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The Joys of Running a Business as Experienced by Entrepreneurs like Vijay Eswaran

Many admire entrepreneurs and business owners, but shy away from it themselves and even try to discourage their friends from running a business. They’d rather settle for the daily grind of rushing to work for a job that they don’t enjoy and take out their frustrations in some unhealthy fashion. Meanwhile, they try to save money against everything that comes up that eats up everything that they save. For them, this is the only way. Even Vijay Eswaran was told that this was the only way to make any type of money. Fortunately, he has enough confidence to pursue the alternative which has turned out to be better than what he has dreamed.

The truth is that there are plenty of joys to running a successful business. One of the joys of running a business is that this gives people a chance to live authentically. Even though running a business is going to take a lot of time in the beginning, it is going to be worthwhile for people that are living authentically. The best part is that they can take certain amounts of time to get it started up so that they will be able to continue working their other job and bringing in the money. Vijay has continued working his regular job until he has seen the income of his business surpass his regular job.

When thinking about a business, the most important thing is for the entrepreneur to make sure that his business is as close to him as possible. If his business is something that he lives and breathes, then he is going to have the best chance of succeeding and making a fortune. He could then do something else with the money has made so that he will be able to expand on his dreams.

About Music – Alex Pall

What Alex Pall Says about Music

The Chainsmokers is a band that is a collaboration between two articulate young stars who have managed to storm and shake the music industry with heartfelt tracks, such as, Roses, Don’t Let Me Down, Closer, just to mention but a few. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have worked together like blood brothers to make the band fly to greater heights each day.


Alex Pall indicates that it’s good for one to follow his or her passion. He postulates that as an artist, you don’t need to be great to start, but you need to start to be great. Alex pall began just as a mere village DJ, but right he is currently a real artist. Alex Pall urges everyone to chase after their dreams. He concludes by saying that it is always good to follow someone who is doing better in music. That is if the music is where your heart lies. (Watch: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Alex conveys that no sole man forms any band. A band comprises of more than one person who are talented in making music. People work together, and it is easy to measure the probability of the team going far. According to him, artists with the same interests make up the group. Alex Pall notes that commonly known objectives drive the team, and everyone is accountable for the success or failure of the band to reach the determined goal. Get Additional Information Here.


Not every artist would like to compose, write, and sing songs of their own or preferably showing the real image of their lives in the songs they sing. For Alex Pall, a real artist seats down and guides the songwriter in addressing the real issue in the song. Alex Pall takes into consideration the flow of ideas, in that songs should be independent of the each other, which means one song may lead to the other. Sort of a movie.


Alex Pall says that marketing music requires a lot of seriousness. Confidence is crucial thus, choosing the best work mate will help in creating more fans. Pall commends that a good work mate in music has it all, that is, enchanting voice, outstanding styles, dressing and loves what he or she is doing.



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Paul Mampilly Still Working Hard For What He Wants.

Paul Mampilly has followed the same routine of getting up between five and six in the morning and looking at the news for the investment markets for nearly fifteen years. He begins by looking for news about the companies he specifically tracks and focuses on the stocks that part of the tree trading services he has with Banyan Hill Publishing including True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes and Profits Unlimited. Mampilly uses a portfolio tracker to keep an eye on stocks he watches through the day for price changes.

Mampilly’s career began in 1991 as Bankers Trust’s assistant portfolio manager. He then went onto manage accounts worth multimillion dollar accounts for ING and Deutsche Bank. Mampilly was recruited to manage Kinetics Asset Management’s hedge fund in 2006 and increased the assets of the company to twenty-five billion dollars. During the financial crisis of 2009 and 2009 Paul Mampilly managed to turn a fifty million dollar investment into an eighty-eight million dollar investment in one year.

Paul Mampilly got tired of making money for the richest portion of the population and left Wall Street to spend time with his family. He still invests and has changed his focus to those who do not have millions at their disposal.

Paul Mampilly’s Startup

Mampilly felt that Wall Street was only helping a small portion of the population and there were numerous people who need assistance when it comes to investing. He ended up in the business of publishing newsletters and began using his skills to inform average people about the world of investments. Profits Unlimited allows him to see the initial idea come to live with every article he writes.

Paul Mampilly believes his productivity is from following the same daily routine. He believes that the habit of tracking his stocks constantly keeps him as up to date as possible to make it easier to identify patterns in the movement of the prices.  To see more, visit here.

