Why ClassDojo Should Be Included In Your Classroom’s Curriculum

ClassDojo is an app that provides a myriad of benefits for those who choose to use it and implement it into their curriculum at school. It is meant to benefit parents as they are given the abilities of having an interactive role in their children’s education.


With the ClassDojo app, you may choose to encourage school values, you can provide students with an opportunity of having a voice in the learning processes through the utilization of digital portfolios, adding videos and photos of work to their stories while being capable of sharing them with their parents, sharing moments from the classroom with parents. Teachers may instantly share updates, videos, and photos with the students’ parents.


Sharing moments from the classroom with parents is easy with the ClassDojo app. Teachers may share videos, updates and photos quickly with ClassDojo. The app is capable of being used on any device and can be utilized in any language. Parents may choose to translate the messages on ClassDojo into any language and on any device with a simple tap.

The app offers private messaging that can be delivered instantly.


The benefits that can be attained from utilizing this wonderful app goes beyond the aspects of being able to have an interactive stance in the students’ education. The true benefits comes from being able to enrich the students’ education in ways that may not have been possible before. Sure, students have always been provided opportunities of learning to maximum extents throughout the duration of their schooling systems, but the interactive approach may have effects of students really wanting to learn the material, as opposed to feeling like they have to. It is a great approach to learning and should be included in every classroom’s curriculum structuring.


Susan McGalla Journey to Success

Susan McGalla is a successful woman who works hard and accomplished many things as an entrepreneur. She studied at Mount Union College whereby she attained a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. Furthermore she is the part of the board of member at Mount Union College. she also serves as the executive professional in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and she was previously the president of America Eagle Outfitters Inc. another company which she worked for is Wet Seal Inc as the CEO of the company. Now she is one of the board members of HF Inc whereby they provide brilliant real estate services. Besides that she is a director at Allegheny as well as an associate at the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute.


Susan McGalla made a huge achievement between the year 1986 to 1994 whereby she managed the marketing sector at Joseph Horne Organization, then later on she joined America Eagle Outfitters due to her impressive record of work. She also managed to secure various management roles in the company such as she was in control of buying women’s wears for the divisional stock. She ensured that the American Eagle Outfitters develop fast hence he was promoted to be the president and also the chief marketing officer of the company. The most break through that she made at the company is the introduction of the 77kids brands and sanctuary whereby the company improved and provide more services.


Susan McGalla’s left American Eagle Outfitters Inc because she wanted to persuade to be a private advisor for commercial investment and trade companies. As the vice president of Pittsburgh Steelers she ensures that the organization provides better services, she also introduces new creativity and strategies into the company. She also helps people through charity and she as well she is a participant of council at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Pomegranate Raspberry: My Favorite Lip Balm Flavor

I discovered EOS several months ago. Their lip balms are absolutely amazing, and I cannot get enough. The lip balm moisturizes my lips, so chapped lips are never a concern. And, the orb is fun to carry. But, it is the EOS lip balm flavors that really make me smile.

EOS lip balm has a few different flavors to choose from that keep your lips happy. I’ve tried four of them so far, and while it is pretty difficult to choose just one, I must say that I favor Pomegranate Raspberry most. I like this flavor because it is so unique; you won’t find anything like it offered from another brand. It has an interesting, unique flavor that leaves you satisfied, yet still intrigued. It is a real treat for the lips, and I probably use it more often than I actually need an application.

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EOS lip balm is the second-leading lip balm brand in the country, falling behind Burt’s Bees, and toppling Chapstick. The company sells more than one-million orbs of lip balm each week. The lip balm is popular because it is made with all-natural ingredients that benefit the lips, and because of the awesome flavor selection. If you’ve yet to try EOS lip balm, what are you waiting for? It is a product that I simply cannot live without, and I think you will agree.  Try clicking well.ca for additional articles.

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Desirée Perez and Her Enthusiasm for the Success of Tidal

The music streaming business is one of the most lucrative ventures one can pursue. However, for such a business to generate profits, it should be managed by competent and dedicated professionals. Desirée Perez is one of the music industry leaders who have facilitated the tremendous growth of Tidal, a music streaming company.

Desirée Perez is also a close associate of Shawn Carter, Tidal’s founder, who is popularly known as Jay Z. Desiree’s affiliation with Jay Z dates back to over a decade ago. Desirée has helped Roc Nation artists such as Rihanna and Beyoncé in securing multi-million dollar contracts and endorsements. Related Article here.

She worked with other members of the Hov Circle in ensuring that Jay Z’s music streaming business is successful. The Hov Circle is a group of music industry leaders and artists that was created by Jay Z. Other members of the circle include Juan Perez, Desirée’s spouse, Ty Ty Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, Jay Brown, and Jana Fleischman. The Hov Circle was also instrumental in Roc Nation’s success. See also hitsdailydouble.com.

Since Tidal was launched, it has featured exclusives from Kanye West, T.I, Beyoncé and Rihanna. The Tidal app boasts over one million users. As an executive of the music streaming company, Desirée Perez was also involved in the release of Kanye West’s Album dubbed The Life of Pablo. She was credited as one of Tidal’s executives who shaped Beyoncé’s Formation tour. She also took part in Rihanna’s endorsement deal with Samsung.

