How Producer Lawrence Bender Gave Us “Pulp Fiction”

Many people know that Quentin Tarantino was the genius filmmaker behind the seminal crime film “Pulp Fiction.” However, most people may not be familiar with the producer behind one of the most important films of the last 25 years. That producer, Lawrence Bender, has been challenging the conventions of cinema for almost three decades.

The story of Lawrence Bender did not begin at a major Hollywood studio. In fact, Mr. Bender cut his teeth on the outskirts of the industry, producing low-budget slasher movies. Then one day, the producer had a chance meeting with an underemployed actor and aspiring filmmaker. That meeting would change Hollywood forever.

During the summer of 1990, Lawrence Bender met Quentin Tarantino at a mutual friend’s barbecue. During their industry chit-chat, Tarantino pitched the producer on the idea of a heist film gone wrong. Sensing a great story, Bender asked Tarantino to go ahead and write up the story. The result was the art house favorite “Reservoir Dogs.”

In two short years, both Bender and Tarantino had made their mark on the indie cinema world. However, the two wanted to aim higher and change the big Hollywood industry. Tarantino went off and wrote one of the most impressive screenplays in movie history. Bender took that script and pulled together almost $8 million to make the movie happen. The result was the cult hit “Pulp Fiction.”

The duo’s second landmark film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival where it took home the top prize. Months later, the film opened in theatres across America and grossed over $100 million dollars. Starring heavy hitting stars such as Bruce Willis, Uma Thurman, Samuel Jackson, and John Travolta, “Pulp Fiction,” has inspired a generation of filmmakers. The icing on the cake came in early 1995 when the film was nominated for a slew of Academy Awards including a nomination for Bender for Best Picture.

Born in the Bronx, New York in 1962, Lawrence Bender has produced over 50 film projects in his three-decade career. His highest-profile films include “Pulp Fiction,” “Jackie Brown,” and “Good Will Hunting.” Today, Mr. Bender is considered one of the premier producer working in Hollywood today.

Jeff Aronin Leads in Biopharmaceuticals

Beyond the big pharmacies, clinics, biotechnologies, and hospitals there is a rich, complicated world of experienced specialists who are solely familiar with the requirements of operating companies in the healthcare and ecosystem industries. From the look of things, every business type has a distinctive opportunity as well as issues in the ever competitive environment. Others are equipped with several alternative business models. These models make sense depending on the circumstances available. One such biopharmaceutical company is Paragon Biosciences, a Chicago –based firm that specializes in the investment and building of biotechnology firms.

Delivering Excellent Service

What is more, Paragon Biosciences focuses on the needs of a patient and the science behind the disease that is affecting a patient’s immunity by building companies that will quickly bring novel treatments to the patient. Over and above, Paragon Biosciences companies are manned by healthcare industry experts whose efforts to elevate the standards of treatment methods are above any other conventional treatment methods that most individuals are somewhat aware of. Moreover, the leadership of the company has a track record of FDA drug approvals ( That is why over the past decade, Paragon Biosciences has established a strong, reliable portfolio for the development of finance innovative biotech companies.

Paragon Biosciences has a unique mechanism for conducting its business. The group of companies has dedicated experts coupled with cutting-edge resources. Besides, the company connects its series of companies with entrepreneurs as well as clinical experts with the aim of providing viable strategy and guidance for the right medicine to reach its patients.

About Jeff Aronin

Well, behind the unbeaten bioscience company is one leader, Jeff Aronin. Born in 1967, Mr. Aronin is a successful American investor, biopharmaceutical executive as well as an investor. Currently, he is the head cheerleader of Paragon Biosciences. The innovation-based company develops, finances and to accelerate treatment methods in the healthcare system.

Jeff Aronin attended the DePaul University and majored in bachelor’s degree in science. Jeff Aronin developed the passion for the industry of pharmaceutical companies when shadowing a doctor who was treating a patient with epilepsy. Unfortunately, the patient’s health was declining as he was experiencing seizures. Therefore, Jeff Aronin pursued alternative treatment that worked for the patient.

Graham Edwards Knows More Than Just Telereal

There are big changes in store for the structure of the Centre for Policy Studies, and they are designed to improve the quality of life for many citizens. These are major policy programs that focus on important institutions of the human condition, as it pertains to modern-day living. It all falls under the New Generation mantle, which seeks to keep platforms innovative and effective with progressive brainstorming teams.

