Lime Crime: Proof Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Lime Crime is a revolution in makeup for women. It is well-priced. It looks and feels amazing. The best part is that is completely vegan. What does this mean? The company makes it their personal mission when creating their products to ensure no harm comes to animals.There are zero toxic ingredients and absolutely none that derived from an animal. No testing is ever done on the furry creatures of the world and when you buy Lime Crime that is a guarantee. It is certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Leaping Bunny program which both have extremely high standards for the lifestyle of which animals are subjected to.

There is a policy that the company and its employees have each committed to since the grand opening in the year 2008. That policy is that no animals will be tested on or harmed in any way in the creation of their products. They have discontinued products that were doing well profit-wise where the contents were iffy just to stay true to their brand and their name and their reputation as a vegan company. Theor company offers also new and innovative products every day. Right now they have products such as unicorn shades and a new Venus XL Palette designed for the face that will give a bold color in one swipe as their website states.

Lime Crime also offers free shipping on items over fifty dollars. Their website also offers free chat services if you have questions or concerns about anything you see. Their semi-permanent vegan hair color comes in a variety of hair colors such as Sushi, Shock, Caramel, and Oyster. Their lip products come in colors such as fluke, choke, lit, and dope. They are very unique in creating names for their products and the pictures they advertise show the world they are not your typical makeup company. Their colors are bold and bright and playful and they pop at you whereas a typical makeup company may not as most only offer your standard black and gray eyeliners and red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. Lime Crime goes above and beyond in every aspect of their company from their vegan and animal cruelty free policy to the standard of a better brand of makeup for your everyday Superwoman.

You Can Count On IC System For Your Accounts Receivable Recovery Needs

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC System is an accounts receivable company that has always been highly dedicated to customer satisfaction. Although the company has since passed on to new generations, it has stayed within the family and, today, still provides itself on providing excellent service to its clients.

One of the things that makes IC System the preferred choice for businesses is that they strive to incorporate new technologies into their services. For example, in 1968, the company’s leaders saw that computers were more than just a trend. IC System was one of the first businesses to replace its typewriters with computers, ushering in the new information age. That dedication to staying up to date with new innovations and changes in policies has never wavered. That’s why clients can count on IC System to stay compliant with the latest updates to government regulations, such as CFPB, TCPA, 501(r). IC System also incorporates state of the art security measures to ensure their collection efforts remain safe and confidential.

The team at IC System prides itself on maintaining core values that put their customers’ needs first. To that end, they pledge to always treat each customer with respect, giving them honest responses to their questions and concerns. Additionally, they want to go above and beyond with each service they provide, so they’re always looking for new innovations to help them do that. The company’s goal is to provide quality service as expediently as possible (

Beyond their accounts receivable services, IC System also strives to give back to their community. They operate their own charity organization, E.C.H.O. (Employee Charitable Help Organization), which they started in 1981. This gives every employee an opportunity to participate in charity work. E.C.H.O. accepts donations from the company’s staff and determines the causes or organizations most in need of the money. In addition to helping the community, E.C.H.O. helps employees in need. Whenever a staff member is facing a personal catastrophe, the charitable group steps up to offer help.

IC System seeks to deliver quality accounts receivable services, while also looking after its employees and its community. As a family business, the company continues to strive for integrity and efficiency in all of its endeavors.


All About Real Estate from Nick Vertucci’s Perspective

Real estate investing is a proven way for people to improve their finances. Many people want to get started investing, but they are unsure of how to do so. Over the past few years, the real estate market in multiple areas has begun to improve.

Nick Vertucci is a successful real estate investor who focuses on helping people reach their financial goals. He launched a real estate investing academy several years ago. Since that time, he has taught hundreds of people the basic investing concepts needed to succeed. Anyone who wants to learn different aspects of real estate investing should work with him.