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Tidal was released to the highly competitive music industry with a mission of targeting young music fans. The company currently faces competition from other brands, such as Apple Music and Spotify. However, through its emphasis on new and upcoming musical projects, Tidal seeks to have a large share in the streaming business. The company launched Tidal Discovery as a segment for new releases and Tidal X for exclusive live content. Check Dez’tumblr.com page to read more articles.

Hit this http://www.complex.com/music/2016/03/tidal-reveals-kanye-west-the-life-of-pablo-streaming-numbers

Anthony Toma Doesn’t Quit

On April 3, 2017, Ideamensch.com interviewed the CEO and founder of Nine9 The UnAgency, Anthony Toma. The man has had multiple businesses and has worked in retail, service and entertainment, until finding his passion in the entertainment business.

Nine9 Talent Agency is a company which represents actors and models in the entertainment business. The idea for the business came out of a franchise opportunity that was offered in the Orlando, Florida area. He had expanded his franchise business to 26 throughout the country. Though the franchise failed, the lessons learned allowed him to develop his own company in 2003, which he called Coral Reef Productions and later renamed Nine9.

There were two habits that Anthony Toma feels has made him more productive, listening and forward thinking. By listening, truly listening a person can come up with ideas for the future. Moreover, forward thinking means not paying too much attention to the ideas of today but investing your thoughts and energy to ideas that will be time tested. Nine9 News Here.

And than there is the concept of failure. Yes, failure! As an entrepreneur, one can see failure hit you in the face again and again. Why? Because as Toma states, you are thinking outside of the box, out of your comfort zone and you are showing a willingness to try things that make others skittish. According to Toma, it is okay to fail, as long as you learned something positive from the failure. Moreover, that failure should show you the way forward. If you ignore the lesson and decide to quit, than you are a failure.

Nine9 provides 99% of actors and models who are not represented by an agency a helping hand. The company will help to provide actors and models opportunities, tools and support to move their career forward. Nine9 works nonstop to give their clients opportunities in television, film, commercials, music video and other gigs.

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Desiree Perez turning the fortunes of tidal

The services of streaming music are a big business. People make millions of dollars while doing these firms. It is, however, clear that Tidal is the underdog of the industry. Desiree Perez, the executive at Tidal, is determined to change that.She has shown that the company is here to stay and for that matter for a long time.

Executives at Tidal have been stepping down prompting the change of management severally. However, this has not demoralized its founder, Jay-Z.People thought that he would give in.Even after the leadership stepped down from their roles and the membership looked uncertain, Jay-Z was still trying to come up with new plans to save his venture, more of this topic on templeofthecave.com.   Nowadays, he is not trying to survive, but he lives to see his dream grow.With the help of Perez, Jay-Z is overseeing the tremendous growth of members which brings curiosity to music fans, just what Perez wanted. She is committed to bringing customers in. However, she has to make them get interested.

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Jay-Z had tried to handle the work from different angles. From these angles, the best one has been letting Desire Perez help him in finalizing contracts that are worth millions of dollars. She has been at the center of ROC Nation’s critical business contracts and stayed there as the executive to hold it in place, click on crunchbase.com.

Shawn ‘’Jay-Z Carter may not be conversant with going round the dealings in business, but he knows surely knows how to get and put the right people in place. Whenever he wished to transition from one area to another, he has always had the right people to help him. Desiree Perez has been instrumental in Jay-Z’s transition to music streaming from rapping, check  It is not as easy as it sounds, but Perez has assisted Jay-Z to make it look simple.  For additional info, check on billboard.com.

Click also https://www.tumblr.com/blog/desireeperezblog

Jay-Z Finally Seeing Success With Help from Desiree Perez

Until recently, Tidal music streaming app was unknown to many people. However, thanks to Desiree Perez, this app is gaining steam and is drawing in new members.

The founder of Tidal music streaming app is well-known rapper Jay-Z. Even though he thought it would be an instant success, there have been many bumps in the road. Over the time the app has been available, there have been many executives who have stepped down, and management has been reorganized many times.

The recent success the app has experienced can be directly attributed to the successful marketer, manager, and experienced business woman, Desiree Perez. Perez is well-known in the music industry, and she is accredited for successfully marketing several successful singers. With her experience and ability to bring in a new customer base, this app is finally seeing a piece of the success it deserves.

Perez’s approach to marketing this app is to create curiosity based interest. This interest is drawing in a new customer base, and the app’s quality is charged with maintaining the customer base that is brought in.

Desiree Perez is a successful business owner, but she is taking time out of her busy schedule to help Jay-Z make his dream become a reality. In comparison to the traffic it was getting before, it is safe to say that Perez is fulfilling her role as Jay-Z’s manager. Follow Perez on facebook.com.