The ultimate purpose behind this breakthrough is to have established channels and networks in place for the public in the years to come. The basic needs addressed through these programs are tax and cost of living, business and enterprise, housing and planning, and welfare. The desired outcome from these programs is to empower the people about the choices and responsibilities that are available to them.

Of course, the programs, references and resources at play in this system are not under the command and control of just anyone. As a matter of fact, the whole deal is under the supervision of Alex Morton. His highly qualified and independently spectacular team consists of Tom Clougherty, Rachel Wolf, along with the one and only, Chairman for Housing Policy and CPS Research Fellow, Graham Edwards Telereal.

On top if being a key player and element for the Centre for Policy Studies, Edwards is also a balanced and impressive businessman. His training and education comes from King’s College London as well as the University of Cambridge. It is precisely this education which has afforded him the opportunity to serve in the business world with such companies as Telereal, Talisman Global Asset Management and Merrill Lynch.

Edwards’ resume speaks for itself. It holds some fairly major deals in it, with the names Telereal and Trillium at the top. Really, what makes him perfect for his position with the Centre is his method and levels of focus when it comes to real estate and diplomacy. These method focus on relationships, management and transaction, as three separate yet intertwined dimensions of taking care of business. Edwards knows all about showing leadership while at the same time expanding his own professionalism through experience.

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David Giertz: Why Come Up Short?

If there is one thing none of us want to face once we retire, it’s coming up far short of our financial needs. With products and services costing more each year, it’s more important than ever to plan well for one’s golden years. But with so many types of retirement accounts offered by employers, many millennials don’t know where to begin when trying to decide how to put their money to its best use. Because of this, 30-year veteran financial services analyst David Giertz has devoted much of his career to helping younger workers plan for retirement. While there are many strategies workers can utilize, here are the ones David most often recommends.

Grow Your 401(K)

Of all the retirement plans employers offer their workers, a 401(K) offers numerous advantages and is easy to contribute to each pay period. An easy retirement account to set up contributions after each paycheck, these accounts also offer the tremendous advantage of having your contributions matched dollar-for-dollar by your employer. Due to this aspect, a 401(K) can accumulate a large amount of retirement income over your working life, setting the stage for a financially secure life.

Pay Attention to Your Tax Deductions

Along with making regular contributions to your 401(K) and leaving them in there until retirement, David also recommends paying close attention to the tax deductions you’re taking each year. Since these often change yearly, knowing what’s best for your particular situation can let you save hundreds or thousands of dollars, all of which can be saved for retirement. To understand what changes may benefit you, speak to your company’s Human Resource Officer, or discuss your situation and goals with an accountant. And remember, if you’ve had a new life event such as a marriage or birth of a new baby, chances are your tax situation will need to be reevaluated.

To ensure your retirement goes off just as you hoped it would financially, pay attention to the advice of seasoned and knowledgeable financial services experts such as David Giertz. By doing so, peace of mind will be yours.

Chris Linkas Discusses Early Retirement for Young People

If you are looking to meet long term financial goals such as retiring, saving for college or a home, or simply achieving financial freedom, taking the advice of investment professionals would be very helpful. One individual that can help to provide you with very sound guidance is Chris Linkas, who is current an investment and personal wealth advisor that has helped a lot of people achieve their personal financial goals. When meeting with Chris Linkas, one of the first things that he will tell you is that you need to start saving as soon as possible. There are many benefits that come when you start to save at a young age.


Teaches Discipline

One of the main advantages of starting to save at an early age is that you will learn personal financial discipline. In order to save money, you will need to setup a personal budget and stick to it. This will quickly teach you how to avoid overspending on products and services that you do not need to have. If you are able to start doing this at a very young age, it will set you up for a life of frugality and being able to save and invest enough money to live comfortably.


Compound Interest

Another that comes when you start to save and invest at an early age is that you will be able to take advantage of compound interest. When you start to save and invest at an early age, you will have far more years to save and crew interest compared to someone who waits until they’re older ( Over time, this will result in you earning more and more interest every year and building a portfolio that is far greater than someone who waited.


