A Recap of an interview with Alex Pall

This will feature recapped information on an interview Mathias Rozenweig did with Alex Pall from a musical duo called the “Chainsmokers”. This group is made up of Alex Pall the vocalist and he Chainsmokers are famous for songs like “Don’t Let Me Down” and the song “Roses”. One of their most recent was with popular star Halsey in the song “Closer”. In this song, you can hear Andrew Taggert as the disk jockey and Alex Pall sing. Pall is a Disk jockey also. The two stars of the group Taggert and Pall are functioning to display themselves a little more each day. This group knits closeness into a type of music that often can show to be too unproductive.

Alex Pall from the group grew up with a hobby of being a DJ. He would make a job out of being a DJ and do it around New York City. It was there where he realized that’s what he wanted to do. He met Taggert after wanting to pursue dance music and the manager introduced Pall to him. When they met they started working together. The poll then quit his job and Taggert moved away from Maine.

Both the members had a talk when they were starting to know each other. For example, about what they had interests into as they both were growing up as well as what they liked in music. What they were really trying to do was create an identity from the chat. Then, everyday form nine in the morning to seven in the night they met with each other to both develop their identity as music artists and create music. Another unique thing they have is that they write the songs they or others they do duets with that they sing. Also, when they create an album they want all the songs containing the same ideas. In closing, when the two perform on stage they want to keep going further as their audience grows. They don’t want to keep having the same performance. Rather they want the show to show excitement and be new every time.


Jordan Lindsey and Forex

Even as a child growing up in New York, Jordan Lindsey has had the mindset of an entrepreneur. He was continuously generating new business. He kept his eyes open for opportunities to make things better. As a child, Lindsey has the drive to change the world by producing something new. He enjoyed playing sports as a child. Tennis and hockey were his favourite sports to play.

fell in love with the city of San Francisco the first time he visited. A few months after his first visit to San Francisco, Jordan relocated there from New York. He was drawn to the atmosphere of people motivating each other to create. He enjoyed what was going on in San Francisco and the way the people there shared their idea with one another.

Lindsey taught himself systems architecture design and programming. He received his education from St. Joseph’s College as well as Mount Angel Seminary. Jordan has lived abroad in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Mexico, and Argentina. Lindsey met his wife in Bosnia while there volunteering. His Wife is from a small village called Medjugorje. At first, Jordan Lindsey and his wife were just friends, actually best friends. Until one day, they both realized that the fact that they thought of each other 24 hours a day every day, that apparently there were deeper feelings there than just friends.

Forex which is the foreign exchange market is an over the counter market for currency trading. The foreign exchange rate is determined by this market. Forex is the largest trading market in the world. All selling, buying and exchanging of currencies at current prices are included in this market.

The large international banks are the main contributors to this market. Other than weekends, financial centres are functioning around the clock trading between a wide range of multiple types of buyers and sellers. Currencies are not exchanged equally, but determined by the value of the current market price.




Alex Pall is one of the duos forming the famous band “the chain-smokers” which has been known to produce hit song like “closer,” featuring Halsey and “don’t let me down.”

In a magazine interview, Alex explained how he and his co-singer Andrew Taggart started working together. Alex was a DJ around New York City. It was more of a side hustle that a job despite his passion for it. He decided to put a little more effort in music, and this was when his manager introduced him to Andrew, who he started working immediately with.

They shared their ambitions and goals, put their effort into what they were doing, learning from their environments and striving to produce quality music, and that is how they rose to this far. Andrew explained that people take heed to their music in such a deeper level and that’s why that is basically what they strive for, he said.

Their collaborations with Halsey was incredible. Alex Pall said. Her calm nature and her strong voice and her uniqueness as an artist made her their top priority to have a collaboration with. The song “Closer” was written by Andrew and their friend, while on a bus tour. Being the ones who sang and produced the song, made it even more unique.

Alex thanked Instagram for connecting them with their fans. The fact that their music spreads globally in places like South Africa inspires them. Fans are saying how much they love their music and even recording videos of themselves singing and sending to them makes them strive to produce more and better. Their music attracts both the aged and the young, and people from everywhere.

As their audience keeps expanding, Pall explained, so will they. This is through carrying out new and exciting shows around the world. They’ve been around the world twice he said. The duo plans on organizing a festival, and a big fall out tour, to expand their boundaries and giving people a new experience. The shows will be unique and have new content. Surely Chain-smokers are the next big thing to watch out for.


