Careers Abound

Career and salary opportunities only continue to abound for US Health Advisors candidates. They have everything from account management to US Health center laborer positions and are always highly regarded by most Americans seeking top-notch marketplace insurance at affordable rates, so what is there to lose by checking them out? Plus, top positions average $70,000 annually, and that doesn’t even include bonuses and commission incentives. That’s the best part. Also, you may apply from the comfort of your own home by simply visiting to find out more and get advice before applying. Did you also know that the company has its own Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Crunch Base pages?

Additionally, US Health Advisors offers free quotes on all its insurance plans and supplements, and it’s all available with the click of a button. Quotes are provided in three minutes or less. Whether it’s family insurance, individual supplements, or even company quotes, US Health Advisors has it all and is more than ready to meet your needs in the timeliest and most courteous manner altogether.

Insurance agent contractors and licensed agents may earn an average of $78,000 a year without incentives or commissions. That alone is reason to join, and if you’re not experienced in sales or insurance, simply apply to an entry-level position and let the benefits draw you in further. This company is one that provides USHEALTH Gropu protects its own employees, not to mention that it offers the world at one’s fingertips and so much more: Employees who work hard can make uncapped incomes and learn from the best in the business as they do what they love and likewise teach others the trade.

US Health Advisors is no amateur when it comes to insurance or sales: This company has been at the front lines in both for more than five decades and only continues to improve its craft and employee numbers monthly. Great things are in store for US Health Advisors. In fact, the company already ranks as one of America’s best insurance providers. US Health Advisors is based in Dallas and serves surrounding areas.

A Look At How Desiree Perez Turned Tidal Around

There’s little doubt that the new music streaming service Tidal introduced by Jay Z hit a rough patch in 2015 as it went through its third Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Toig, in a relatively short amount of time. Soon after a long time friend and business associate of Jay Z, Desiree Perez, entered the Tidal scene and the service has been on an upswing ever since. Desiree, also known as Dez, has certainly been a large contributor the success that the service is now experiencing.  More to read on

Desiree Perez has been active behind the scenes in the music industry for several years. She is a member of what’s known as the Hova Circle Of Influence which includes Perez and her husband Jay Brown along with Chaka Pilgrim, TyTy Smith, and Jana Fleischman. This group has been behind Roc Nation and SC Enterprises along with management of various acts, music labels, and publishing. Perez is now bringing the talent and success she’s had in other operations into Tidal. Click on for additional article.

One of the big ways that Dez Perez has helped Tidal succeed is by signing some huge album exclusive deals with Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kanye West, and T.I. These exclusives have helped Tidal move up to its highest point ever on the iTunes Store. Soon after Kanye West’s album “TLOP” was released the service added an additional million trial members.

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Dez Perez has a reputation as a very aggressive negotiator that can get deals done. She is also is known as someone that can quickly crunch numbers and determine how a deal can be created on favorable terms for the business entity she is working for. Perez doesn’t have any title at Tidal but she has become the force of the company ever since she joined in helping her friend and associate Jay Z succeed with the service.  For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, hit

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Mathew Autterson Helps Clients to Make Sound Investment Decisions

Once you have saved some money, the next step would be to figure out how you will invest it. While some people may choose to invest in themselves, for instance through additional education or buying a home, other people think of making some investments in the markets. Such people often depend on investment managers for professional assistance.

Investment management refers to the act of managing assets of various securities that include bonds, shares, and other assets such as real-estate to meet specific investment goals. Professionals involved in investment management are known as a fund manager or investment advisor. The term fund manager refers to either an individual or a firm that offers investment management services, and they make investment decisions on behalf of their clients. Most of these professionals specialize in various areas such as securities (shares, bonds, and other securities) and other assets such as real estate.