Take Risks

When you start to save and invest at an earlier age, you will also be able to take more risk than you would have if you waited. When you wait too long to start investing, you will not have the ability to take certain risks. This could result and you missing out on some very significant growth stocks and opportunities and that is what Chris Linkas emphasizes.


Upwork-Cut out the Middle Man!

Time management is a crucial skill to gain the most productivity out of your day. Having a structured, simple plan to complete daily tasks is your best bet. A To-Do list suggested by Upwork is effective and easy to execute! The first essential step in creating your To-Do list is to write out all necessary tasks that need completed. Relying on your memory will lead to frustration and high probability that your tasks stay incomplete. Try creating your To-Do list in the evening before bed and always store your list in one location. Use a mobile app as it more organized and structured than the traditional scratch paper methods.

When creating your list, allocate a time frame that each task will require. This creates realistic execution of the tasks you have set for yourself and always prioritize! Create baby steps for each of your large tasks that require a lot of time and lump similar tasks together. The old saying kill two birds with one stone is a great method to utilize in an effective To-Do list suggested by Upwork. Finding ways to save time on your To-Do list gives you more satisfaction and sense of accomplishment! Finally, determine how much effort should be involved in each of your tasks. If the task is not necessary, eliminate it from your list. Do the things that truly matter and bring structure to your life!

Upwork is your answer to find quality freelance work without the hassle or restriction of scheduling face-to-face appointments. With a strong reputation of over 12 million registered users,Upwork’s user-friendly platform gives clients the opportunity to talk live with potential freelancers creating an efficient process for both parties. The remote process offers an endless about of opportunity for businesses to connect with professionals in areas of web development, consulting, customer service, and many more! If you are looking for efficient, time effective, and quality work look no further than Upwork!

How Robert Deignan Has Contributed to the Digital Communication Services

There is a need to make good use of the consumer software applications today. However, many people aren’t aware of how they would go about it. In every aspect of life, it is good to know that digital services are taking charge of every sphere including in the business world. Advanced Tech Support (ATS) made an announcement that the industry is about to make a notable milestone. ATS is a call center that has been certified by AppEsteem Corporation. The main aim is to ensure the consumers are happy with the software applications they use. AppEsteem Corporation certifies all app-related services that were founded by the Microsoft cybersecurity veterans.

It is good to appreciate that ATS has been focal in providing technical support services to thousands and thousands of customers. ATS serves customers who use telephone services especially those in the remote places. Telephone services may be inefficient in remote areas unless you have some screen sharing technologies you can access. Robert Deignan says that their organization is highly focused on the consumer compliance, and he says this is the backbone or firm support of the firm. Robert is the Chief Executive Officer and also Co-founder of Inbound Call Experts, which is today known as ATS Digital Services. Robert says that the review process the firm had in January made them discover that the AppEsteem’s requirements had already been met.

From this point, Robert decided that the company had to get certified and have a committed team. He also affirmed that the firm resolved to send signals to the regulators, security companies, and software vendors. He says the company is committed to providing quality services to all its customers, and it ensures that the firm’s practices and operations are consumer-friendly. The requirements of the inbound call center are based on input from the consumer groups, call centers, software industry, security companies, law enforcement, and government regulators. According to Robert, these requirements are meant to build a software downloading industry that is healthy and more sustainable. ATS was founded in 2011 and its main offices are located in Boca Raton, Florida. Robert graduated with a degree in Organizational Leadership in 1992 from Purdue University.

The Genius of Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a pioneer in his own right when it comes to the business of medicine. He grew up in a household where his dad was a practicing medical doctor. He wanted to make a difference for people the way his dad had done for so many years.

Dr. Mark McKenna did what was expected to become a doctor. He went to college and medical school. Then, while in medical school he continued to observe his dad’s practice and discovered that the medical industry was drastically changing. The new system of billing and reimbursements impacted the way doctors were being paid, which gave Dr. Mark McKenna the idea to do something different with his medical degree.

While in medical school, Dr. Mark McKenna began a real estate business. He began buying properties in his home state of Louisiana. The money he used to fund the business came from his part-time work of doing physical exams for inmates at the prisons for $50 an hour. Also, he worked for his dad’s general practice for five years. Before long, he had built a multi-million dollar enterprise with real estate.