His Investing Advice

Nick Vertucci gives a lot of advice to people who are just starting out. He believes that new investors should start slowly. Some people tend to try and buy numerous properties at one time. Buying a lot of homes is usually not a prudent strategy for real estate investors.

Nick Vertucci also thinks that people should work with a mentor. When investors work with a mentor, they can gain valuable experience that they usually would not receive. Nick Vertucci started asking successful real estate investors about their thoughts on the market. He quickly learned valuable lessons that helped him in his career.

Financial Planning

Planning for the future is never easy. With an uneasy real estate market, some people are starting to worry about their investments. Nick Vertucci tells his students that the best time to purchase a home is in a lousy economy.

When he started investing in 2011, the real estate market was much less expensive than it is today. He is focused on developing his real estate academy while acquiring additional properties. Now is an excellent time for him to focus on his company and helping other people.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: An Army of One

Dr. Jennifer Walden has been on a mission, especially when it comes to dealing with medical aesthetics. The Texas-native has worked with some of the most affluent individuals in the game, and she has a long list of credentials to backup all claims. Walden actually comes from a family of professionals. Her mother was a surgical nurse, and her father was a dentist. While growing-up in the Northwest Hills region of Austin, Texas, she would go on to be named as an all-state soccer player. Beauty, brains, ambition and athletics makes her the total package and more

Walden seemed to be destined for greatness because she had all of the main qualities to succeed. These qualities are what separates her from the competition. The University of Texas and the University of Texas Medical Branch were her stomping grounds. During this point in time, Walden got a chance to achieve many things. Her excellent education has helped her to earn a B.A. in Biology as well as earn a medical doctorate. Around this same point in time, Walden would be elected as the president of the Alpha Omega Honor Medical Society. She would also go on as the salutatorian of her class as well as graduate with honors.

Did you know that this extraordinary woman has been a commentator for many television programs. Walden’s presence commands attention as she has been a guest on E! Network’s “DR. 90210,” a guest on NBC’s “Today Show,” a guest on VH1’s “Plastic Surgery Obsession” as well as a guest on ABC’s “20/20.” She is also one of the very first doctors to perform high-volume labiaplasties via laser machines. The sky is certainly the limit with Dr. Jennifer Walden, but who knows exactly what she has up-her-sleeves in the coming years.

Talos Energy Embarks On Historic Oil Drilling In Mexico

In a move to display their willingness to allow foreign entities access to their country’s energy markets, Mexico has permitted an offshore oil well placement by a private company for the first time in eight decades.

The venture is a collaborative effort between Premier Oil, a company based in London, Talos Energy of Houston, and Mexico’s own Sierra Oil and Gas. In a statement prepared by Premier, it was noted that the last exploration offshore not commanded by a company run by the state was the effort made by Petroleos Mexicanos in 1938.

Premier also explained in the statement that the well, known as Zama-1 is located off the shores of the state of Tabasco in the Sureste Basin and will hold up to 500 million barrels of oil. The three companies were the winners of a bid that took place after the decision was made by Mexico to make the country’s oil industry available to private investors.

Analyst Charlie Sharp says that the drilling in Mexico is one of the most interesting drilling prospects to take place in years due to the potential impact the move can have on the Mexican oil and gas markets.

Talos Energy is responsible for all operations pertaining to the Zama-1 well.

About Talos Energy

Talos Energy LLC is an oil and gas company headquartered in Houston that focuses its efforts on acquisitions and exploration of oil and gas in the Gulf Coast Region. Talos was founded in 2012 and is led by a team of highly qualified professionals with decades of experience in the oil and gas industry. The foundation established by the skilled and experienced team has positioned the company to rapidly grow in activity and reputation while remaining committed to performing operations that are both safe and compliant with environmental protection protocol.


Shafik Sachedina Enjoys Giving Back To Community

Shafik Sachedina is a certified dental surgeon in England. He was born in Tanzania and later in his teenage years moved to England with his parents. Shafik studied at Guys Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London. He has continued to practice in London and has acquired substantial experience in dental fields.