Academy of Art University: Rich in History While Embracing the Future

A remarkable achievement by the Academy of Art University occurred this year as they held their 21st annual runway showcase in September of 2017. The show included both menswear and womenswear created by a wide variety of designers hailing from U.S. and international destinations alike. Various fabrics, including some unique advancements in sustainability, were seen throughout the 15 minute show. Organic fabrics and recycled products were also on display. Pieces were inspired from international landscapes and scenery right there in San Francisco.

Although there have been subtle name changes over the years, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California has been open since 1929. The school is no small scale operation, with its distinctions including being one of the largest land owners in all of San Francisco, and its claim as the largest privately owned school for art and design currently in existence within the United States.

The Stephens family has been responsible for the launch and growth of the school for three generations. Founded by Richard S. Stephens, a painter in his own right and a magazine editor, who passed it down to his son Richard A. Stephens, and it was then handed over to his daughter Elisa Stephens. It is Elisa who is credited with the most drastic increase in student population, taking the enrollment from 2,000 students to 18,000 students over a 20 year span of time.

The Academy of Art University is regionally accredited and an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Arts and Design. In areas of specialization, the fine arts degrees (including both a bachelor’s and a master’s option) are both recognized by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation. The bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture are accredited by the National Architecture Accrediting Board.

Another interesting point to note is that the Academy of Art University owns and operates an automobile museum. Aptly named, the Academy of Art University Automobile Museum is home to some of the world’s rarest and most valuable vintage vehicles. In fact, Forbes valued the collection at $70 million. An estimated half of the fleet are owned by the University while the other remain under the ownership of the Stephens family. One of the rare vehicles dates back to before the University was even open: a 1928 Hispano-Suiza H6C.

Outstanding David McDonald

We are remembered for the good or bad deeds we did while alive. David McDonald is determined to leaving a proper legacy of his life by his good deeds and focused life. David grew up from a very humble family on the farms of Iowa. His parents could not offer a stable financial support, but they never despaired on their son, but rather they always encouraged him to do better always.

David McDonald was able to join Iowa State University to pursue a bachelor`s degree in animal science. After school, he joined Chicago-based OSI industries. He enjoys his work in OSI group and would rather see the group prosper than seeking greener pastures. Good works are rewarded accordingly; David has exhausted several leadership ranks in OSI as a result of his hard work. He is currently the chief operations officer and the president. He won several awards inclusive of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI group is the leading supplier of value added proteins such as beef patties, pizza, sausage links, and sandwiches. The efforts of McDonald have diversified the company to many countries worldwide. The company has also launched a mega processing plant in Henan province. He has launched other many projects such as feed mill, frozen food processing which have continued projecting more profits for the company.

The company has acquired Baho Food which according to David is a great move for the company. The Baho Food investment compliments the OSI`s already existing products. Consequently increasing their demand which in turn grows the ability of the group to keep up with global trends.
David McDonald says that the group has a great vision and a mission for growth.The goal of the company is to be the premier global food provider. David is a courageous man who takes challenges as opportunities. He encourages people to be creative and patient when building businesses. He says that it is good to include the employees in decision making. Resistance to change can be dangerous, David McDonald agrees with the notion and notes that creating unique solutions will do a company good.

David McDonald Info: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OSI_Group

Reaching Your Financial Goals With Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard Dwayne Blair of Wealth Solutions offers a three-pillar approach in reaching financial goals. The first step is a common-sense step that has probably been drilled into your mind since you first started thinking about your goals. The next steps build on that first step. Having a plan in place, developing a strategy and planning for the unexpected is the key pillars in any successful financial endeavor.

Richard Dwayne Blair founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 to help individuals and families achieve financial stability. Helping people with their financial issues brings joy in his life. Blair offers a wide range of investment options that are personalized to individual needs. He is a big advocate of education and feels that educated investors make wiser decisions than uneducated investors.

Richard Dwayne Blair’s expertise is in retirement planning. He encourages his clients to start making financial planning decisions early. He helps his clients avoid the usual pitfalls that trip people up when planning for retirement.

The very first thing that potential clients should think about in regards to their financial goals is what are they. You may have different goals than someone else. Blair suggests creating a roadmap detailing your ultimate goals. This roadmap could include your dreams for retirement, what you hope to do in retirement and what risks you are willing to take to reach your goals.