Unfortunately, the riches he discovered in real estate were somewhat short-lived. After graduating from Tulane Medical School in 1999, the real estate business he had started while in school began to flourish but in 2005 disaster struck. Hurricane Katrina wrecked many of his properties and caused him to lose millions of dollars. Yet, he was incredibly resilient and took on the newest opportunity at hand: buying flooded properties for next to nothing, rehabbing, and flipping them for a profit. He did this until he recouped close to a million dollars and sold off the business thereafter.

Finally, after experiencing continued success in business, this doctor-turned-entrepreneur, found a way to help more people on demand with his expertise. Hence, OVME (‘of me’), an Uber-like business model that does house calls for minimally invasive procedures, like Botox, among others. It has grown in popularity in the city of Atlanta, helping residents to positively increase how they look and feel about themselves.

Lime Crime: Proof Not all Heroes Wear Capes

Lime Crime is a revolution in makeup for women. It is well-priced. It looks and feels amazing. The best part is that is completely vegan. What does this mean? The company makes it their personal mission when creating their products to ensure no harm comes to animals.There are zero toxic ingredients and absolutely none that derived from an animal. No testing is ever done on the furry creatures of the world and when you buy Lime Crime that is a guarantee. It is certified by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and the Leaping Bunny program which both have extremely high standards for the lifestyle of which animals are subjected to.

There is a policy that the company and its employees have each committed to since the grand opening in the year 2008. That policy is that no animals will be tested on or harmed in any way in the creation of their products. They have discontinued products that were doing well profit-wise where the contents were iffy just to stay true to their brand and their name and their reputation as a vegan company. Theor company offers also new and innovative products every day. Right now they have products such as unicorn shades and a new Venus XL Palette designed for the face that will give a bold color in one swipe as their website states.

Lime Crime also offers free shipping on items over fifty dollars. Their website also offers free chat services if you have questions or concerns about anything you see. Their semi-permanent vegan hair color comes in a variety of hair colors such as Sushi, Shock, Caramel, and Oyster. Their lip products come in colors such as fluke, choke, lit, and dope. They are very unique in creating names for their products and the pictures they advertise show the world they are not your typical makeup company. Their colors are bold and bright and playful and they pop at you whereas a typical makeup company may not as most only offer your standard black and gray eyeliners and red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. Lime Crime goes above and beyond in every aspect of their company from their vegan and animal cruelty free policy to the standard of a better brand of makeup for your everyday Superwoman.

You Can Count On IC System For Your Accounts Receivable Recovery Needs

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson, IC System is an accounts receivable company that has always been highly dedicated to customer satisfaction. Although the company has since passed on to new generations, it has stayed within the family and, today, still provides itself on providing excellent service to its clients.

One of the things that makes IC System the preferred choice for businesses is that they strive to incorporate new technologies into their services. For example, in 1968, the company’s leaders saw that computers were more than just a trend. IC System was one of the first businesses to replace its typewriters with computers, ushering in the new information age. That dedication to staying up to date with new innovations and changes in policies has never wavered. That’s why clients can count on IC System to stay compliant with the latest updates to government regulations, such as CFPB, TCPA, 501(r). IC System also incorporates state of the art security measures to ensure their collection efforts remain safe and confidential.

The team at IC System prides itself on maintaining core values that put their customers’ needs first. To that end, they pledge to always treat each customer with respect, giving them honest responses to their questions and concerns. Additionally, they want to go above and beyond with each service they provide, so they’re always looking for new innovations to help them do that. The company’s goal is to provide quality service as expediently as possible (

Beyond their accounts receivable services, IC System also strives to give back to their community. They operate their own charity organization, E.C.H.O. (Employee Charitable Help Organization), which they started in 1981. This gives every employee an opportunity to participate in charity work. E.C.H.O. accepts donations from the company’s staff and determines the causes or organizations most in need of the money. In addition to helping the community, E.C.H.O. helps employees in need. Whenever a staff member is facing a personal catastrophe, the charitable group steps up to offer help.

IC System seeks to deliver quality accounts receivable services, while also looking after its employees and its community. As a family business, the company continues to strive for integrity and efficiency in all of its endeavors.