What Paul Mampilly Learned From His Worse Jobs

When Mampilly first arrived in the United States he worked at a New Jersey gas station pumping gas during the winter. While attending SUNY Albany he was a cafeteria worker. He worked mornings so he was up by five am, his job was to put trays in the dishwasher. Each job was brutal for him but he learned that you did what you had to in order to end up where you want to be, and he learned how valuable hard work is.

To see Paul Mampilly’s video’s @ www.youtube.com

Is Whitney Wolfe Herd Helping The Dating World Evolve?

Is Whitney Wolfe Herd helping the dating world evolve? It certainly looks that way.

Cyber dating is the norm these days. Many single people venture toward the internet to find love or romance. Whitney Wolfe Herd done her share in bringing couples together. Herd is the CEO and Founder of Bumble. Bumble is a state of the art dating app. It launched in 2014. Bumble is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It now features over 30 employees. The company has bloomed under the direction of Herd. It is estimated the company will make $180 million in revenue in 2018.


A post shared by WWH (@whitwolfeherd) on

Whitney Wolfe Herd was approached by Badoo founder Andrey Adreev several years ago. Adreev thought the two could come up with a new dating app. Herd had incredibly relevant experience with Tinder as the Vice President of Marketing under her belt. She was well known as a sharp marketing mind in the tech circles. Herd eventually developed and created her next venture. She called it Bumble. Adreev and Herd released the product in 2014. It has experienced rich growth ever since. It’s a free app. Subscription users can pay $9.99 per month for extra features. A SuperSwipe feature also is available at $1.99 these days.

The app now has over 27 million downloads. It attains 50,000 new users on a daily basis. The growth is perhaps triggered by the fundamental approach created by Herd. Herd wanted to empower women. She wanted a dating app that gave women the opportunity to choose high quality men. Bumble allows women to send messages to men on the app. The men can only reply if they receive a message. This gives women the tools to be in power. A unique photo verification process also helped weed out fake profiles from the start.

Bumble has excelled where many dating apps have failed. Many refer to it as a “classy” approach to dating in the cyber age. That’s exactly what Whitney Wolfe Herd was conceptualizing when she envisioned the app. She has been recognized as an innovator in her industry by Business Insider and Forbes.

Herd is now putting together a book titled “Make the First Move.” Her help with pioneering an app that empowers women hasn’t gone unnoticed. She is now also launching a business app called BumbleBiz. Her future ventures could be female focused and experience similar growth. Herd and Badoo were reportedly recently offered $1 billion for Bumble. They declined the offer.

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The RealReal Popup Plans

In today’s ecommerce environment several different companies have come to the forefront with unique business strategies that make them popular among consumers. One such company is The RealReal, which specializes in the consignment of luxury products. The company was founded six years ago with the expressed purpose of providing customers with a luxury buying experience. Although the company began as an online platform, it now has a brick and mortar store in New York City and recently the company has been experimenting with popup locations.

The RealReal’s presence outside of the internet was spawned by the desire to further legitimize the brand with a brick and mortar store. The decision to open up a store in New York City came after the company had a successful popup store event in the city that produced $2 Million in sales. The success of the popup and the subsequent brick and mortar store has prompted the company to create popup events in various markets throughout the country in 2018.

Not only do the popup events allow the company to evaluate the viability of opening up stores in certain markets, these events have proven to be effective in increasing the company’s online sales. In fact, The RealReal saw a 500% increase in online purchases from the San Francisco area after a two month popup event in the area ended. Popup events allow customers to see how the company operates and the types of products that are available. Buyers are in turn more comfortable purchasing from the company via its online platform.

The success of The RealReal can be attributed to several factors including the high demand for luxury goods. The company also prides itself on carefully authenticating every item that it receives, which gives customers peace of mind when purchasing products from the company. Additionally, The RealReal staff at every level are carefully vetted before being hired. All of these factors work together to ensure the success and viability of the company.

Paul Mampilly on Governments Cracking Down on Cryptocurrencies.

The inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, said he came up with the idea because the financial crisis of 2008 made him want to invent an alternative to government money. The idea is strange to most people. They aren’t used to thinking of money as something separate from an issuing government. But when gold and silver were considered money, people often exchanged gold and silver coins based simply on the weight of the precious metal in the coin, not on whose king had a picture on the coin. But because physical currency is now mostly paper, it is not intrinsically valuable. It’s used as a medium of exchange because the government says everybody must accept it as money. It’s valuable by government fiat, so it’s often called fiat money. It’s not backed up by anything except the power of the government.