Once you have that roadmap it is important to strategize how you will meet those goals. Blair provides the analysis you need moving forward to utilize your existing assets and make sure negative impacts are absorbed. This could mean moving investments around to increase their performance or selling unneeded stock. Stocks that perform well over time are usually selected over those that don’t have a good track record.

It is important to plan for the unexpected. The third and final pillar for financial security is insurance. Blair says that having life and long-term care insurance can help you through the eventual storms of life. This prudent and sensible strategy for reaching financial goals will alleviate stress. It will also have the added bonus of peace of mind.



Dr. Rod Rohrich – A Name Synonymous with Plastic Surgery

In the realm of plastic surgery the name Dr. Rod Rohrich needs no introduction.

In practice and as an educator in his field, world renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Rod Rohrich has long been recognized as one of the leading experts in the field of reconstructive surgery with an emphasis on rhinoplasty, facial aesthetics and aging.

Not just a leader in his profession, Dr. Rohrich is an innovator as well. Through careful research, study and countless years of experience, he has developed techniques and procedures that have greatly enhanced the safety and effectiveness of reconstructive and plastic surgery techniques many of which have been adopted throughout the world. Helping to improve the quality of life for those affected by physical abnormalities and disfigurements has been a life’s goal of Dr. Rohrich, gratefully one he has had the satisfaction to fulfill on many occasions through the improved outcome of facial rejuvenation procedures, rhinoplasty and even breast reconstruction and augmentation.

While Dr. Rohrich has a private practice in Dallas Texas, he spends a great deal of time away from home, providing his expertise on critical and complex cases. Dr. Rohrich also performs and variety of educational services and speaks throughout the world on the subject of plastic surgery. And if that wasn’t enough to keep him busy, Dr. Rohrich also serves as the Chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery’s Resident Review Committee and is the President of the Rhinoplasty Society.

Dr. Rohrich’s expertise in the field of plastic surgery is well reflected in the five different books he has written over the years on the subject. In addition to his books, Dr. Rohrich has published well in excess of 700 peer reviewed articles and given more than 2000 scientific presentation on the subject of plastic surgery.

Without question Dr. Rohrich has contributed significantly to his field, a clear indication of the passion he has for his craft and his desire to help others. But what may be the most fulfilling of all his efforts is having both performed and taught the life restoring reconstructive techniques used to help severely burned and congenitally deformed children living in various third world countries. Rohrich on Instagram


The Chainsmokers New Single Sick Boy Relates To The Dark Side Of Now

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall broke out in 2014 with the top 20 single “#Selfie” and the world was introduced to the duo known as “The Chainsmokers” The DJ/production duo became even more relevant to the music scene the following year by breaking into the top 10 with another single “Roses”, then up into the top 5 with “Don’t Let Me Down” which also went onto win a Grammy Award for “Best Dance Recording” and then “Closer” became the duo’s first number 1 hit.


Popularity has skyrocketed greatly for the duo. The Chainsmokers have won five iHeartRadio Music Awards, two American Music Awards, and are continually preparing to release some new musical treats since their beginnings.


Pall and Taggart hooked up in New York City and actually progressed The Chainsmokers when one of the original founders, DJ Rhett Bixler, who had partnered up with Alex Pall in 2012 to form the duo, decided to part ways. Taggart was introduced by The Chainsmokers manager Adam Alpert. (Read more about Chainsmokers on Beatport: The Chainsmokers)


Recently the two new sensations sat down for an interview with Forbes Magazine and talked about how their music is heading in a “darker” direction. In an interview with Forbes contributor Hugh McIntyre, Pall and Taggart also discussed how challenging it can be to follow up on prior success and also how important it is.


All though The Chainsmokers has churned out so many hits in their very young span in the limelight it’s been 9 months since they released a song which according to Taggart is a “really long time”. Their most recent release is “Sick Boy” which they consider a new chapter and reflects how they’ve grown over the last few years.


Building off of what they consider is a reflection of not only themselves but in society currently and the world around them, inspired The Chainsmokers to reach into the dark side because that is what Taggart and Pall feel is happening in the now. Refer to This Article to learn more.


Writing the song in a sense out of frustration. Realizing that once you become “known” to the public and across social media, it can be frustrating to try and display or define who you really are and everything becomes misinterpreted and an incomplete story which is where the frustration and anger derive.


“Sick Boy” and their next couple of songs to be release are aimed at what it feels like to be alive right now and the duo feels as though their listeners will relate.


View Source: https://www.pandora.com/artist/the-chainsmokers/ARXX6jwckzwk4nw