Some of the services offered by investment advisors include financial statement analysis, stock selection, asset selection, plan implementation, and continued monitoring of investments. The services of fund managers may benefit private investors and institutions such as insurance companies, corporations, pension funds, charities amongst others. Bank of America and Morgan Stanley are some of the most successful investment management funds with more than $2 trillion under their management. The excellent performance of these firms has been due to their ability to spot investment opportunities quickly and capacity to create tailored solutions to their clients.

About Matthew Autterson

Therefore, hiring a professional investment manager is very important for anyone who wants to reap from their investments. One such competent professional is the Denver-based investment manager, Matthew Autterson. Mathew Autterson serves as the Chief wealth advisor at WIN Wealth Management firm. Mathew Autterson focuses on helping various investors to match their investment strategies to their financial goals. Mathew Autterson oversees the performance of the investment project and guides the client on various market trends.


Omar Boraie – A Visionary with a Love for New Brunswick

New Brunswick was once notorious for its dilapidated streets and buildings. It was so bad that people barely walked outside after 4 pm, and many decided to move altogether. Today, however, the city is undergoing a transformation that has seen the rise of deluxe residential areas thanks to the decades-old vision of Omar Boraie.

Who is Omar Boraie?

Omar Boraie is the head of Boraie Development, LLC. He is originally an Egyptian who schooled in Europe and settled in New Brunswick about 40 years ago. He says he fell in love with the city in spite of its deteriorating condition, and he desired to make it look as good as the high-end residential areas he had seen while studying in Europe. Today, at 72 years of age, Omar Boraie is one of the faces of the city’s transformation.

Transforming New Brunswick One Building at a Time

Omar began implementing his dream by buying old buildings and rebuilding. He began by building Tower One, a building that was constructed in the 1980s. He then bought Tower Two, a similar building that was constructed in 2003. He then tore down the buildings and in their space built luxurious residential houses.

His first residential building, Aspire, was the tallest in the city. It stands at 25 stories and contains 121 units. All the units are not residential houses, however, as he also included large and elegant office spaces and commercial units. The building also features a spacious garage for tenants to park their cars and an outdoor parlor for barbeques and walking dogs.

Today, Omar Brunswick is being credited for transforming the city one building at a time. He has held on to his dream for decades, and at 72 years of age, he is happy to see it come true. He says that the journey has just begun as he hopes to construct more buildings in the near future.

About Boraie Development, LLC

Boraie Development, LLC is a real estate development company based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The company has recently come under the spotlight for its development, having constructed one of the most luxurious residential buildings in the city. The company’s President and founder, Omar Boraie, has been praised for spearheading the city’s transformation following a decades-old dream inspired by his love for New Brunswick.

The company currently focuses on residential buildings, but it plans to grow and expand its portfolio to include commercial buildings in and beyond New Brunswick. Check out

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The Quest For Success

Aside from unconditional love and support, a quality education is one of the best things a parent can give to a child. With so many options available for education, choosing the best one for your child can often prove to be a difficult one. Typically, families opt to enroll their children in the local educational programs offered through their communities. These facilities, often referred to as public schools are free of charge, but often lack in diverse learning and advanced curriculum. While private schools and education centers may offer a different educational experience, tuition and fees can make this option less available to some families. Fortunately, there are inexpensive options for parents in search of a more tailored education.


Located in New York City, Success Academy offers children and families an unmatched learning activity at no cost to them. Admission is open to all students in the state of New York, creating more opportunity for advancement and diversity. To give each student an equal chance, there is no testing required for admission. Instead, the names of new attendees are randomly drawn each April, giving children of all races, and financial class the same opportunity. With more than 40 facilities across the state, the Success Academy network has the ability to reach and teach more than 12,000 students in the Big Apple.


Since 2006, Success Academy has helped transform the lives of young scholars from elementary and through high school through unmatched learning experiences. The dedication and hard work from staff and faculty at Success Academy has landed them a spot in the running for the most prestigious charter school in the country. With the shared goal of producing hard working scholars, the Success Academy team has fully dedicated their careers to improving the lives of the children and families in their communities.