Even though Jay-Z has brought Perez on board, according to templeofthecave.com, it is quite possible that Jay-Z might sell the Tidal app in the near future. The reason he would consider selling the app to a corporation is because it has been financially draining, and even though business is picking up, it will take some time to see a return on his investment.  Check this!

Before he receives an offer for the app, we hope he sees what success he can build while working with Perez. Even though he is considering selling, he does plan on keeping Perez on staff until he finds success in some way. More on billboard.com.

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Leading Community bank

NexBank is an American community bank. It is based in Dallas, Texas. NexBank offers a range of services such as mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional services. The bank works mostly with clients that are owners of the business as well as with other financial institutions. NexBank is committed to providing services of the highest quality to large enterprises, companies of the middle – market as well as investors of the business of real estate.

The bank, based in Dallas, was founded by Mr James Dondero in the early months of 1922. The primary services that NexBank offers are investment banking and online banking. Investment banking assists businesses and provides advisory services in terms of a transaction and other finance. Online banking is an excellent service to take advantage of because it is widely versatile for both short – term and long–term capital. It also allows for enhancement of the financial strategy of the business.

Mr James Dondero is the collaborative founder and President of NexBank. He is also the co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L. P. which is among the largest managers of CLO in the Unites States of America. Mr James Dondero is also at the positions of Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board at HCM Acquisition Company. Mr James Dondero has more than three decades of experience in his line of work – credit markets.

Mr James Dondero completed his education at the University of Virginia from which he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. He has also received his financial training from the economic program by JP Morgan. Mr James Dondero has occupied many positions at renowned companies such as the giant American Express. He accumulated a revenue of more than one billion for the company through his excellent leadership skills and analytical thinking which are of vital importance in his line of work.

Desiree Perez Turns Tidal Streaming Music App Around

Shawn Carter, better known as “Jay-Z” in the music industry is not completely familiar with all aspects of the music business, but a few years ago he founded an app called “Tidal.” Initially, he tried to handle everything in-house, but with a constant turn around of executives, he knew he had to make a desperate call.

When Jay-Z transitioned from rap to managing his streaming music app, he thought he could corner the market. However, the transition was not as easy as he thought it would be. However, when things got tough, he paired up with Desiree Perez. Together, they have made the transition appear extremely simple.

Desiree Perez

Perez entered into the situation knowing that Tidal was an underdog in the streaming music industry. However, she is confident in her marketing capabilities and stated that the company will be around for a long time to come.

With a few changes in the way everything is managed, a change in the way marketing is handled, and changes in the way contracts are negotiated, Desiree Perez has this app reaching for the sky.

According to the templeofthecave.com, Perez is well-known for her business smarts and her ability to work with recording artists. Her husband is the head of Roc Nation Sports, who also has stake in the “Tidal” streaming music app.

Tidal’s Financial History

Tidal is known for its rocky financial history. It started with a much lower budget than other apps like it had. Since it plowed through several executives without creating a substantial profit, money was lost there too. When the company reached a financial pitfall, Perez stepped in to get a handle on the situation.  More on billboard.com.

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Since Perez has amazing negotiation skills, she has been able to sign off on a few multi-million dollar contracts, which has provided great relief for the company as a whole. At this rate, the app should be pulling in a substantial profit very soon.  For more updates from Dez click on crunchbase.com.

Follow Dez here on https://www.tumblr.com/blog/desireeperezblog

The Career Milestones of Vincent Parascandola

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Vice President and Executive at AXA LLC Advisors. He is responsible for recruiting, retention, sales, growth management, generating experienced and new financial professionals as well as the company’s general productivity.


About AXA LLC Advisors

AXA Advisors LLC is one of the most leading protection commercial businesses and is a principal supplier of annuity and life insurance products. The company also deals in AXA Equitable Life Insurance retail distribution and has thousands of financial expert who offer best products and strategies for investment, financial protection as well as estate planning, college, business, retirement and asset allocation that assists customers through daily financial obligations. The company is a global leader in wealth management and financial protection strategies.


Vincent Parascandola Education and Career Milestones

Vincent Parascandola learned at the New York Pace University where he marked off a Science Bachelor’s degree. In 2014, he returned to New York Pace University where he presented the graduation commencement speech. Parascandola commenced his career as a Prudential agent and was recognized as the National Rookie of the Year in 1987.

He is now among the most experienced industry professionals with over two decades of industry experience. He later went on to the Life MONY Insurance Company where he served in several regional and local management field positions. He was the leader of the AXA Equitable Advantage Group that recruits expert financial professionals.

He was also a co-manager at the New York Metro branch that currently holds hundreds of tri-state financial professionals. Mr. Parascandola has been a famous leader and has been honored with several career management awards like the Master Agency Awards and the GAMA Development Career Award.

He is also a seasonal speaker and has delivered speeches during several industry and company conferences like the LIMRA distribution conference and the GAMA LAMP National Meeting. He also holds other executive positions in Florida chapter, GAMA and is the former chairman of the LIMRA Field Officers Committee.

As a financial professional at AXA LLC Advisors, Vincent Parascandola has dealt with registered thousands of national representatives and other securities industry registration and is under the FINRA and SEC oversight.