Shafik has shown interest in other fields especially when it comes to health care services and holds various positions in different healthcare organizations. Currently, Shafik serves as a joint Chairman in the Sussex Health Care Company based in South England. The company focuses on offering homecare services primarily to the individuals who are mentally challenged and also to the elderly.

Shafik founded the healthcare company with other partners who have interest in serving the needy. The Care Centre is considered to be one of the most reliable facilities in the healthcare industry since the patients can enjoy the environment and receive the required attention.

Shafik is also popularly known for his work and services to the community. As a Muslim, he decided to promote his religion in the area by serving voluntarily at Institute of Ismaili studies. The organization focuses promoting Muslim cultures in order to enhance greater understanding of their faith and the society. The institution also serves as a gathering point for the Muslims to study their history as well as the neglected fields of esoteric Islam.

Shafik Sachedina serves his extracurricular passionately as he serves his profession. He believes in giving back to the community and extending the high voluntarily culture. In the institution, he is responsible for various activities and plans of the organizations. He is therefore accountable and in charge of coordination of the institute and its 16 branches. His responsibility includes serving Aga Khan Development Network Programs and Institution that focuses on Muslim communities in central Asia. Shafik Sachedina also volunteered to serve as the president of Ismaili Council for two terms.

Currently, Shafik serves as the head of the Department of Jamati Institutions. It is through his involvement with the Islam communities that his portrait of a humble man is portrayed. With his leadership skills, he has succeeded in managing the organizations. He continues to do things that he loves and have passion for serving the award-winning Sussex Health Care Company and being kind to the community which he appreciates as his second home.

For more information about Shafik sachedina, just click here.

Big Musicians Are Calling On Clayton Hutson To Help Them Run An Awesome Tour

Music producer extraordinaire Clayton Hutson is a well known and loved business owner who is known for working day to night to get the job done. He is always putting his clients first and their ideas. To impress clients you have to wow them with awesome lights, audio, etc. Since Mr. Hutson has lots of experience in the field and knows how to blow clients away with his skills and professional manner.


His business started with a desire to have his own company and not work for anyone else. Mr. Hutson picked up lots of skills from previous companies. He has worked at Getagrip Touring as a production manager and was vice-president of production for Ronin Event Creative. There is one thing Clayton believes that maybe other may not. Hiring people who are talented is incredibly important rather than someone who is very polite with no talent. It is hard to train those people he says. A person who is talented and passionate about their job with strive to do their best. His younger self could also use some valid advice to be completely honest with himself and others. He would also say to put family first always.


When it comes to work and business Clayton Hutson is always on the move and being a productive entrepreneur is crucial. He is always three steps ahead of the game. Mr. Hutson plans his whole day in advance so he can get everything done that needs to be figured out. Setting up a stage and testing all the equipment to make sure it is in working order is very important in Clayton’s eyes. He even triple checks everything to make sure.


Triple threat Clayton Hutson is full of talent ready to show the world. He is a live sound engineer, production manager, logistics manager, monitor engineer, show producer, is a stage manager, does rigging, and production design. On top of it Clayton auditions for acting roles on the side and has been in TV commercials and has made appearances in TV shows.


Mr. Hutson got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Technical Production and Theater Design from Central Michigan University. After graduating from there he continued onto the University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business. There he received a Master of Business Administration. He has worked for big names such as Kanye West, Prince, Jennifer Nettles, Guns N’ Roses, Kid Rock, Pink, Garbage, OneRepublic, Kelly Clarkson, and so many more. Learn more:

How To Avoid Driving Customers Away From Market America

One of the issues with marketing is that it can be very easy to turn away customers as opposed to attracting them. There are tons of things that people should not do when they are trying to market their company. This can render their efforts useless even when they are working with Market America. After all, people are considering many factors when they are deciding on what to buy. One of the factors that are considered is how a company is marketing itself. One thing that is certain is that the method of advertising is changing and so are what people will tolerate.

