Hospital in Riyadh, he had the opportunity to help the poor patients who could not afford complicated surgery. Besides being the Hospital for the Royals, they opened doors for disadvantaged in the society who were suffering from complicated pediatric surgical conditions.


Dr. Saad did not stop at treating the Royal and the poor of Saudi Arabia but also extended his service to Surgical Students in Saudi. He recognized the hustle that Saudi students were going through to have their residency. This pushed him to come up with a Surgical Residency Program in Saudi and also pioneered a working relationship with the Royal College of Surgeons In England. This enabled the students to get their UK certification without having to leave Saudi.


More about Dr. Saad Saad


He is affiliated with a number of hospitals in New Jersey, such as Monmouth Medical Center, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Long Branch Campus. Dr. Saad has two medical inventions under his patents, both of which aim at reducing pain during surgery, and allow doctors to perform surgeries faster with less pain involved.

The surgeon is a committed family man and has been married for forty years with four children. Two of them are surgeons, one is a lawyer and the other two are ICU nurses. Learn more: https://chronicleweek.com/2018/04/dr-saad-saad-medical-missions/


Ryan Seacrest Bio Recap

On December 31, 2004, Ryan Seacrest took over as host of  Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and became the permanent host and executive producer. Who is Ryan Seacrest? Ryan Seacrest had a strong resume that cited his many television and radio hosting jobs, making him the perfect choice to succeed Dick Clark. Clark had suffered from a stroke in 2003 and could not continue hosting New Year’s Rockin’ Eve that debuted in 1972.

During to the year, Seacrest has many projects to keep him busy. Ryan Seacrest hosts the number one radio show in Los Angeles. Seacrest is the host of  On the Air with Ryan Seacrest. In 2017, Seacrest began co-hosting  Live with Kelly and Ryan. The series began as Regis and Kathie Lee. Ironically, Regis Philbin filled in for Dick Clark as host of his new Year’s eve television show when Clark had his stroke.

According to Seacrest, he has been hosting and executive producing  E Live from the Red Carpet . Seacrest is the head of Ryan Seacrest Productions. Seacrest’s production company produces such shows that include, CMT’s  I Love Kelly Pickler,  Keeping up with the Kardashians, and others. Seacrest’s Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution  recently won an Emmy. This spring, Ryan Seacrest is the host of  American Idol.

Ryan Seacrest is involved with commercial products. Seacrest’s menswear line can be found at Macy’s. The creative and talented executive producer also has a skincare line that he helped develop with the assistance of Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist. Seacrest has a wonderful relationship with the CEOs of Coca-Cola and Ford. Ryan Seacrest is one of the trustees for the Los Angeles Conty Museum of Art. Finally, Seascrest has a position of honory chair for the Grammys.

Ryan Seacrest’s Profile on Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

The Top Protein Manufacturing Company in the World – OSI Group

David McDonald works with the OSI Group LLC as the President and CEO of the company. Prior to this position, Mr. McDonald served in various capacities in the company growing in ranks to head the organization. He previously served as the project manager at the OSI Industries and holds the position as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. What’s more, Mr. McDonald also serves as one of the directors on the OSI Group besides being a director at the OSI International foods in Australia.

About the OSI Group

Over the years the OSI Group has grown to be a globally recognized food provider due to its excellent protein products that it distributes to its partners and customers. The company’s growth is in line with its vision where OSI aims to be the premier global food provider to the top branded international food companies. The company’s management is pegged on the different market managers who are accustomed to the different areas that the OSI Group has its presence. The managers at the given localities are, therefore, able to make decisions based on their customers and markets.

As an international food supplying company, OSI leads in the production of proteins such as sandwiches, sausage links, beef patties, and pizza among many others. The company has established over 50 plants where they conduct business in 17 countries. OSI Group which has its headquarters located in Aurora Illinois has one of its significant subsidiaries in China where they are the chief suppliers of the value-added protein food products to a majority of the biggest food brands globally. The respected brands include The Subway, Burger King, McDonald’s, Yum, Papa John’s among others. Again, apart from having its operations in China, one of the other notable expansion strategies that the company recently adopted was the acquisition of in the Baho Foods, a Dutch food manufacturer.

About David McDonald

David McDonald grew up in the Northeast Iowa where he received his education before enrolling at the Iowa State University where he studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science. He again won an award due to his hard work at the university which was the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. David McDonald join the OSI Group where he has served for more than 30 years. He is also a philanthropic individual and is involved in scholarship funding at his institution at the Alpha Gamma Rho. Equally important, David McDonald is a family man and has a wife called Malinda and six children where they live at Warrenville, III.

To know more visit @: angel.co/david-g-mcdonald