Of course, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not backed up by anything intrinsically valuable either, except the demand for them. In a recent blog post, Wall Street insider Paul Mampilly looks at how governments are cracking down on or manage cryptocurrencies even though Nakamoto’s original intention was to invent a form of currency that would exist outside the power of governments to control it.

Paul Mampilly compares cryptocurrencies to online gambling. Paul Mampilly lost money years ago because he invested in companies that allowed Americans to gamble over the Internet even though it was illegal. The servers of these companies were based in countries that did not make the gambling illegal. Eventually, the United States government struck back at this threat to their law against online gambling. It added rules to the SAFE Port Act governing transportation. It became illegal for American banks and credit card companies to process payments for Internet casinos. Residents of the United States could no longer send funds to these sites or receive back their winnings. By wiping out the cash flow, the government squeezed these stocks so they’ve never recovered. To see more,visit here.

Paul Mampilly believes the government is beginning to do the same thing to cryptocurrencies, only it’s not just the United States. Every government in the world feels threatened by people using an independent form of currency. India is stopping cash from going to people who hold cryptocurrencies. China has banned domestic coin sites from operating, and recently made it illegal to for the Chinese to have accounts in foreign coin accounts. They’re also phasing out Bitcoin mining operations.

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Dr. Mark McKenna is a Forbes-Recognized Entrepreneur.

Dr. Mark McKenna is not the usual doctor, though he is a man who is on a mission to be recognized for the unique attributes that he brings to both modern medicine and other areas of life. Recognized by Forbes magazine for his entrepreneur skills, Dr. McKenna has always been a man motivated by helping others and, of course, money. Those desires in life began a path of wealth-seeking for the Tulane graduate.

Opening a real estate business in his hometown of New Orleans, Dr. McKenna was eagerly working on new entrepreneurship once this business was established. Sadly, Hurricane Katrina destroyed the millions the doctor had worked so hard for. He did not let this stop him. After diligently working to help rebuild the nearly-destroyed city, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta with his family and began rebuilding.

Several business ventures later, Dr. McKenna is now offering a Botox-on-demand type facility in Atlanta. The facility first opened in 2016 and is making a huge impact in the city. It’s a first of its kind, though Dr. Mark McKenna is no stranger at being the first to make a development. The facility is seeing great success thus far, and Dr. McKenna has plans to make the same app and medical facilities at various locations around the country.

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man on a mission and one who will not let anything stop him from building the wealth that he craved from an early age. The son of a doctor, Dr. McKenna worked alongside his father for many years. He is now married and is the father of a daughter. He also has a versatile list of hobbies that entertain his time, on those rare occasions he isn’t busy. No matter how much Dr. Mark McKenna enjoys reading, those long nature walks or riding an airplane, there will never be a better past time enjoyed more than entrepreneurship and investing.

Beauty CEO Doe Deere Dishes On Her Morning Lime Crime Makeup Routine

Lime Crime is a successful makeup company that was started by Doe Deere. Doe Deere is a creative, multi-faceted, and bold individual that has expressed her love for color since she was able to identify her obsession. She started as a musician then a DIY fashion designer. She finally turned her fashion line into a vegan makeup line and had had much success since she decided to start. Doe Deere has acquired a significant amount of success with her company Lime Crime, but she has also managed to uphold the high standard of confidence that her customers have in her business.

Doe Deere’s customers a bold people that love bright colors. They are referred to as unicorns. Doe Deere calls herself Queen Unicorn. She has expressed her love for bold colors since she was an adolescent. She would wear colorful clothes and makeup. She was obsessed with color, and she showed it through her attire. Doe Deere has been able to live the life of her dreams because she owns a makeup company that is dedicated to providing people all over the world with bold makeup. Doe Deere has had much success, but she makes sure that she makes time to take care of herself every day. Many people get overcrowded by success and lose themselves. She has managed to keep it all under control. Learn more:  http://norcal.news/news/23849-doe-deere-helping-cats-need-through-makeup

She wakes up at 8:30 a.m. every day to get her morning started on the right note. She has been on that wake-up schedule so long that she does not have to set the alarm to wake up at that time every day. She wakes up without a problem. Before she leaves home for work, she eats breakfast and does other activities to get her day started on the right path. She is committed to success in every way.

Doe Deere got the idea to start her company after she couldn’t find any makeup companies that offered makeup with bold colors. She felt like she was being told that being her colorful self was not accepted. She created Lime Crime to give other people like her to wear bright makeup. She has been colorful since she was a child. Becoming an adult has had no impact on the way that Doe Deere expresses herself through colors. In addition to her makeup being colorful, the colorful makeup is also vegan and animal cruelty-free.