Advancements in Minimally Invasive Surgery Allow Dr. Greg Finch to Reduce Patient Recovery

There has been growth within minimally invasive orthopedic surgery over the past decade. The change has benefited both the patient and the orthopedic surgeon. With advanced technology, trained orthopedic surgeons can now use specialized equipment to safely perform some of the most common surgeries that would typically require longer recovery time.

Common surgeries such as hip and knee replacements can be done using skin incisions of 3-4 inches. Although the length of the incision is not why it’s considered minimally invasive, the smaller incision does play a significant role. The greater importance of a minimum invasive joint replacement is the limited amount of disturbance and disruption of a patient’s tendons, muscles and ligaments which reside under the skin. The intrusion of those areas with as minimum effect as possible makes the surgery succeed as minimally invasive and decreases a patients pain level substantially afterwards, as well as a reduction in recovery.

An orthopedic surgeon will combine this technique with the advancements of pain control, physical therapy sessions, along with the use of cutting-edge surgical instruments which creates a more desired outcome for the patient. A patient can recover from knee, or hip replacement surgery, within weeks as opposed to several months with standard surgery.

Dr. Greg Finch has a specialty within minimally invasive surgery. He is also considered as a leading expert in his field with experience in spinal fusion, disc herniation, and reconstruction surgery. Dr. Greg Finch received his surgeon credentials from Fellow of Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS), a prominent program that is considered one of the most-vigorous in Australia.

Dr. Greg Finch has been involved with organizations that continue to advance orthopedic health such as the Association of Orthopaedic of Australia. In the past decade, Dr. Greg Finch has traveled to Germany and the United Kingdom to broaden his knowledge as well as offer his input within orthopedic surgery.


Desiree Perez Makes Tidal Stand Out

For the longest time Tidal was a business that many other people were not familiar with. It was a music streaming service before Jay-Z purchased it, but a lot of people did not know anything about it. It was his name and celebrity aaclaim that brought a lot of people to know what this business was about. Now he is making a great effort to move his business to another place. He has a strong desire to actually help people discover lossless audio of the highest quality.

Desiree Perez is the person that has been put in place to help Jay-Z accomplish these things. He has become a music streaming competitor that has gained a lot of acclaim for his ability to provide lossless audio and exclusive content.  For additional article, check on

It is obvious that Desiree Perez is cut from a different cloth when it comes to music streaming services. She has put herself in a place where she has the ability to help others that are interested in discovering the high-fidelity music experience. This is what she has helped Jay-Z use to connect with fans that may want the highest quality audio they can get from their streaming service. This is all part of the angle that she has brought forth when one considers the premium service that is connected to Tidal. This is not a free music streaming service, and that is why Desiree Perez knew that it would take more to lure customers into this environment.  To know more about Dez, visit

For updates on Dez recent timeline activities, hit this.

Desiree Perez is helping Jay-Z prove one thing. She is helping him show that the music streaming is not limited to Spotify and Pandora. She has giving Jay-Z the tools that he needs to actually build a music streaming premium service that fans will flock to. It just takes the right type of content.  Check for related article.

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The most important aspect of business is getting costumers convinced to try out your products or services. This is not always easy and thus good negotiation skills always come in handy. It even gets worse if the target customers are high-end and thus want the very best. However, Desiree Perez has no problem taking up these clients for Tidal. Tidal is a music streaming service that is owned by Jay Z. He bought it from Aspiro in early 2015, after its launch in 2014.

Desiree Perez has managed to convince A-list stars such as Kanye West, Rihanna, T.I and Beyonce to do business with Tidal. These artists have signed up exclusive access to their latest hits with Tidal. This move has pushed the company above its major competitors; Spotify and Apple. Perez has high negotiation skills which have enabled her to score major deals for her clients. For example, she was part of negotiations during Rihanna’s deal with Samsung and the formation tour for Beyonce.   Refer to for related article.