One thing that can turn customers off is the pushy and intrusive way of advertising. When people just advertise what products they are trying to sell, this can cause them to lose the customers they are trying to gain. After all, people already do not like advertisements. Market America users have to put in effort in order to make sure that the advertisement is worth the space they are taking up on the webpage. One of the best things to do is make sure that it is out of the way so that people are able to read the content they came to read. The best way for Market America unfranchise owners to get clicks is to make sure that the advertisement is relevant to the content on the page.

One thing that can help is making sure that the page that Market America marketers are using are so related to the page that the advertisement can pass as one piece of the content. In other words, one thing that the marketer does not want to do is advertise electronics on a page that is dedicated to fashion. While some people that are interested in fashion are also interested in electronics, people are going to get much better results if they keep up with the relevance of the content.

Securus Technologies Has Successful 2017

Drones are seemingly everywhere these days. Chances are that you or one of your neighbors own one. They can be a lot of fun when used recreationally and can also be used for business purposes like aerial photographer. Prison officials across North America have a very different view of pilotless drones. They have seen an increase in contraband being introduced into their facilities via drones.


Securus Technologies, a leading prison technology company, has announced that help is on the way. They recently finished an 18-month trial that tested their new drone detection technology. The company was excited to announced that their initial was a massive success and expect to begin delivering the technology to prisons around the country in the near future. The technology is still capable of being fine-tuned and Securus is dedicated to perfecting it to help their customers combat crime. Illegal contraband such as drugs, tobacco, and weapons can be dropped into prison yards with pilotless drones and go undetected. With this technology these drones can be detected before they even get into the prison’s air space and thwarted.


The company is coming off a great winter that saw them receive 3 Stevie Awards for their outstanding customer service. The awards were presented to the company at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in February of 2018. Securus operates a 300-employee call center in the U.S. that provides customer service solutions to the 1.2 million inmates the company provides services to. The Dallas, Texas-based prison technology company employees over 1,000 full-time employees across four U.S. locations.


The Oxford Club Helps Members Down the Road Toward Financial Freedom

The Oxford Club is a growing private network of investors who are driven to outperform the markets with time-tested strategies that power their portfolios. The products that they’ve developed give their members an edge when approaching complex, volatile markets which are always fluid. They convey their market wisdom in the form of newsletters and trading services that have been crafted by experts with a deep well of experience to draw from.


The Chief Investment Strategist of The Oxford Club is the best-selling writer Alexander Green and he pens their flagship newsletter called the Oxford Communique. Here, he offers first-rate market analysis and trading ideas to help their members achieve outstanding returns. He also writes the popular essay series called Beyond Wealth and he expounds upon politics, philosophy and general principles for healthy living.


Green doesn’t stop there though. The Momentum Alert is one of The Oxford Club’s trading services based upon the heavily researched and authenticated strategy of momentum stocks. Using reams of past data, he is adept at identifying fast moving stocks which could rapidly outpace the indexes.

The Oxford Income Letter is another outstanding product that helps members build high performing income portfolios with the best dividend stocks. Stock picks and expert analysis gives members the chance to reduce risk and increase returns. This newsletter also highlights many choice opportunities in the bond markets as well.


The pattern of growth that The Oxford Club has demonstrated for over three decades is substantial and they aren’t done yet. They have members in 131 countries and are truly global in nature. Their chief goal is to help their more than 157,000 members achieve lasting wealth with successful investing.


Memberships are available in three different levels that give access to their products. Subscribing to one of their excellent newsletters is the basic level called the Premier category. The Director’s Circle gives members access to all three newsletters and takes investing to a new level. The Chairman’s Circle is complete access to all publications and extras at their website and provides the most value.


The Oxford Club gives its members the chance to attain lasting wealth that goes beyond money. Financial independence can open many doors so that one may focus on the most important things in life like friends, family, and building a better locality.