Perez is a close associate of Jay Z and has worked with him for close to 20 years. She is in the Hova Circle of Influence; a group of persons who run Roc Nation. Roc Nation is Jay Z’s entertainment company. Perez’s husband; Juan Perez is also part of Hova Circle of Influence and runs Roc Nation’s Sports. For Dez recent timeline activities, hit on this.  This has given Perez an exposure to sports too. She also has great management skills having managed Jay Z’s 40/40 club in Manhattan.  Check Dez latest  on

Under the leadership of Perez, Tidal has risen and continues to rise. The management hopes to sign up more artists and also provide quality services for its customers. Besides artists, Tidal is working on enhancing features for its subscribers through creativity and innovation. For example, it has introduced curated playlists where subscribers will be able to get playlists put together by Jay Z, famous artists and the Tidal Staff. Who wouldn’t want such a playlist? Follow also Dez on

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Paul Mampilly: Investment Genie

Paul Mampilly has had almost every finance-related job possible. He is a real investment genius with a formidable personal investment portfolio. In 2008, he saw the trends favoring Netflix and bought the stock then sold in May of 2010 for a 634% gain. In 2012, to further demonstrate his immense investment talents he bought shares in Sarepta Therapeutics while they were in the infancy stages of developing a drug then sold eight months later for a 2,539% gain. On an interview, he discloses that he got tired of attending to the rich Wall Street.

Wonder kid?
Starting as an analyst at Deutsche Asset Management in the late 1980s, Paul has been part of a team that managed a $23 Billion mutual fund and $6 Billion hedge fund. He holds an MBA from Fordham University in New York and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. In 2009, Mr. Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation investment competition. He managed to grow $50 Million by 76% in one year. In a move that impressed everyone he made the $88 Million during the 2008-2009 economic crises without shorting stocks.

Something for the Simple Citizens
He has had Fortune 500 companies for clients in his more than 20-year career on Wall Street. Paul Mampilly got tired of making money for the super rich crowd and retired in his 40s. He, however, does not consider himself retired as now he helps the everyday American make money from a variety of investments. In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined forces with Banyan Publishing to help Main Street Americans find wealth in growth investing, technology, small cap stocks and special opportunities.

Today his newsletter reaches over 60,000 subscribers with a stock of the month. Good things have been said about his stock picks with people reporting up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in returns. Profits Unlimited Research is eight pages of pure investment glory. In June, he wrote about a semiconductor company in his newsletter only to have its stocks go up 160%.

Paul Mampilly also manages trading services Extreme Fortunes and True Momentum. In addition to writing and being a senior editor for his newsletter Paul Mampilly also writes a weekly column for Banyan Publishing’s free newsletter; Winning Investor Daily. Subscribers and readers of his articles only have good things to say about this former hedge fund manager.

Bounding in Bliss with Beneful by Purina

Looking for just the right sustenance for old Rover? Head to your local Walmart, grab a bag of Beneful dog food, and your search may be over. Many of the varieties of Beneful carried by BenefulWalmart will come in various sizes, ranging from 3 lb. bags up through the 31 lb. surplus size. Even stocking up with that largest size, your purchase will only set you back around $30. Many customers ask specific dietary questions regarding their dog’s food and dietary components, especially when many pet owners want to ensure Fido is getting his R.D.A. of vitamins and minerals or is not getting unhealthy additives that can harm his diet and/or risk his longevity.

For just such concerns, Walmart has made sure they also keep in stock Beneful Healthy Weight (with Real Salmon). With the many varieties and size options of Beneful dog food at Walmart, this just may be the perfect one-stop dog food spot. It may also prove beneficial to watch for on-line or newspaper coupons for Beneful, and as with many of their products, Walmart periodically places certain products on rollback prices. Rover will thank you for thinking of his health and belly’s happiness!

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